Multi Screen Viewing

1:09 PM, 6 November 2014

According to new Colmar Brunton findings, New Zealanders are embracing a multi-screen lifestyle, spending approximately seven hours a day in front of their screens.

The survey reports that smartphones and laptops have the most daytime screen use with TV dominating from 6pm to 9pm, while tablets have a joint use both as work-related (daytime) and particularly as a leisure time device.

Colmar Brunton CEO Jacqueline Ireland says that TV remains the most common lead medium, with other screens more commonly used as continuations for related tasks.

“Combining overall receptivity with the amount of screen time shows that TV remains the largest New Zealand media opportunity,” she says. Although laptops (29% of screen time), TV (28%) and smartphone (27%) receive a “fairly even” share of Kiwis’ daily attention, ahead of tablets (17%), when it comes to receptivity to advertising messages:

• 24% of New Zealand’s multi-screen users are favourable towards TV advertising, well ahead of other screen advertising in New Zealand but a long way below the global average of 41% (but similar to Australia)

• Just 14% of New Zealand multi-screen users favour advertising on their laptops (global average 25%)

• Smartphone and tablet advertising enjoy only 15% favorability here compared to a global average of 24% for smartphones and 23% for tablets

A separate Colmar Brunton NZ on Air survey this year confirmed that TV and radio still deliver the biggest audiences in New Zealand, combining extra content online with traditional TV to extend engagement with TV shows.

“This is reflected in the new multi-screen survey which tells us that, while 61% of Kiwis’ screen time is spent shifting – is moving from one screen to another for different tasks across the day – 39% of multi-screen users’ daily screen time is spent in front of the TV while using another screen simultaneously,” says Ireland.

“For example campaigns that include TV programme sponsorships linking to apps, voting, mobile play-alongs and online extras enhance the brand experience creating greater engagement and deeper connections.”

The results come from a survey of 551 New Zealand multi screen users aged 16-45 years with a margin of error of + or – 4%.

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