August 2017

10:08 AM, 31 August 2017

This month we discuss how to take charge of your digital media plan. We also take a look at programmatic advertising and the resurgence in out-of-home advertising (OOH). Lastly, we take a deeper dive on what you need to do to protect your brand online.

July 2017

10:47 AM, 3 August 2017

This month we discuss a number of challenges now facing advertisers in a rapidly evolving social and media ecosystem, including the call to break negative stereotypes in advertising.
We also take a look at the risks in branding repositioning -- is it necessary to stay relevant?
Lastly, we provide five tips for keeping your brand safe online.

June 2017

4:32 PM, 18 July 2017

This month we discuss the need to find clarity with our media budgets, the need for advertising transparency. We also take a look at the precision of digital marketing through the point of view of the head of Strategic Marketing for the Coca-Cola Company. Lastly, we have important results to share with you in regards to the 2016 ASA annual report and the 2017 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

May 2017

11:33 AM, 1 June 2017

This month we share views on the greatest challenges facing marketers from the State of the Union address at this year's Global Marketer Week in Toronto, providing you with topical industry expert insights. We also shine some light on digital advertising spend expectations -- which don't mirror growing concerns over digital trading.

In addition, we are pleased to share the inaugural Deloitte 'Advertising Pays' report, which unlocks the economic contribution advertising plays in the New Zealand economy. Lastly, The Commerce Commission reminds us of the need to ensure price promotions are not misleading.

April 2017

1:42 PM, 3 May 2017

This month we examine the obscurity of programmatic advertising as well as the need to improve advertising standards, as seen by recent activity by the Coalition of Better Ads. Additionally, we explore online advertising metrics - are the ones you are using the right ones?

Lastly, we share and discuss the Major Event Management Act through the upcoming Lions rugby tour.

March 2017

4:13 PM, 31 March 2017

This month we highlight that brand custodians need to take greater ownership of the risks inherent in the digital ecosystem and the growth of international ad fraud. When the CMO of the world's biggest advertiser, P&G's Marc Pritchard, says, "We have a media supply chain that's murky at best and fraudulent at worst", we all need to listen and act.

Lastly, along with introducing the Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings system, we share the updates on the ASA's Advertising to Children codes.

February 2017

11:23 AM, 21 February 2017

What will 2017 hold for us in marketing and advertising? After much thought, ANZA has forecast 7 key trends to consider for advertisers.

December 2016

1:21 PM, 14 December 2016

In our last newsletter of the year, we inspect the blueprint of Christmas TV advertising as well as share a top 10 all time Christmas TV advert list - it isn’t Christmas without this list! We also discuss how technology is shaping the future of advertising and how creativity must remain a focus. And we ask: is advertising at the foundation of social issues? Lastly, to lighten up the mood again before the holidays, we share the work of the Marketoonist - our favourite industry cartoonist.

November 2016

3:50 PM, 23 November 2016
This month, along with presenting the Effie Award winners, we share revealing research in regards to consumer habits and behaviours -- are people ignoring traditional advertising platforms? Or do marketers have the wrong numbers? We also offer an interesting ASA review in which the complaint made was outside the commercial message as well as introduce you to a new global group focussing on self regulation.

October 2016

3:44 PM, 23 November 2016

Along with our views on the draft ASA Children and Young People's Code, this month we remind you of the importance of making your sure the claims in your advertising is valid -- can you back your claims up? A recent decision by the ASA Complaints Board highlights the importance of getting this right.

We also look at how global advertising leaders are tackling Ad Blocking through the recently established Coalition for Better Ads. Finally we draw your attention to a not-to-be-missed event: The CAANZ Media Lab "Media Effectiveness for Marketers" programme.

September 2016

3:50 PM, 3 October 2016

To kick start the discussion this month we have provided some tips for you on effective agency assessment. Along with understanding the importance of your responsibility for health and safety when commissioning advertising, this month we share guidelines in avoiding ad fraud -- what are the best ways you can reduce exposure to fraud? And lastly, we ask -- will the proposed changes to the Broadcasting Act be of benefit to advertisers?

