11:45 AM, 2 December 2009

Advertisers have welcomed the launch of TVNZ's new B to B marketing and sales website An extension of TVNZ's long-running weekly html newsletter, the site features regularly-updated information about television and online, designed to help advertisers as well as media and creative agencies, source information to help them plan their campaigns at the touch of a button. All the graphs and files on the site are ‘nickable', making this a really useful resource to prepare for meetings and presentations.

The site features information about the previous week's performance in terms of channel ratings, the number of people watching television (PUTs), top programmes and average audience and cost per tarp figures for all key channels across all trading demographics, as well as highlights of TVNZ's top-performing shows. The Toolbox section has a plethora of information about TV and online, including access to the results of TVNZ's major research studies, the basics of TV including the history of TV in NZ, tips for planning a TV campaign and industry jargon. There is also a section which gives a ‘state of the nation' view of TV, including an exceptionally useful TV events calendar going back to 2000.

The Opportunities section on the site highlights upcoming programmes for spot placement or partnership opportunities. There is also information about TVNZ's masthead Smart Choices Everyday and TiVo. And you can also find out about the hot new and returning shows coming to TVNZ's channels in 2010.

Perhaps the most interesting section is the Case Study section. There are one-page summaries of case studies where advertisers have used television and/or online in their campaign to achieve business objectives. This is a good place to start for advertisers with certain objectives, who want to know how others with similar objectives have used TVNZ's properties to run successful campaigns.

And in addition to that info, there's also information about TVNZ sales: what their sales products are, who their key contacts are, and links to their ratecard information.
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