Social Media - does it stack up?

11:13 AM, 5 February 2014

So how does social media stack up for advertisers? Why are many advertisers unconvinced about the effectiveness of paid social media advertising? While growing spectacularly in ad revenue, can this be sustained while these doubts linger?

Nick Manning, President International of Ebiquity (a World Federation of Advertisers partner organisation,) recently had this to say:

The successful IPO for Twitter and the rapid growth of Pinterest and Instagram overshadow the fact that many brands have not yet been able to measure the return-on-investment on their social media strategy, and still remain unsure of whether its an advertising or PR platform, a sales promotion channel, or a CRM mechanic or, indeed, a hybrid of all these things.

Measurement by likes, fans, retweets and pins remains unsatisfactory, especially with bot-led inflation which makes accurate measurement unreliable. Early talk of Facebooks loss of credibility among its younger users suggests that Snapchat may represent the next major trend in the market, but only if its security improves.

There is little doubt that many advertisers are uncomfortable with the effectiveness of paid social media, at least in terms of measurable ROI. Until we can satisfactorily do so will Social be a real weapon in the media armoury?

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