August 2016

10:10 AM, 22 August 2016

Along with our discussion about advertising during the Olympics, we provide you the appropriate protocol when responding to the ASA when they call you with complaints against your ad. We also review some of New Zealand's best TV ads as we consider what pushes an ad into legendary discussion. And lastly, we have the dates in place for the upcoming ad:tech in New Zealand (as well as a Members Only discount).

July 2016

3:47 PM, 29 July 2016

In this month’s newsletter, we discuss Unilever’s decision to break away from traditional gender stereotypes in advertising. - and ask whether its advertising’s role to mirror social norms or to be a leader in social change?

Additionally, we review the 2016 Effie Report as well as this year’s Cannes Lions festival -- what will affect the future direction of advertising? Which trends seem to be here for the long run? Lastly, we invited The Marketing Association’s Vanessa MacRae to share her experience in getting the most out of your training budget.

June 2016

3:41 PM, 30 June 2016

This month we share the top ten complained about ads in New Zealand -- what offends New Zealanders the most? Additionally, we discuss the ongoing debate -- digital vs traditional marketing. We also pay tribute to one the most influential people in the history of advertising -- the great Bill Backer. Lastly, we take a look at the ever growing concern about mobile adblocking.

May 2016

1:20 PM, 15 June 2016

This month we discuss the current state of adblocking and its effect on the advertising industry. But can adblocking actually be a benefit? Can it raise the bar in regards to quality? Additionally, we evaluate the most recent New Zealand Initiative Report as well as the ways you can minimise safety risks on the sets of television and film productions.

April 2016

12:03 PM, 13 May 2016

This month we discuss UK Chancellor George Osborne’s surprise tax on sugary drinks and ask: does it dampen the potential of collaborative childhood obesity initiatives between government and industry? Later, we examine the validity of research conducted by brands - can perceived bias skew the search for objective truth? We also highlight the importance of advertisers understanding the value chain in programmatic trading. Lastly, the ASA has announced they will not be releasing the annual industry turnover data. What has prompted the decision not to release the data?

March 2016

11:56 AM, 13 May 2016
This month, along with WFA president Wheldon's insightful state of the union address, we discuss "native advertising" and whether paid content is sufficiently transparent. Additionally, we examine the need for a better understanding of digital attribution. Lastly, we take a look our annual look at some of the best ads from this year's Super Bowl."

February 2016

11:48 AM, 13 May 2016
ANZA urges you to become familiar with your new responsibilities for safety on sets and to ensure that the new health and safety laws are part of the planning for content creation with your agency (link to article). Additionally, this month we shed some light on self-regulation with online advertising as well as crossing the line with humour in ads. Lastly, we provide the ASA's latest code review regarding advertising for children.

January 2016

1:41 PM, 23 February 2016

In this month’s newsletter, we invite you to an important industry briefing on your upcoming health & safety responsibilities when you commission content requiring a new shoot. We also take a look at advertiser demand for independent verification of digital inventory and remind food advertisers of their need for compliance with FSANZ’s nutrition and health claims standards.

December 2015

1:49 PM, 19 January 2016

In our special end-of-year newsletter, we take a look at some of the year's best Christmas TV ads. As well as providing some valuable podcast listening, we also discuss the need for industry to collectively respond to the risk of ad blocking. And it wouldn't be Christmas without a wish list; ANZA has compiled a small (but challenging) list for Santa. Hopefully we are on the nice list this year...

November 2015

1:41 PM, 19 January 2016

In this month's newsletter, we challenge some of the hype around digital and look into new research on the importance of data as a strategic asset in delivering personalised marketing. We also comment on calls to restrict gun advertising and lastly, you will find a compelling piece on gender equality in media.

