Australia "leading the world in programmatic growth"

8:58 AM, 28 October 2014

TubeMogul’s global head of mobile product, Antoine Barbier, has reported that Australia is “leading the world in programmatic mobile video growth”.  This was seen in TubeMogul figures from its demand side video ad buying platform, which has access to most mobile programmatic inventory in the Australian market. Figures showed an increase of 248% in programmatic mobile video auctions. 

Barbier stressed that it has never been more important to understand the growing programmatic mobile area of the market, which is ahead of the UK and only slightly behind the US.

 “The US programmatic mobile video market has seen exponential growth in the past nine months and this is set to happen in Australia. The US is roughly one year ahead of Australia, in terms of the trends around spend,” Barbier said.

“When comparing against the UK I would say that the Australian market is much more into programmatic than the UK market. The media sales portion is smaller but there are less barriers to take down.”

Barbier said that challenges in the market have been around audience targeting and audience tracking.

Barbier said that audience measurement is the next step and that this is not currently up to scratch in Australia, but hopefully this will change in 2015. He said this will then pave the way for full cross-device measurement and the next phase from there is contextual targeting.

 “The majority of users spend time on mobile devices in games, social applications and video-focused applications. The TubeMogul platform numbers show that 85% of mobile video programmatic ads are placed inside these apps and that 10% of time is spent watching videos on the mobile web.”

He added that the cross-device approach will increasingly resonate with advertisers and if you are not on mobile, “you will lose half your audience”.

Barbier sees programmatic mobile video spend particularly increasing in Australia next year and that by 2017, mobile will overtake the desktop. 

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