New Video or TVC production? Safety on set is your responsibility

1:25 PM, 20 September 2016

Know your safety responsibilities when filming your ad

The Health and Safety Act

The revised NZ Health and Safety Act came into effect on 4th April 2016 and applies to all New Zealand businesses and contractors. That means, when commissioning a new TVC or video, Clients and their Agencies, as well as Production Companies, Producers, Technicians and Suppliers have a legal responsibility for safety on set. To not comply puts you at risk of prosecution and significant fines if things go wrong!

What does the Act mean on set?

Where clients have previously delegated responsibility for safety on set to the production company and their designated safety officer, under the new legislation clients and agencies, together with all other parties involved in the shoot, will be considered PCBUs (a person conducting a business or undertaking).

All parties will have a shared responsibility for safety and be required to cooperate and collaborate to achieve this and these responsibilities cannot be delegated to a third party. The penalties for not doing so are, in the case of a serious incident, severe and non-insurable.

To help you understand your new obligations, ANZA -- together with CAANZ and the Agencies Producers Group (NZAPG) -- have commissioned advice from Anthony Harper on the new legislation as it applies to the advertising sector.

This advice is available to Members only here. As with any new legislation and without case law there are some shades of grey requiring interpretation, so the advice is provided on a best endeavors basis and may be superseded once the legislation is in effect. Members may wish to seek their own legal advice.

A Safety Compliance Information Evening was held in February. A video of this evening is available to Members only here.

A range of other information, including slideshows from the speakers' presentations at the Safety Compliance Information Evening as well as the flyer which includes links to various resources are available to Members only here.

In the meantime if you questions or feedback on the legislation please contact

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