October 2015

4:17 PM, 29 October 2015

In this month’s newsletter, along with food advertising for children, we respond to criticism of direct to consumer advertising of medicines. You will find the winners of the recent CAANZ Effie awards as well as details about ad:tech New Zealand, which coming to Auckland on November 17.

September 2015

2:24 PM, 14 October 2015

In this month's newsletter, we discuss the topic of ad blocking and its possible impact on digital advertising. Also this month, we look into the Government's recently announced review of media policy and regulatory framework. From our regular feature on decisions from the ASCB, we look at the Code for People in Advertising and, finally, you will find details about ad:tech New Zealand, coming to Auckland in November.

August 2015

2:25 PM, 21 August 2015
In August’s ANZA Member Newsletter we review an interesting approach to pitching with your incumbent agency. Also this month we look at your obligations when using juvenile talent in TVC production and discuss the results of our recent Media Auditing poll. In a new feature in the newsletter we look at recent decisions from the ASCB - this month in regard to competitor complaints made to the ASA. And finally you will find details about ad:tech New Zealand, coming to Auckland in November

July 2015

4:05 PM, 22 July 2015
July's ANZA Members Newsletter reviews the prestigious Cannes Lion Festival as we recap the top trends and big ideas discussed and bring you an overview of the Grand Prix winners from Cannes. This month we also discuss brand risk from both ad fraud and online testimonials as well as the growing threat to food advertising. Finally, we have an update on the Research Association Conference this September.

June 2015

11:49 AM, 18 June 2015

June's ANZA Members Newsletter looks at two scenarios for their future trajectory of brands, and we continue our recap from the WFA Conference with a video from Project Reconnect's panel discussion on addressing negativity around advertising's role in society. Also this month, we ask why we are not seeing a reduction in TVC production costs. In the advocacy space we report on the Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity's Interim Report and its proposals around marketing. Finally, for those with an interest in market research we have details of the Research Association Conference this September.

May 2015

12:00 PM, 20 May 2015

May’s ANZA Member Newsletter includes the results of new WFA research identifying the seven ways that brand marketing most annoys consumers, and we share insights from industry leaders at this year’s WFA Global Marketer Week on industry’s key challenges . We also consider the challenges content streaming poses for advertisers and invite you to take part in a Member Poll regarding media auditing, for which your views would be greatly appreciated.

April 2015

3:27 PM, 22 April 2015

April’s ANZA Member Newsletter delves further into media agency transparency following events in Australia. We also look at innovation in cross-platform audience measurement, reveal recent research concerning online advertising of food and beverage to children, and welcomes new WFA President David Wheldon. Also this month we invite Members to attend the upcoming Digital Hot Topics breakfast with partners Ebiquity.

March 2015

3:18 PM, 18 March 2015

The March ANZA Members Newsletter questions whether your online ads get viewed and discusses the recent RBA audience research cancellation, and research bias and scientific integrity within public health advocacy. ANZA also encourages you to have your say by completing the survey about the ASA, and shares content insights from the man behind the famed Evian campaign in our video of the Month.

February 2015

3:11 PM, 18 February 2015

Our first ANZA Members Newsletter for 2015 welcomes new ANZA Chairman- Grant Hartley, rebuts new alcohol advertising recommendations, shares discourse on media agency transparency in light of recent events concerning MediaCom in Australia, and invites you to have your say regarding Media Auditing.

December 2014

9:54 AM, 18 November 2014

Our last ANZA Member Newsletter for 2015 looks at some of the key issues that are dominating the global media and marketing landscape. First, an overview of key issues for 2015, then a closer look at media transparency, avoiding the traditional to digital marketing transition trap, and aligning TV with mobile for greater impact. Also, our video of the month - the controversial Sainsbury’s 2014 Christmas ad.

November 2014

3:38 PM, 4 November 2014

This months newsletter brings you a discussion on cross platform audience measurement, guidance on approaching agencies regarding programmatic buying, an update on IFBAs enhanced regulations for advertising to children, and new Colmar Brunton research on Multi Screen Viewing. Also be sure to have a laugh with us by watching our video of the month: Tripp Crosbys 'Conference call in real life'.

