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The Voice of New Zealand Advertisers

ANZA represents NZ advertisers.  We champion the needs of marketers through advocacy.  We speak with one voice on their behalf to all stakeholders including agencies, regulators, platform owners and government.


ANZA speaks with one voice on behalf of hundreds of brands, advocating for a trusted advertising environment – transparent, accountable and effectively regulated.

Our manifesto reflects our strategic priorities:

  • To champion the freedom to advertise responsibly and the effectiveness of industry self-regulation,

  • To promote innovation in media and marketing to improve effectiveness and ROI for advertisers,

  • To champion improved standards in digital media to create a transparent, responsible and accountable market which serves the needs of advertisers and

  • To encourage a diverse, high-quality media environment, offering choice for advertisers.


We represent advertisers on the Board of the ASA and on the ASA’s Codes Committee.

  • As a member of the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) and working with other National Associations we deliver global best practice resource material.

  • We work with partners to provide resource material to assist you.

  • We submit on advertisers’ behalf to Government and regulators on issues as diverse as privacy regulation, copyright and media mergers.

  • We provide issues-based forums to help you better understand the likes of media transparency and advertising code compliance.

  • We provide advertising pre-vetting services to give you certainty on compliance.

  • We regularly advocate on your behalf with media and agencies to improve the advertising ecosystem.


Our work for the advertiser sector can only occur with your support, the broader the membership of  advertisers, the stronger our voice with Media, Agencies and Government.


By becoming a member of ANZA you are ensuring an effective voice for advertisers in New Zealand on both regulatory and commercial advertising issues.

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Member Subscriptions

* ANZA membership is based upon member's gross advertising expenditure, including all media channels including digital and social media. Excluding trade media.

Member Classification and Subscription
As of 1 July 2023
Advertising Spend*
Subscription (+ GST) 



Up to $1 million

$1 million - $3 million
$3 million - $$6 million
$6 million - $10 million
$10 million - $15 million
Greater than $15 million



To become a member of ANZA please complete and submit the following form

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Expert advice to ensure your advertising complies with New Zealand's advertising rules


Therapeutic Advertising

Pre-vetting Service

TAPS helps advertisers, advertising agencies and the media comply with the Advertising Standards Authority's Therapeutic and Health Advertising Code.

Liquor Advertising & Promotion Pre-vetting Service

LAPPS helps advertisers, advertising agencies and the media comply with the Advertising Standards Authority's Code for Advertising and Promotion of Alcohol.

Children's Advertising Code

Pre-vetting Service

CAPS helps advertisers, advertising agencies and the media comply with the Advertising Standards Authority's Children and Young Person's Advertising Code.  

New Zealand’s model of advertising self-regulation is internationally recognised as best practice - striking the right balance for both the public and advertisers.

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