700,000 extra viewers for next to no cost? Yes please!

12:32 PM, 8 January 2014

With the majority of programme content now captioned for deaf and hearing-impaired viewers, advertising that isn't captioned stands out - for all the wrong reasons. That's why many advertisers have made captioning part of their standard procedure for TVC procurement. Ensuring these viewers can better connect to your brand helps deliver your message more clearly and enhances brand loyalty.

Able has been helping to make media accessible by providing captioning and audio description services to the commercial industry since 1984. Formerly TVNZ Access Services, Able became a separate entity under the governance of the Media Access Charitable Trust. They are available to caption commercials for TV One, 2, 3 and FOUR as well as infomercials and online content.

For just $200 (+GST) per TVC, ANZA thinks the incremental cost is not a barrier to captioning and we encourage all advertisers to consider the benefits of captioning their television advertisements.

Captioning commercials is easy and hassle-free. All Able need from your agency is:

  • the key number/s of the TVC/s

  • first broadcast date and TV channels it is playing on

  • when the TVC is expected to be delivered to the networks.

To have your existing or forthcoming commercials simply instruct your agency or contact Able directly: commercial@able.co.nz or for more information click here to view their website.

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