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9:19 AM, 22 March 2017

Get the game changing service now available in NZ

Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy, has announced a major step forward for the digital measurement of advertising campaigns in New Zealand.

Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings is now commercially available in the New Zealand market.

Since its international release in 2011, it has become the global industry standard for independent ad campaign measurement.

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What will be measured by Nielsen?

The Digital Ad Ratings system by Nielsen measures the demographics, unique audience, reach, frequency and gross rating points (GRPs) for an ad campaign's full digital audience across computers, tablets and smartphones in a way comparable to TV, enabling advertisers, media agencies and publishers to maximise their advertising reach across digital platforms.

Within the service, Nielsen also provides a viewable measure of unique audience, GRPs and on-target rates by site and placement. Nielsen now offers clients a choice of integrated viewability providers within their digital rating system, letting business gain measures that best support their campaign goals in an increasingly dynamic environment.

Tony Boyte, Director, Nielsen Media NZ said:

"Digital is fuelling the growth of brand advertising. Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings brings standardisation and accountability, and helps advertisers and agencies gauge return on investment for every dollar they spend online.

Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings will be able to measure campaigns in New Zealand irrespective of size or where they are placed. Additionally, local support is in place, in both operations and analysis, to guide clients".

The first in New Zealand

GroupM New Zealand is the first advertising agency to sign on to the service. Commenting on the launch, Chris Riley, Chief Operating Officer of GroupM said:

"We're excited to be leading the industry in New Zealand. Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings brings accountability and comparability for our clients (and our publisher partners). Data and technology are central to the success of GroupM agencies, and we are always seeking improved measurement to better understand the true audience of our digital campaigns across devices".

Gain clarity and results

Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings is already available in more than 20 markets, including the US, UK and Australia.

Clients in these international markets are leveraging the solution in a variety of ways: from planning to in-flight campaign optimisation to audience guarantees to campaign analysis.

In addition, some clients are using the solution's application programming interface (API) for seamless and precise operations.

Boyte adds, "It's all about measuring people not devices, across screens and publishers. You can now analyse your brand's online ad campaign just like you would for TV".

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