ASA Advertising to Children codes have changed

10:16 AM, 21 March 2017

ASA updates advertising to children code

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What are your responsibilities with new ASA regulations taking effect?

The Advertising Standards Association (ASA) has recently announced its new Children & Young People's Code following extensive external consultation and recommendations from an independent panel.

The new code replaces both the Code for Advertising to Children and the Children's Code for Advertising Food.

One code will now cover all advertising to New Zealand's children and young people.

What industry changes are needed to comply with new children's advertising regulations?

The new code has rules about identifying commercial messaging, including children's TV advertising, and restrictions around the depiction of:

  • anti-social behaviour
  • sexual imagery and unrealistic body images, and
  • occasional food and beverage advertising.

The ASA Governance Board acknowledged the significant work undertaken by the independent panel and its advocacy supporting a code for under 18's.

"Following a second round of consultation, the ASA has finalised the new code. The changes clearly define what targeting children or young people in advertising means", said ASA Chair, Hon. Heather Roy. "The ASA has confirmed the Food and Beverage Classification System as the interim nutrient profiling system to identify occasional food and beverage products".

When am I expected to act in accordance with the new code?

The new code comes into effect on 3 July 2017 for new advertising. All advertising to children and young people must comply with the code from 2 October 2017.

If you would like more information, please feel free to review these detailed code guidelines.

The ASA will undertake extensive training for advertisers, agencies and the media to help support a high level of compliance. Details will be announced shortly.

In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding the new code, please contact me at for assistance.

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