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11:57 AM, 21 August 2017


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Feel like you are in the dark about your digital spend?

Senior marketers have recently expressed growing anxiety over the risks posed by the current digital eco system.

In response, ANZA has one simple message:

Advertisers need to take ownership of their digital media investment. Just as they do with legacy media.
This means -- as P&G’s Marc Pritchard puts it -- getting down into the weeds of adtech and ramping up your internal knowledge of the interactive industry.

Only by fully understanding your exact digital marketing needs (the transactional model and measured outcomes) can you work more effectively with agencies and publishers as well as the broader ad tech sector.

So what do you need to ask your media agency about your digital plans?

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you plan what comes next:

Agency trading desk

  • Is your desk disclosed (transparent) or non-disclosed (not transparent)?

DSP (Demand Side Platform)

  • Who are your preferred DSPs and why?

  • Does your agency have a vested interest in the DSP e.g remuneration for the agency or wider group involvement?

  • What fees are associated with them through you?


  • Which NZ data partners, from a second or third-party perspective, do you use?

Ad tech

  • Which vendors do you work with?

  • What costing model is in place to access the tech?

  • What agency fee is added to this?


  • What type of campaign reporting do you provide?

  • How often are you optimising campaigns?

  • Does this show the full cost of media?

Media buying

  • How many media exchanges are you connected with?

  • How many PMPs do you have in market?

  • Do you do upfront guarantee buys? Does this include bonus impressions?

  • Do you arbitrage this media?

  • What commission do you add to the media buy?

Brand safety

  • Do you use a viewability partner? Which one?

  • What cost is involved for brand safety?

  • Do you operate blacklist or whitelist?

  • If blacklist, how often do you update this?

  • If whitelist, how many pre-approved sites do you have?

  • How were the sites vetted?

Developing your road map for the digital ecosystem is a growing priority, Make sure to account for all internal processes and budgets. All feedback, queries, and opinions are welcomed to

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