Do We Still Need Brands? - The Latest HBR Study

4:22 PM, 19 June 2015
Since the birth of e-commerce, a debate has emerged as to the future role of brands. It has been debated whether digital technologies would lead to the demise of brands because customers have ready access to the information they need to make purchasing decisions, deeming “brands” less relevant. Others have hypothesised that the importance of brands would be accentuated, providing an easy means for choice to be considered in an era of information overkill.

A recent Harvard Business Review article suggests that the value of brands is falling, while simultaneously the value attached to customer relationships is on the rise. The obvious conclusion is that digital technologies mean consumers no longer need brands to help make choices. Better information increases consumer power and drives down brand equity.

Mark Lowe, Founding Partner, at Third City asks the question “Do we still need brands” in The Drum. Read Mark’s thoughts here:

What challenges do brands face in retaining relevance in a world of e-commerce? ANZA welcomes your feedback or concerns to

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