New Zealand Business Number – Public Consultation

8:47 AM, 14 March 2014

The New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) is a key part of the Governments Better Public Services programme, which is working towards making it easier for businesses to work with the government. The NZBN is an initiative to assign a single identifying number to all businesses, government agencies and commercial entities in New Zealand.

Businesses have been requesting a universal identifier for many years and similar approaches are used in other developed countries, including Australia and Singapore. It is proposed that primary business data about each business is attached to the NZBN, some of which will be public. The NZBN will make primary information about a business available in one place, for example, a business's contact details.

Further details are available in the attached NZBN discussion document, which contains the topics that the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment are seeking feedback on. Note, this document is also available for download on the NZBN online consultation website.

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