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Welcome to the latest ANZA Members Newsletter, the first for 2015.

So what does the year hold? Notwithstanding the power of ‘big data’, predicting the future remains an inexact science though some trends do appear locked in.

One of the key challenges for marketers is that the consumer will continue to move faster than brands. The challenge then, for advertisers and their partners, is to become ever more agile in developing and activating campaigns. But campaigns alone will not match the pace of behavioural change, with re-invention more critical than ever in remaining relevant when disruption is all around us.

We are seeing structural change begin amongst content providers, with 2015 providing more viewing choice than ever before. Screentime is unlikely to contract, but where and when it occurs will continue to diversify. The challenge from here will be around measurement and transparency.

Multi-screen measurement will need to catch up with changes in consumer behaviour and advertisers’ media investment. Simultaneously, transparency is going to be a big issue in ensuring advertisers get what they pay for (see Media Agency Transparency article inside this newsletter). Both are key issues for ANZA, on behalf of our Members, which you will hear much more about in 2015.

Our first Members Newsletter of 2015 welcomes new ANZA Chairman- Grant Hartley, rebuts new alcohol advertising recommendations, shares discourse on Media Agency Transparency in light of recent events concerning MediaCom in Australia, and invites you to have your say regarding Media Auditing.

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Lindsay Mouat
Chief Executive


Lindsay Mouat
Chief Executive

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  Lindsay Mouat


 New ANZA Chairman - Grant Hartley

GrantANZA is delighted to welcome Grant Hartley (Kimberly-Clark) as the new Chairman of the ANZA Council.

Grant is Head of Marketing at Kimberly-Clark, having had an extensive marketing career with a number of major advertisers including MARS, George Weston Foods, and New Zealand Dairy Foods.

Grant has served on the ANZA Council for a number of years and is passionate about the need for improved media measurement, transparency, and better understanding of the drivers of advertising effectiveness in our rapidly changing media environment.

 ANZA Rejects Alcohol Advertising &
 Sponsorship Recommendations

Alcohol AdvertisingGlobal evidence suggests that the Ministerial Forum on Alcohol Advertising and Sponsorship’s recent recommendations, to ban sponsorship by alcohol brands and further restrict alcohol advertising, are lacking in merit or proven evidence.

Rather, the strongest influences on behaviour have proven to be social and familial. ANZA stands to defend the right to sponsor and advertise responsibly, and believes the recommendations made in December are “poorly thought through and fail to recognise significant global evidence”.

ANZA Chief Executive, Lindsay Mouat shares his response.

 Video of the Month: Budweiser - Friends are Waiting

Friends are WaitingExpectations and demand for increased social responsibility from the alcohol sector have changed worldwide over the past decades.

As pressure from public health authorities has increased, the alcohol industries have adapted. Now responsible and moderate consumption must be at the core of advertisers’ messages and, for this reason, it could be argued that advertising is the one medium where responsible drinking is modelled.

In light of the recent recommendations on alcohol advertising and sponsorship (as discussed in the above article), ANZA wishes to highlight the merits of responsible advertising.

In New Zealand, we see examples of responsible advertising from our alcohol brands, that deliver a powerful and convincing message. Here we see an example from Budweiser- effective storytelling from the brand perspective.

Watch the video.


 Media Agency Transparency -
 When Trust is Compromised

Media Agency TransparencyTransparency of commercial relationships is a growing industry concern. This was brought into sharp relief in December with news concerning an Australian media agency, following the finding of irregularities in reporting of how TV campaigns were reported to clients and use of bonus airtime provided to the agency.

So much of the client-agency relationship is based on trust that this event had clients ask: was this just a one-off, or a consequence of a complex set of pressures and demands?

Darren Woolley of TrinityP3 discussed this issue in a recent blog.


 Media Auditing - Have your Say this Month

Media WatchA survey of World Federation of Advertisers’ Members in 2014 showed that Media Auditors are considered "indispensable business partners" by 9 of 10 WFA members.

However market trends, particularly growth in online and mobile advertising and a lack of transparency, are putting media auditing at risk. (See previous article regarding Mediacom and Media Transparency).

Here at ANZA we want to better understand local views on the state of media auditing, the value ANZA Members place on media auditing, and how they would like to see auditing adapt to the developing media environment. Whether you currently use a Media Auditor, are a lapsed user, or are perhaps considering media auditing, we want to hear your views.

Please look out for our Media Auditing Survey, to be sent to ANZA Members, later this month. ANZA will then collate, and share with Members, a follow up report based on your feedback, in the forthcoming months. We appreciate and value your response.


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