Advertisers demand minute-by-minute audience measurement

1:46 PM, 10 July 2018

Minute by minute measurements: why hasn’t NZ accepted the global standard of TV audience ratings?

How global broadcasters are setting the standards for TV viewer reporting

As the advertising landscape responds to consumer and tech changes, ANZA is, on your behalf, committed to pushing all media for better quality audience research data to help you, and your media agencies, make better investment decisions.

What does the future of audience research data look like? We see it as a single audience currency across all media, enabling direct comparison between media and overlap of audiences. But before we get to that point, there is much that can be done to improve existing audience research.

Why hasn’t New Zealand embraced the global standard?

Let’s look at television. In all other developed markets around the world, television audiences are reported on a minute-by-minute (min x min) basis. This data enables you to understand viewing through the commercial break - where your ads play.

But not here. Broadcasters in New Zealand are still allowing data to be released in 15-minute average blocks, which fail to adequately account for audience drop offs during ad breaks (which we know occurs).

They do so not because the data isn’t available, but choose not to release the most accurate audience data.

This isn’t good enough, especially at a time where competition for the advertiser’s dollar has never been higher, and mainstream television audiences are declining.

When TVNZ, Mediaworks and Sky TV bandied together to launch ThinkTV – a research-driven, marketing and technology company, focussed on helping advertisers get the best from commercial TV – we applauded the renewed focus on the power of television.

Earlier this year, the Nielsen Television Audience Measurement Peoplemeter panel was expanded from 600 to 900 households. ANZA welcomed this because the larger panel removed the old argument that the original sample wasn’t large enough to provide reliable min x min data.

We know television remains an important media for many advertisers, particularly secure campaign reach. Broadcasters need to support these advertisers by agreeing to release the best audience data that is available or risk further loss of ad revenue to other media.

How New Zealand advertisers can benefit from minute-by-minute

Broadcasters around the world have stepped up and answered the call for better TV viewer measurements and it’s time for New Zealand to meet that standard

Minute-by-minute measurements is the international standard. With better transparency and more accurate reporting, it means:

  • Better understanding of the true opportunity to view their ads

  • Better insight into ad break drop offs across programme genres, audience demographics and time zones

  • International advertisers get common audience measurements standards across markets

  • We can better track the way viewer behaviour is changing

Advertisers deserve access to accurate TV viewer reportings so they can make better decisions when it comes to making advertising decisions. Min x min data is not about devaluing the media, it is a basic enabler for media and creative planning to optimise advertising effectiveness.

By creating more transparent reporting models that directly address the way technology has changed viewer behaviour, broadcasters can provide advertisers with honest and accurate data.

Let’s challenge broadcasters to improve their television reporting

ANZA believes we must continue to improve audience measurement across media platforms.

We urge you to be heard. Talk to your media agency and ensure your expectations for more transparent audience measurement is clearly heard by our broadcasters. It’s time for change!

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