Confusing Technology- How to Embrace it?

2:33 PM, 16 July 2014

Founder of TrinityP3, Darren Woolly (right), recently discussed one of the biggest challenges for marketers­ - how to embrace technology.  As CMOs are seen to be bigger spenders on technology than their equivalent CIOs or CTOs, many marketers are struggling with the best approach to transforming their digital marketing to marketing in a digital age.

It is easy to forget that companies like Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest did not exist a decade ago or that Facebook was only launched in 2004. New technologies and innovations are announced on a weekly basis with hundreds of start-ups seemingly springing up each week, all offering new opportunities.

For time-poor marketers, just dealing with the options they have now, being able to invest any time at all in keeping even a little abreast of these changes, let alone the implications for their marketing plan and their category, is next to impossible.

See the full article from acaweb here

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