Video of the Month: Budweiser - Friends are Waiting

4:37 PM, 27 January 2015

If there is one sector that has experienced a rapid change in culture over the past decades, it is alcohol. There's good reason for this. All over the world, expectations have changed as the pressure from public health authorities has increased.

More than ever, the excessive consumption of alcohol has become a public issue as well as an individual concern. In response to the demand for increased social responsibility, the leaders of the alcohol industry have adapted. Central to the changes they've made has been to change the most visible element of their brands: advertising.

In fact there is now a strong case that alcohol brand advertising is the one media environment where alcohol consumption is shown responsibly, whereas in programmes and films we too often see the opposite. Alcohol producers are consistently working to use their insight and agency creativity to deliver impactful messages of responsible and moderate consumption.

We've seen that here in New Zealand, from brands such as Heineken and Steinlager. Unlike certain alarmist approaches, these new 'CSR campaigns' are convincing and effective because they speak the language of ordinary people and tell them a story they know: their own, with the authenticity of the brand voice.

In light of the recent recommendations on alcohol advertising and sponsorship (as discussed here), ANZA wishes to highlight the merits of responsible advertising. Here's another example demonstrating the power of storytelling from the brand perspective, from Budweiser.

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