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The future of data-driven marketing

The demise of the third-party cookie is a much-debated topic in the advertising industry right now. Many of the biggest tech companies are making significant changes to the way that they track, collect and monetise data, fueling concerns about disruption to the data-driven advertising status quo. As advertisers assess what these changes could mean for the way they approach data-driven marketing, we are sharing a World Federation of Advertisers paper which helps guide some of the conversations many are having – both internally and externally.

This paper gives an overview of what’s changing and how advertisers can prepare in the short term. It also outlines some of the emerging debates and concerns which are likely to shape the future of data-driven marketing in the long term. ANZA members can download the paper below.

WFA_Thefutureofdatadrivenmarketing_2021 (1)
Download PDF • 599KB