Moderating Social Media - Best Practice

12:21 PM, 4 June 2014

Included in the IABs recommendations:

  • Develop moderation guidelines and publish them on your social media properties so that your community is clear about how behaviour is managed.

  • Consider developing an internal moderation schedule to identify who is moderating what social media properties and at what time.

  • Develop a crisis management plan in case an issue arises on your social media platform which needs addressing immediately.

  • Moderate the user comments on your social media properties to the extent your resources allow/as much as possible.

  • If you dont have the resources within for moderation, consider hiring a specialist moderation business that has experience in conflict management and jurisdictional matters.

  • If you are directly soliciting a response or creating user generated content in relation to a provocative question, ensure you have adequate resources to deal with controversial responses promptly.

  • Be aware of specific or regulatory requirements if your business or product is directed towards children (or young people)

  • Regularly review tools available to your organisation when you develop a social media presence.

  • Give feedback to the social media platforms youre using. Let them know what is working and what can be improved.

ANZA members can access all the information needed in the Interactive Advertising Bureaus (IAB) Social Media Comment Moderation Guidelines.

Members can also click here to view the ASAs Codes.

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