October 2014

2:19 PM, 6 October 2014

ANZA welcomes the announcement from the International Food & Beverage Alliance (IFBA) of a new global commitment on marketing to children, and encourages further strengthening of the Cheers, drink responsibly initiative in light of the recent elections.

This month we share insight from Trinity P3 on the importance of trust in Client-Agency relationships, discuss the evolving meaning of brand purpose, highlight the innovative concept behind NZ Post’s Adcard, and share John Oliver’s humorous video segment on native advertising. Full details of the November Therapeutics Briefing and Ad : tech conference are also provided for your benefit.

September 2014

3:52 PM, 29 August 2014

With the national election approaching fast, ANZA takes this month to review party policies that may affect the future of our industry. Many policies pertinent to food, alcohol, and therapeutics advertising seem to ignore our existing codes of practice and self-regulation, and ANZA stands to protect your right to advertise responsibly.

August 2014

9:01 AM, 11 August 2014

ANZA is pleased to announce two exciting new partnerships this month, with Effective Measure and ad:tech enabling us to bring associated benefits to ANZA Members. Best practice and capability is at the forefront of Industry research currently, and ANZA has collated the latest thoughts around agency remuneration, talent management and marketing capability. We also take time to look at those at the top of their game, the big winners from Cannes Lions 2014, in our Video of the Month.

July 2014

9:11 AM, 16 July 2014

Content is the key theme of our July ANZA newsletter, as content marketing comes to the fore in the world of advertising. How to be an interesting and effective content marketer is the question on everybody’s mind, and this month we explore what this means from multiple media and creative perspectives. 

June 2014

8:53 AM, 20 June 2014

In June, ANZA focuses on our place within the global argument against bans on advertising alcohol and marketing to children. We explore where the marketer's responsibility ends and the consumer's begins in our ever expanding media environment. We have less and less control over our viewers and look into moderation, gamification and how our peers overseas are confronting these changes.

May 2014

10:48 AM, 15 May 2014

This month we look at the importance of strengthening regional and global networks on advocacy issues for advertisers. Continuing our focus on keynote speakers from the Global Marketer Conference, we feature Sir John Hegarty, co-founder of BBH, who passionately argued that marketing is letting us down. Also this month the ANAs Bob Liodice calls for cross-platform media measurement and ANZA members will find a guide to programmatic buying. This months newsletter is not to be missed!

April 2014

8:39 AM, 24 April 2014

This month ANZA delivers highlights from the Global Marketers Conference 2014 held in Sydney; with the leading keynote addresses, together with an excellent video from Brainjuicer founder John Kearon exploring the important place of behavioural science in marketers brand building process.We also provide a perspective on the upcoming general election in September.

March 2014

11:06 AM, 14 March 2014

This month we discuss the Roast Busters fallout and ask the question, what rights do advertisers have to determine where and when their advertisements appear? On top of this we discuss how to ensure agency collaboration across the agency roster. The outcome of research into Big Datafrom the World Federation of Advertisers is also discussed, along with our regular Media Watch -this time considering the implications of newly announced ShowMe TV.

February 2014

10:50 AM, 18 February 2014

This newsletter takes a look at brand initiatives that are making a greater contribution to the wider community, such as the WFA's Project Reconnectand Wharton's Future of Advertisingprogramme. We begin dialogue on advertising on social media in relation to marketing spend. We also look at AdShame- the newest organisation formed in an attempt to attack advertising self-regulation.

January 2014

10:08 AM, 18 February 2014

This newsletter looks forward to the upcoming events that will cause the new year to be an active one - including the forthcoming general election,a new public health call for the banning of soft-drinksand the upcoming World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) conference.We also examine the ever evolving digital and social media landscape and acknowledge the Advertising Standards Authority's (ASA) 40 Year celebration.

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