ANZA binds the marketing and public affairs agendas to help marketers get it right with consumers and society at large

Membership value comes directly from knowledge sharing and indirectly through industry leadership

ANZA enhances member’s effectiveness by advocating for continuous improvement in advertising practice

The link between advertising, competition and consumer value is immediate with advertising playing a key economic role

About ANZA

ANZA’s mission is to protect the freedom to advertise responsibly and to enhance effective communications for our members.

We do this by:

  • Advocating in the advertiser’s corner with regulators, politicians and other stakeholders
  • Maintaining independent and robust relationships with media owners and communication agencies
  • Accessing international best practice for our members
  • Enhancing members skills and knowledge through relevant training and events

         Advertising Pre-vetting

ANZA is responsible for administering the Therapeutics Advertising Pre-vetting Service (TAPS), the Liquor Advertising Pre-vetting & Promotion Service (LAPPS) and the Children's Advertising Pre-vetting Service (CAPS). For more information or to register to have your advertisement approved, click on the respective link: TAPS / LAPPS / CAPS