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'The water is calling'

With the goal of everyone coming home safely, Maritime NZ is launching a stay safe on the water campaign during Safer Boating Week – 18-22 October.

So, if you/your agency are planning any advertising featuring activity on the water over summer, showing people wearing lifejackets, Maritime NZ would like you to know that one of the five key ways to be safe on the water is to wear a securely fitted lifejacket that is appropriate for the activity you are undertaking. Research shows that up to 55% of boating fatalities may have been prevented if lifejackets were worn.

Maritime NZ reached out to ANZA recognising that any advertisements about ‘fun on the water’ provides a great opportunity to role model and promote positive water safety messages. Make sure your brand is being seen to do the right thing.

For more information on which lifejacket to use for ‘fun on the water’ advertising you can click here or contact Victoria Forrest on 027 262 2470 or


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