Lego Movie labeled “Genius”

8:35 AM, 28 February 2014

Product placement in movies is nothing new, but when the product placed is the movie, thats something else again. No surprise then that industry observers are applauding the creation of what looks to be an advertisers dream- a 100 minute long advertisement that people are paying to watch.

Commentators have described the Lego movie as "an exceptional piece of content marketing" and have recognised that treating children and adults the same, with "a catch-all policy" is what caused its massive success.

Forbes contributor Will Burns was intrigued by the trend of "mixing not only movie brands with product brands, but corresponding business objectives as well".

"One media buy, two products sold," said Burns, who suggested that we were seeing the emergence of a new genre of "movietising", where movies looked for brands that furthered the image of their characters while brands chose movies that made sense for their products.

Michael McNally, Lego's brand relations director says,"It's not a toy, it's a medium for other people to tell their own stories and create their own adventures."

Over the years Lego has licensed various characters, many of whom make an appearance in the movie alongside those of filmmaker Warner Brothers, so Batman and Bart Simpson both get cameos.

It is interesting to observe the strength of advertising once it is emerged in an entertainment genre such as a movie. While not every advertiser will be thinking movies, ANZA believes many of the lessons from this campaign are applicable in content generation.

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