New global campaign reinforces the ‘Case for Advertising"

12:20 PM, 3 March 2014

The IAAs new campaign, known as The Case for Advertising focuses on many of the core benefits that are deeply rooted in marketing communications - that advertising promotes choice, educates, informs, supports the arts, entertainment and sports, and often contributes to the costs of providing news and information.

The campaign, which comes at a time when the ad industry is under even greater scrutiny by governments and policy makers, builds around the statement " Advertising. Your Right To Choose".

The Case for Advertising is focused on ensuring that consumers and governments understand the value of advertising in its many forms, including sponsored content.

In making the announcement Faris Abouhamad, IAA Chairman and World President stated "The message is strong, and the objective is clear - that consumers do have the right to choose - and the advertising theme reminds us all that freedom of choice is a good starting point in democracies."

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