Age-gating for brand sites and social media

9:07 AM, 20 November 2013

ANZA reminds all alcohol industry members of their responsibility to ensure responsible communication with consumers of legal purchase age in online environments.

Principle 3 of the ASA Alcohol Code requires that all alcohol brand websites have age verification entry pages. The ASA Guidance notes (link below) specifies this should be in a format that requires users to enter their date of birth, not simply a yes/no answer to an Are you 18? question.

In addition, it is recommended that age-gates on brand sites should be supported with a you must be over 18 or similar message. Those that fail the age-gate should be directed to either an age-responsible message an alternative safe website.

For further information, refer to the ASA Alcohol Guidelines

Other technologies are emerging to aid this, among them a Twitter specific gating product designed predominantly for alcohol brands to eliminate underage followers interactivity with their promotions. This does require the individual providing their correct birthdate, similar to general age-validation features on alcohol brands websites, so while it is not 100% foolproof, it is a solid direction to be heading towards.

Social media is constantly changing as is its nature, and there will no doubt be more platforms arising in the future. The best way we can maintain responsible communication to appropriate target audiences is by ensuring best practice methodology to proof of age on all online sites, as well as maintaining our joint commitment to ensuring content is seen where its meant to be and by whom its intended for.

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