ANZA Welcomes Print Research Initiative

4:06 PM, 14 January 2011

01 October 2010

The announcement of an enhanced print readership service is welcomed by advertisers. Nielsen have been appointed by the Print Media Industry Research Review Group to a five year contract beginning January 2011 which will provide:

- Completely redesigned survey including new questions covering consumer and media, lifestyle, life stage, activity and attitudes

- Managed transition to computer assisted and ultimately fully online surveying

- New media and consumer insight, including annual dynamic cross-media and publishing brand engagement study

- Fusion of Household Expenditure Monitor data to the print readership database and a new panel based on an online audience measurement tool also fused to core readership

Chairman of the PMIRRG, Derek Lindsay highlighted that the new service would provide a future-proofed solution for our industry for the next five years.

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