The Lions are coming! Conditions apply

2:55 PM, 21 April 2017

Photo courtesy of Edge Earth

Don't step into the lion's den - know the rules of advertising

The upcoming British and Irish Lions Tour in New Zealand has been designated as a Major Event under the Major Event Management Act (MEMA).

MEMA provides protection to organisers and sponsors of major events from ambush marketing. The Act recognises that major events rely on sponsors making very large financial commitments.

Therefore, other advertisers are not allowed to free-ride on the sponsors' investments and trade off the goodwill and publicity surrounding a major event.

Avoid breaching legislation affecting this event

It's important for advertisers to be aware of the particular advertising regulations in place regarding the Lions Tour 2017. This guide provides general information about MEMA.

In particular, the guide provides clarity on how to avoid breaching the MEMA through the unauthorised use of the major events emblems and words, which would suggest an official association with the event.

More details on the Order in Council declaring the tour a Major Event can be found here, including words and emblems that are covered. You'll find this information somewhat similar to the restrictions in place during the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. However, do be careful not to miss any nuances that could lead to trouble.

What are your thoughts on the MEMA? Fair or unwarranted? All feedback, queries, and opinions are welcomed to

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