TAPS Adjudicators

11:46 AM, 23 October 2013

Peter is a Pharmacist, and a country boy at heart,born in the high country of the Northern Manawatu.

He spent most of his working life in Auckland (18 years) and Wellington (20 years).

Peter worked in Retail Pharmacy but spent 25 years on the regulatory side, working for the Old Department of Health as a Public Health Pharmacist( He was there when the Medicines Act arrived in 1981), DHBs, and The Ministry of Health.

While working as a Medicines Control Advisor in 1993 Peter moved to Wellington and joined the Ministry of Health where he became Team Leader Compliance for 10 years, and had a very broad experience of all things therapeutic.

Peter was instrumental in helping set up the TAPS System, working closely with ASA and ANZA when they first appointed Nigel Andrews to the role of the first TAPS Adjudicator. He was involved with the first Joint Agency discussions and spent many hours at meetings with TGA and counterparts in Australia.

After 10 years Peter jumped the fence from Regulation to Self Regulation and became a TAPS Adjudicator, a role he has enjoyed for the last 10 years. It has been a huge advantage to know how the other side works. Peter maintains his strong links with Government agencies in Wellington, and the ASA and ANZA.

Passionate about Self Regulation Peter appreciates the support of Industry bodies in helping keep the system viable. Peters interests are in the unregulated areas of Theatre and gardening, good antidotes to the minefield of Regulatory Compliance.

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