Media Commissions: Fairfax Media

10:08 AM, 17 May 2012

Fairfax Media is changing the rate of commission paid to accredited advertising agencies. A key reason for this change is the consolidation of the separate commission and non-commission bearing rate cards currently in the market place, into a single ratecard a move applauded by ANZA .

As a result, agency commissions will be reduced to 10 per cent (five per cent plus five per cent prompt payment). This follows a continuing trend of reducing agency rates, following TVNZ's move in January 2011. The change to agency commission is effective 1 August 2012 and will apply across Fairfax Media's divisions, including Fairfax Magazines and Fairfax Digital.   These changes only effect commission bearing remuneration and will not affect the rates fee-based advertising clients pay.

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