Viewability - what ad metrics have you set?

1:21 PM, 20 April 2017

What defines whether your ad has been seen?

A recent ad metrics study by InSkin Media suggests that an online ad needs to be on the screen for 14 seconds to have any chance of being looked at.

What online advertising metrics are you using? Are they the right ones?

The study, looked at the relationship between viewability, gaze time and people's ability to remember ads, it revealed that 25% of ads defined as 'viewable' (i.e. meeting minimum industry guidelines of 50% of the pixels being on screen for least one second) are never seen.

Matt Newcomb, InSkin Media's Australian general manager, said:

"Viewability is a vital first stage in campaign assessment, but we need to avoid the trap of mistaking it for a meaningful indicator of overall campaign success. Two further stages are crucial: whether the campaign was looked at, and what impact it had."

Photo courtesy of Rachael Voorhees

Online advertising metrics - keep sight of what matters

Newcomb adds:

"The trend towards solely optimising against viewability can be counter-productive to maximising impact. For example, smaller formats are more likely to hit viewability thresholds, but don't garner much visual attention, so in effect, you'd be optimising towards low engagement and therefore low impact."

You can find a more in depth analysis of InSkin Media's study here.

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