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10:01 AM, 18 August 2017

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Hit a (out-of) home run

We are seeing a resurgence in out-of-home advertising (OOH).

OMANZ, the local OOH advertising industry association, recently reported ad revenue for outdoor advertising has increased 28% for the first half of 2017. In a slowly growing total advertising market, advertisers like the uncluttered environment and the absence of ad blocking.

But as with any media, finding the best way to get audiences to pause and engage with your ad is the key to success. However, our colleagues at the Association of Canadian Advertisers recently shared these tips and tricks for creating great out-of-home ads:

1) Keep it simple

Out-of-home advertising, by its nature, is seen at a glance. Brands only have a few seconds – seven to 10 in fact – of a person’s attention. Clear, digestible messages strongly impact success. Be simple with your billboard advertising.

2) Keep your branding prominent

Few companies enjoy the cultural awareness that allow them to get away with just a logo. Since you’ve got the attention of your customers for only a few seconds, make it count. Make it clear what brand you’re selling.

3) Use bold visuals

Dramatic images and beautiful designs are important in capturing the attention of your audience – anything to get people to pause, and take notice.

4) Consider your colour wheel

Contrasting and complementing colours naturally draw the eye, though colours that are equal shades of dark might blend in together – so be mindful and use colours that pop.

5) Get them thinking

You don’t need digital to make your ads interactive. Humour can heighten recall, while intriguing lines – content that makes people stop and think – gives people a reason to pause and digest your message.

6) Select fonts with care

Certain fonts and typefaces enhance readability whereas others detract. For example, text in all uppercase or all lowercase is more legible than sentences that use both, while heavy fonts tend to become blurred when read from a distance.

7) Involve the viewer

Engaging the audience is one of the single most effective ways of helping build brand recall and affinity for the brand. And technology is making it possible to get audiences in an unlimited number of creative ways.For example, we are seeing more companies now interacting with customers through apps. By downloading the app they can now scan codes found in OOH advertising and find out more about a brand.

In the end, really successful out-of-home advertising comes down to engaging both the audience and the surroundings – be it through innovative uses of technology, eye-popping visuals or catchy messages.

What are your experiences with OOH advertising? What has worked and what hasn’t? All feedback, queries, and opinions are welcomed
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