Nielsen Retains Digital Measurement Contract

10:00 AM, 14 October 2014

It was yesterday announced that Nielsen will retain the IAB digital measurement contract. Starting on January 1st 2015, the contract will see further development of the existing digital audience measurement system, and a move toward cross-platform measurement capabilities.

The IAB and Nielsen will introduce smartphone and tablet ratings in Q1 2015; cross-digital ratings for desktops, smartphones and tablets in July 2015, and daily ratings for digital content in early 2016.

This cross-platform measurement service is predicted to help TV networks minimise the impact of digital video viewing in Australia, and drive digital ad growth, as it has in the US.

The Australian Financial Review has reported that US TV networks are planning a "counter offensive" to the growth of YouTube and online video. 

The global head of digital at Nielsen, Megan Clarken, told The AFR the cross platform ratings system that went live recently is boosting the networks because they can now get TV ratings credit for online streams, and charge advertisers accordingly to advertise on digital channels. That  means networks are starting to stream all broadcast content to mobile devices live and on-demand.

A Nielsen spokesperson told AdNews that this success in the cross-platform ratings system is likely to play out in Australia eventually.  In the US, Nielsen also handles TV ratings, while that is provided in Australia by OzTam. OzTam is currently working on adding digital measurement to its ratings.

Nielsen said that its experience in the US (where it leads cross-platform measurement) was likely to have been a contributing factor to it retaining the IAB contract.

Alice Manner, CEO of the IAB, told AdNews that what gave Nielsen an edge was its proposal’s particular strengths in mobile measurement, one of the main criteria.

“When you think about six months ago we had 50% of publishers receiving most of their traffic from mobile, they say that now that's increased even more for some publishers, so mobile is incredibly important and was a key factor,” Manners said.

“The other one was the cross audience digital network, so for the first time you'll have a total audience from desktop, smart phone and tablet and that means website, video and mobile app and again this is what we need to keep moving forward in digital.”

Manners also said that accurate measurement will help the online advertising industry continue with year-on-year growth.

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