Online ads & attribution

11:29 AM, 17 March 2016
Online ads and attribution

We know the consumer journey is not linear. As traditional media transitions into digital delivery, and as consumers tend to use more than one platform at the same time, there is an increase in the visibility of moments when marketers can impact purchase decisions.

At the heart of this transition is attribution. Attribution is simply the ability to evaluate the performance of each media channel. Upon doing so, several questions arise: where should we invest? Which targeting strategies perform the best? Which ads are driving conversions? Is one channel more valuable than another?

Bottom line: As marketers take control of their data, new points of integration will be revealed. There will be a need for more advanced data-management platforms that connect through to both CRM and ad-targeting platforms. The ability to meaningfully overlay consumer data (such as location, purchase history, participation in loyalty programs) in real-time will transform marketers' ability to be persuasive and increase sales. The key will be ensuring that the creative messaging can keep pace with and adapt.

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