Are you blinded by digital?

1:30 PM, 16 June 2016

With nearly 400 marketers and agency executives attending the first of the Australian Association of National Advertisers' Marketing Deconstructed lectures, Ritson headlined a forum to discuss trending issues in the current landscape of marketing.

Key points challenged by Ritson:

Marketers' obsession with digital and reinventing marketing the "dodgy" metrics that aim to compare a digital view with a TV viewer the "tsunami of horseshit" that is digital video three-second video views and CPMs "dreary" digital marketers and moronic marketers zero-based marketing budgets.

"A digital view is not the same as a TV viewer."

While the world has transitioned into a digital environment, the debate continues as to whether digital marketing is overpowering and surpassing traditional marketing or not. Many think digital marketing has taken over and traditional marking barely exists - if at all. But is it truly the case?

Watch the presentation here:

Following Ritson's presentation, there was a panel discussion in which head marketers from Telstra MCN, ANZ, Unilever and Mondelez debated his points.

While it is a lengthy video - over an hour long - we do recommend you watch it. Whether you agree with Ritson or not, it does provide thought-provoking material.

What are your thoughts on Ritson's views? Where does traditional marketing stand in your current media planning? All feedback, queries, and opinions are welcomed to

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