Effie Report 2016 - what makes an outstanding ad campaign

12:35 PM, 18 July 2016

Effie Report 2016ANZA has always been a strong fan of the Effies. We see them as the primary Ad awards in New Zealand. Effectiveness must be at the heart of advertising. Truly effective advertising should be recognised and we should all learn from those campaigns.

In creating the 2016 Effie Report, CAANZ and research company Nielsen set out to discover what it was that made New Zealand's Effie-awarded campaigns so powerful and the lessons the industry could take from those successes when creating and delivering effective future campaigns for both Client and Agency.

Nielsen examined entries from finalists and winners in the 2015 Effie Awards and conducted in-depth interviews with past and present judges to reveal emerging trends and identify the common key factors behind transformational campaigns across areas such as research, audience connection and ROI.

CAANZ CEO, Paul Head, shares this report with the industry with the aim to make marketing more effective for everyone involved.

"As marketers we live in an increasingly data rational and measurement-focused world and we're all (marketer and agency alike) under constant pressure to prove the value of the work we do and be ever more effective. We hope the inaugural Effie Report can form part of the toolkit to help us do just that."

The full review Effie Report is available to ANZA Members here.

All feedback, queries, and opinions are welcomed to lindsay@anza.co.nz

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