Marketers are Overlooking Consumer Privacy Concerns

8:44 AM, 17 November 2014

Marketers are underestimating the level of consumer concern regarding the (mis)use of their contact details and the unauthorised distribution of such information to third parties, new London research has found.

Based on the responses of two panels – 1,180 consumers and 310 marketers –fast.Map found that executives "underestimate by up to 100% all consumers' areas of concern".

It found that 85% of consumers said they would be concerned or very concerned if their details were passed to another organisation but only 45% of marketers thought shoppers would view this as a problem.

Moreover, 83% of consumers would be worried if an organisation did not keep the promises they had made in their permission statement. And, 45% of marketers failed to appreciate the depth of consumer feeling on this matter.

In fact, the research showed that only 6% of people would opt in to receive marketing messages from all the companies that currently contact them, although 19% of marketers thought they would.

Consumers also increasingly expect something in return for receiving this messaging such as discounts, special offers and samples - all persuasive benefits that marketers undervalued.

Read the full article from Warc here

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