All I Want for Christmas: ANZA's Wish List

9:51 AM, 10 December 2015
Christmas Wishlist
  1. A return to brand building and ideas - too much to hope for? In the pursuit of immediacy, have we lost the art of brand building? And are we putting too much emphasis on technology-driven innovation, rather than needs or vision?

    Don't get me wrong; the "because we can" products and services can be awesome, but there seem to be fewer examples of brands successfully solving a real need or creating an irresistible vision in our connected future.

    It would be great to see content and creativity return to the fore of marketing thinking to balance all the technology, data and analytics which have dominated the marketing conversation in recent years.

  2. Some rational public discourse about kids and media. As we've said many times, sensationalism and dogma are obstacles when discussing the issue of food marketing to kids. Young people today are more media literate than ever and advertisers have already made significant changes to their go-to-market strategies. It would be great if we were recognised for how we market today, not 10 years ago. Oh, and how about reminding parents that they still have a responsibility in guiding their offspring in a commercial world?

  3. The time to be planning bold steps for cross-platform audience measurement is now. It is no longer good enough to be looking at media consumption in siloed buckets. In a 24/7 non-linear digital environment the need to total up audiences is already here. Transitioning to that state is not simple, but the capability exists. We need cross-industry commitment to match.

  4. Fewer Magpies - as much as the lure of emerging technology and channels is exciting for advertisers, we need to remind ourselves not to race ahead of consumer trends. TV is not yet dead. We need to balance the shiny baubles with what is proven AND still relevant.

And if these gifts can somehow be joined with some of the wonderful food and beverage our country produces, I will be a very happy man.

What would you like to see happen/change in 2016? All feedback, queries, and opinions are welcomed to

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