The 2017 Cannes Lions festival wrap up

2:20 PM, 3 July 2017

Who are these year's Cannes Lion winners?

This year's Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity has once again showcased the best and most imaginative campaigns of the advertising industry.

Who are these year’s big Cannes Lion winners?

This year's selection of Cannes Lion Grand Prix winners has brought a renewed sense of hope for the future: you do not need a huge budget to capture an audience. Nor do you need the most advanced tech to make an impact.

You do, however, still need a great idea -- one filled with genuine emotion. An advertising campaign that makes a connection also makes you think and feel.

If there was one major thought to take away from this year's selection of Cannes Lions winners, it is the power of the idea taking precedent over anything else, including technology.

You can watch all 23 Grand Prix winners here

Image courtesy of Ged Carroll

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