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1:28 PM, 22 July 2015

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10 July 2015

"Research without Boundaries" 8 September 2015 Event Filling Up Fast - REGISTER HERE NOW

With less than two months until the big day, New Zealand's research and client community are gearing up for an exciting, once in a lifetime event. The international research conference being held at Auckland's Crowne Plaza, is being opened by Business NZ's Phil O'Reilly who will no doubt entertain, inform, and challenge.
His subject matter is "Business without Boundaries" in which he will consider the trends that are changing business today -- new sources of value, new approaches to trade, and an exponentially growing information base. He will reflect on the place of innovation, diversity, and new technologies in business today.

Other confirmed speakers include:

Peter Cullinane - Founding Partner, Assignment Group; Founder & Chairman, Lewis Road Creamery.
As a "dyed in the wool" believer in the power of brands, he established Lewis Road Creamery in 2011 as a personal mission to demonstrate the value of brands.

Kevin Bowler - CEO, Tourism NZ
He will discuss a research system using consumer insight which can identify the optimal images to portray particular product offers, and regions, whilst simultaneously ensuring these build to the overall brand New Zealand promise.

Alexis Perrott - Global Research Manager, NZ Trade & Enterprise, the Government's international business development agency.
Hear how they work to increase New Zealand companies’ international success, by helping them boost their global reach and build capability, to help them enter and grow in international markets.

Dominic Quin - Director Planning & Insights, Global Brands and Nutrition, Fonterra.

Sharing insights from working in a truly global market.

We live in an age where traditional, social, political, technological, and financial boundaries are fast becoming irrelevant. For businesses and governments this rapid rate of change presents both valuable opportunities and significant challenges. Successful organisations are adapting to the new normal and creating exciting new opportunities for innovation and growth.

Another 15 speakers at the forefront of their industries will present how they and their networks are dealing with the changing business environment and busting through boundaries to create customer value and competitive advantage. And you'll gain a rich understanding of how they uncover insights and generate innovations that have led to multi-million dollar opportunities in new sectors and new markets, pushing past their own traditional boundaries.

Event Specifics:
Date: 7th & 8th September 2015
Time: 7th Sept: 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m./ 8th Sept: 7:00 a.m. - late
Location: Crowne Plaza, Auckland
Pricing: See here

REGISTER HERE: http://ranzconference.nz
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