TV Remains Number One Despite Second Screen Viewing

9:21 AM, 13 October 2014

New research from OzTAM, Nielsen, and Regional TAM has re-inforced the fact that the main TV set is still the number one viewing platform, despite the proliferation of different screens.

The report found that people are spending more time looking at screens in general, as opposed to viewing less live TV.

During the second quarter of this year, Australians on average spent 97 hours and three minutes per month watching TV content through a TV set, with seven hours and 58 minutes of that time being used to view time shifted content through a personal video recorder.

Whilst the TV figure of approximately three hours per day has hardly changed over the last decade, the amount of time looking at other screens increased.

"The Multi-Screen Report shows Australian viewing habits are changing gradually rather than dramatically," OzTAM's chief executive Doug Peiffer said.

"And even as connected devices increase the range of viewing options, Australians of all ages still spend the majority of their screen time watching live broadcast television on in-home TV sets."

The viewing of online video on laptops increased by roughly 21% from a year ago.

Overall, the data showed that 89.1% of all video viewing across TV sets, including broadcast and non-broadcast content, is on the traditional TV set.

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