Align TV with Mobile Video for Greater Reach and Impact

3:05 PM, 3 December 2014
Media Watch

Fragmentation in consumer viewing habits has created challenges for brand marketers to effectively reach customers. Given this trend, brand marketers are considering unprecedented media investments to reach these consumers. It's clear that a deeper understanding of this shift is important to ensuring brand advertising budgets generate the maximum return on investment for advertisers and agencies.

Recently in the US, Nielsen examined how brand marketers could put their media spend to work more effectively through a combination of TV and mobile video advertising. The goal of the study was to determine how the pairing of mobile video and TV advertising could build incremental reach for brand advertisers and improve cost efficiency.

As consumers are increasingly engaging with digital video on mobile devices, brand marketers are considering complementing their TV investments with mobile video to put their message where consumers are spending increasing amounts of time. Findings from the study indicate that a marketer's reach for a desired target consumer may rise as much as 13 percent when TV advertising is aligned with video advertising served to mobile devices.

Furthermore, as video consumption on mobile devices continues to accelerate, complementing TV buys with an incremental investment in a mobile video advertising strategy should reduce brand marketers' incremental cost per target rating point (TRP). TRPs could drop by as much as 13.7 percent when 15 percent of budgets are deployed on mobile video.

In conclusion, the significant shift and fragmentation of consumer media consumption creates both problems and opportunities for marketers. By complementing TV with mobile video advertising, brands and agencies can extend their reach, connect with consumers wherever they are watching video, and pay less for those connections.

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