Changes to ANZA Governance

10:14 AM, 13 July 2009

The ANZA Council has recognised the need to build additional resource to achieve the Annual and Strategic Business Plans. 

We have been successful to date in maintaining a high level of effectiveness, however, several new initiatives we are committed to plus gearing up for a return to more positive economic conditions provides an ideal time to increase ANZA's management structure.

New Position - General Manager-Commercial (GM-C)

The Council have agreed to recruit a new General Manager-Commercial as a full time executive.  He/she will be responsible for many of the day to day operational activities including: achievement of annual budgets; promotion of ANZA's Mission and Values; review of members' needs; market research; Liquor and Therapeutic advertising prevetting systems etc.

New Role - Chief Executive Officer

The GM-C will report to the CEO, a position which better aligns ANZA's Governance with other organisations.  This will also be a permanent position, three days per week.  I will assume that role.

ANZA Council

The ANZA Council will continue to comprise 12 Councillors and 4 Executive Councillors (previously vice-Presidents) and a Chairman.  The Chairman will be appointed by the Council to "Chair" Council meetings.  Previously the President was available for regular meetings with the Executive Director.  As the demand on VP's executive time within their own companies has substantially increased, it is unrealistic to expect that they provide a fair amount of time for ANZA as a President of the organisation.

The CEO will assume the majority of those responsibilities and report to the elected Chairman and Council.  CEO's position description will be available for members' information.

ANZA Rules of Association

It will be necessary to amend the existing Rules in accordance with the new structure.

Our legal representatives have completed a revision which will be circulated to members together with a Notice of Special Meeting of members.  We expect to be able to send out the Notice within the next fortnight.

Members will be fully briefed on the organisational changes and responsibilities and asked to accept the amended Rules of Association at the Special Meeting.


We anticipate making an appointment of the GMC in July.

A committee comprising the following will be responsible for the appointment:-

Alison Sykora - Past President ANZA - Vodafone New Zealand

Maurice Gunnell - Vice President ANZA - Nestle New Zealand Ltd

Mark Campbell - Vice President ANZA - DB Breweries Ltd

Elizabeth Higgs - Vice President ANZA - Progressive Enterprises Ltd

Jeremy Irwin - Executive Director ANZA


Anticipated commencement - August 2009

CEO & GM-C roles effective - September 2009

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