Better advertising standards is a win-win

10:27 AM, 24 April 2017

Coalition for Better Ads sign up to improve advertising

Pop-ups ads and autoplay videos have been named and shamed as falling beneath acceptable advertising standards as part of an industry effort to combat ad-blocking.

Some of the world's biggest media buyers, media owners and brands have published voluntary advertising standards to combat the continued rise of online ad-blocking.

Raise advertising standards for better consumer experience

In an effort to improve advertising, The Coalition for Better Ads was launched last year with Members including Google, Facebook, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Group M and the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

The initial Better Ads Standards for Desktop and Mobile is based on research involving more than 25,000 consumers in Europe and North America.

Consumers were asked to read articles on dummy web pages and then rate the different ad experiences they received. Ratings identified sub-par desktop ads as: pop-up ads; auto-play video ads with sound; prestitial ads with countdown; and large sticky ads.

The study identified pop-up ads and autoplaying video ads with sound among six desktop web ad experiences and 12 mobile web ad experiences that fell below a "consumer acceptability" threshold.

Other formats that fell below the initial "better ads standard" included:

  • prestitial ads
  • ads with density greater than 30%
  • flashing animated ads
  • prestitial ads with countdown
  • full-screen scroll-over ads
  • and large sticky ads.

Keith Weed, chief marketing officer for Unilever, said: "As an industry we have a responsibility to find better ways of making great advertising and content that really engages people. It's in everyone's interest. Better advertising leads to a better experience for the viewer and more effective advertising for brand.

"The work of the Coalition to identify consumer preferences around ad formats will be a highly useful and insightful tool for the brand builders, advertisers and advertising agencies who are working to improve the quality of advertising for the viewer while driving effectiveness and efficiencies for the brand."

What are your thoughts on the results found from the Coalition study? What other steps can industry take to improve the advertiser experience online? All feedback, queries, and opinions are welcomed to

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