The challenges CMOs are facing today

11:52 AM, 16 August 2018

CMOs from around the world on the current state of advertising

What are the most important things facing CMOs today?

The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) recently hosted their annual CMO Forum, bringing together influential marketing leaders from some of the largest brands around the world.

Covering off topics such as the state of agency union and the future of agency partnerships, the forum also gave us key insights into the challenges CMOs are facing, much of which will resonate with many ANZA Members.

So what’s on the CMO agenda?

  • Finding the right talent. Many CMOs expressed their concerns and challenges in getting the right talent, both in-house and outsourced. The difficulty in finding quality talent comes back to the reality that today’s marketers need to have a diverse skill set with experience in digital, data, PR, business model and financials.

  • Rebuilding trust throughout customer experience. For a lot of CMOs, creating genuine emotional connections with their audiences remains at the top of their agenda. But those connections have to be sustained through every touchpoint – including the platforms and content you use.

  • Moving beyond stereotypes. Stereotyping was a hot topic at Cannes, with the Unstereotype Alliance having launched last year. Keith Weed talked about how Unilever took a critical look at gender representation and pushed, with their agency partners to tackle stereotyping in advertising.

  • Upskilling for digital transformation. The digital transformation has forced many marketers to broaden their skillset. The reliance on data and analytics has been shaping the modern advertising landscape and CMOs from around the world are recognising the need to keep up with these changes.

  • Responsibility and ethical marketing. While technology has been driving many transformations in advertising, many CMOs are continuing to think about the ethical side of marketing and about corporate responsibility –– from supply chain to consumer data. For people like Jane Wakely of Mars, this is an opportunity to return the consumer to the centre of our focus.

  • What’s on your agenda?

    As we know, there are many important issues facing CMOs today. Many of the issues here will resonate with the challenges that you are facing as well.

    As an advocate for our Members, we at ANZA want to hear about your challenges and concerns so we can continue to improve the advertising industry for brands, agencies and consumers. Get in touch and let’s talk about what’s on your agenda.

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