Media Auditing Poll

1:40 PM, 21 August 2015

Our recent poll regarding Media Auditing in New Zealand brought a number of issues to the surface as to why media auditing services are not more widely used. So what did ANZA Members, have to say?

A minority of responding companies were currently using auditors, with a number being lapsed users. The reasons for not auditing were not so much about costs (except for smaller advertisers), but rather uncertainty of the value that audit services could provide, particularly as advertising expenditure transitions away from traditional media.

This is consistent with the World Federation of Advertisers, on findings where global advertisers recognise the need for greater transparency of online media buys, but auditing services have not been able to provide this in a manner that delivers value and better planning and buying decisions. The digital space puts the traditional pool of prices and the benchmark model under pressure.

As the range of sites, formats, and approaches increase, it can be more and more difficult to find a genuine and robust like-for-like norm to benchmark against. New trading platforms such as real-time bidding make this even harder - clearly, it's impossible to create a pool for media space that is being traded in real time, as it's a unique and one-time event.

Advertisers need expert advice and oversight that can ensure they receive fair value for their spend. ANZA Members feel media auditors should continue to play a critical role. The accountability they help to provide builds confidence, which, in turn, drives investment. Everyone has a vested interest in making this work.

ANZA would like to thank all those who responded and participated in this recent poll. In sharing our ideas, the industry can be truly representative. So what's the next step forward for utilising the benefits of media auditing? ANZA Council will be looking at how Auditing services can be encouraged to respond to the issues raised in this poll. All feedback, queries, and opinions, are welcomed to

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