Digital Game Changers: How Social Media Will Help Usher in the Era of Mobile and Multi-Platform Effectiveness Measurement.

11:17 AM, 4 April 2014

While digital ad effectiveness measurement has traditionally focused on desktop display advertising, industry is on the cusp of a significant shift that will lead to a more integrated view of media platforms. Because so much digital consumer behaviour has shifted to mobile, t here is an increasing need to prove the value of this medium so that ad dollars can be more efficiently allocated. This is especially true within the social media sector.

In this recent article published in The Journal of Advertising Research the authors argue that several leading social media companies are paving the way for a more holistic approach to effectiveness measurement, which will ultimately be driven by three primary factors:

  1. Mobile Usage Shift As more user activity shifts to mobile, particularly among social media companies, this creates urgency around proving the value of mobile.
  2. Native Advertising Native ads, employed by most of the social media leaders, often have the benefit of being scalable across platforms and can enable a more integrated view of digital advertising.
  3. Big Data Enablement New sources of big data are rapidly opening new avenues for more granular effectiveness measurement. With the scale of activity occurring on many social platforms, the opportunities here are extensive.
Read the full article here

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