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LAPPS is a pre-vetting service established to ensure advertisers, advertising agencies and the media to comply with the ASA's Code for Advertising and Promotion of Liquor.

LAPPS is a user pays service supported by advertisers, agencies, media and platforms.


ANZA administers LAPPS on behalf of media and industry.





ANZA appoints an independent, experienced Adjudicator to review your advertising material and confirm whether it complies with the ASA Codes prior to placement with media.

Our aim: To help you avoid regulatory or legislative breaches in your advertising material.



To get started

Get registered 

There's no charge for registration. It simply ensures we have details of who is to be charged when the work is done.


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First Step

To use LAPPS, the first step is to register. There is no charge for registration, it simply ensures we have details of who is to be charged when the work is done.

  • Complete the form below –  

If you're a start-up or offshore company, it can be difficult providing a New Zealand credit reference. If this is the case, tick the pre-pay box - payment for your work can then be made via internet banking, Paypal or credit card transaction prior to work commencing.

  • Click submit


  • We'll process your registration and be in touch

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More information

Scroll down for more information about LAPPS and how it works 

Once Registered

We'll email you a confirmation that you are registered and contact details for the independent LAPPS Adjudicator who has extensive experience of liquor product marketing and regulation. ANZA does not contribute to the adjudication; it simply administers the system on behalf of industry.

  • Email the Adjudicator your advertising material in the following formats:

​Finished Commercials: Mpegs or hyperlink and accurate script   

Scripts and Concepts: Copy of scripts & storyboards or layouts at any stage, reduced if necessary

Print and Outdoor: Copy of proof of finished artwork, reduce if necessary

Point-of-Sale: Copy or proof of finished artwork, reduce if necessary

Website: Hyperlink

Pre-production Approvals: For all TV, Radio and cinema campaigns, advertisers are recommended to obtain the Adjudicator's advice at concept, script, storyboard and production stages. A concept Approval is given before productions. This preempts any possible contraventions of relevant Codes and regulations and avoids the cost of having expensive changes or a campaign rejected totally.

​Once your material is approved by the LAPPS Adjudicator, you will be supplied with a unique LAPPS number relating to that specific material and this is evidence for the media that the material has had LAPPS adjudication. The approval details include: 

LAPPS job reference number

Advertisement title



Unique LAPPS approval code

​All advertisements appearing in print media and approved by a LAPPS Adjudicator should carry the prefix LAPPS before every key number.

Disclaimer -

ANZA and the Adjudicator do not accept liability for any loss of any nature howsoever arising out of or consequent upon the pre-vetting of any advertisement under the LAPPS system. It remains at all time the sole responsibility of the advertiser and its advertising agency to ensure that the advertisement complies in all respects with all relevant codes and regulations.


LAPPS is a user-pays service and is charged by ANZA at the following rates:


ANZA Member Companies -           $90 per 15 minutes of Adjudicator time + GST

Non-ANZA Member Companies -  $135 per 15 minutes of Adjudicator time + GST

(Effective 1 October 2023)


For first time users a minimum 30-minute charge applies for the initial adjudication to cover administration costs.


Although you don't have to be a member of ANZA to obtain LAPPS Adjudication, we do encourage you to consider becoming an ANZA member.



  1. If a purchase order number is required by you or your client, please supply prior to approval work commencing. 

  2. Payment is due by the 20th of the month following the date of invoice. Invoices are issued by ANZA during the first week of the month following completion of the pre-vetting job.

  3. ANZA reserves the right to require organisations to settle overdue accounts prior to commencing any new approval work.

Time Frame

We are always asked is how long will the adjudication take?


There is no simple answer as it depends on how much material needs to be reviewed (a website typically takes longer than a 30 second television advertisement) and the extent that the material is compliant or not, but more than 50% of our adjudications are 30 minutes or less.

The Adjudicator is willing to provide quotes for adjudication once your material has been viewed.

Three working days should be allowed for normal approvals. Lengthy infomercials and websites may require additional time.

It is essential to give 24 hours notice by phone to the Adjudicator when urgent approvals are required.


The LAPPS Adjudicator is a part time roll and hours do differ.

Scope of LAPPS

ANZA administers LAPPS on behalf of the industry to provide a robust mechanism for all liquor advertising and promotion to be pre-vetted for compliance with the relevant codes and regulations prior to being accepted for placement by the media. In so doing, ANZA seeks:


  • To provide advertisers with an efficient, fair and high-quality means of pre-vetting advertisements at minimum cost.

  • To support the principles of responsible industry self-regulation of advertisers


Complaints Against Liquor Advertising and Promotion -

Any member of the public who considers there’s been a breach of the Advertising Codes of Practice may complain to the Advertising Standards Complaints Board (ASCB). 


Established by the ASA, the ASCB is an independent body that will seek comments from all interested parties and then adjudicate on the complaint.


If the complaint is upheld, then the advertiser, advertising agency and media are, in accordance with self-regulatory principles, requested to voluntarily withdraw the advertisement. This request is invariably followed.


The ASCB’s decisions set precedents for the LAPPS Adjudicator to observe in granting subsequent approvals.


Executive summaries of the most recently published decisions are found on the ASA’s website.

Background to LAPPS

LAPPS was established by ANZA to assist advertisers, advertising agencies and the media to comply with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) Code for Advertising and Promotion of Alcohol and other relevant Acts and Codes, as well as the National Protocol on Alcohol Promotions, supported by the Hospitality Association, the Alcohol Advisory Council, the New Zealand Police and Local Government New Zealand.

LAPPS is a voluntary commitment to responsibility in marketing initiated by brand-owners belonging to ANZA.


LAPPS is supported by all major media and the Commercial Communications Council (Comms Council).

The ASA Codes require that advertising and promotion of alcohol be conducted in a manner that demonstrates a high standard of social responsibility and does not mislead or deceive the consumer.


By ensuring honest, ethical and responsible advertising, the ASA seeks:


  • To ensure the consumer is fully informed and protected;

  • To improve the overall standard of alcohol advertising and promotion;

  • To engender maximum support from Government and related organisations and thereby;

  • To retain the legal right to promote alcohol products directly to end-consumers.

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