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The 2019 Effie Awards | Celebrating Brand Success

2:28 PM, 30 September 2019

With the gala event for the 2019 Effie Awards fast approaching, we at ANZA are reflecting on advertising effectiveness.

Why we need accurate cross-media audience measurement

2:08 PM, 2 September 2019

While there’s plenty of ways we can measure audiences, the problem lies in the inconsistency in how this is done between media, making comparison across media extremely difficult. Read about ANZA’s call for cross platform audience measurement.

Lessons to Advertisers from Cannes Lions 2019

9:40 AM, 23 July 2019

Cannes is one of the highlights of the global advertising calendar, as a chance for the industry to discuss the issues of today and the future. What were the top five lessons for advertisers from this year’s event?

How to manage your relationship with social media

10:17 AM, 2 July 2019

Influencers and celebrities are a large part of social media marketing. It's becoming more important to learn how to manage and command your relationship with them.

New WFA report shines a light on media agency models and remuneration

2:28 PM, 29 April 2019

What is a healthy agency relationship? WFA's new report give advertisers valuable insights into the changing agency model and advice on building better partnerships.

ANZA and Comms Council call on Government to take lead on social media

12:29 PM, 11 April 2019

Joint Media Statement from the Association of New Zealand Advertisers and the Commercial Communications Council:

Advertisers Call on Government to Take Lead on Social Media Standards

Media Statement - New Zealand Advertisers and Agencies calling for immediate changes to live streaming

10:05 AM, 26 March 2019

A joint statement from the management and boards of the Association of New Zealand Advertisers (the industry body representing advertisers in New Zealand) and the Commercial Communications Council of New Zealand (the industry body representing advertising and media agencies), requesting immediate action to curb the ongoing potential for harm from live streaming on social media platforms, following the terrorist attack in Christchurch.

Media Statement - Live Streaming

1:58 PM, 19 March 2019

Joint Media Statement from the Association of New Zealand Advertisers and the Commercial Communications Council.

The Problem With Short-Term, Sales-Led Advertising

10:25 AM, 5 March 2019

Bussinesses these days have become fixated in the short-term, 'buy now' marketing mentaility. But in order to drive real growth, we must re-focus on building brands in the long term.

What’s the best agency fee model for you?

10:50 AM, 31 January 2019

When did you last consider your agency fee model? Explaining your options, we give you an online tool to help you choose the right agency model for your company. Find out more.

Advertising Self-Regulation Under Threat

12:07 PM, 10 December 2018

Calls for advertising restrictions are growing across multiple sectors. We explain why self-regulation is under threat.

How Australian and New Zealand advertisers can improve digital advertising practices

2:12 PM, 25 October 2018

How are New Zealand and Australian advertisers improving the digital advertising ecosystem? Learn more about the Australian Digital Advertising Practices.

Navigating Media Complexity

11:39 AM, 9 October 2018

The Inconvenient Truth of Digital Misattribution

10:02 AM, 9 October 2018

How do you find the balance in your media investment? Find out the challenges with digital attribution and learn how to better navigate media complexity.

Is the CMO and agency relationship at risk?

11:21 AM, 13 September 2018

What do brands expect from their agencies in 2018? From transparency, to data-driven advertising, to a new approach to creative storytelling. Find out more.

Announcing FULL Agenda is Live!

12:08 PM, 27 August 2018

Agenda comes ALIVE at ad:tech

ad:tech's full agenda is not just live it's ALIVE! Top speakers, in-depth breakout sessions and some of the best content they've ever had. Take a look at the speakers and the full agenda for a taste of what's to come in November.

The challenges CMOs are facing today

11:52 AM, 16 August 2018

What most concerns CMOs today? Marketers from some of the world’s leading global brands recently shared their thoughts on the state of advertising and the challenges they are dealing with.

Advertisers demand minute-by-minute audience measurement

1:46 PM, 10 July 2018

Why haven’t NZ broadcasters adopted the global standard of minute-by-minute television audience measurement? Join with ANZA in our call for change.

WFA’s Global Media Charter improving our marketing ecosystem

9:00 AM, 7 June 2018

Today, consumer trust in online advertising is at an all-time low. Animosity has replaced trust between advertisers and consumers. Now is the time for change. The WFA, along with the world’s top brands have created a Global Media Charter, demanding action to improve our digital marketing ecosystem.

WFA Manifesto (Members only)

12:49 PM, 10 May 2018

WFA Manifesto for Online Data Transparency

9:08 AM, 10 May 2018

How can advertisers in New Zealand answer the public’s call for greater data transparency? We at ANZA support the WFA’s Manifesto for Online Data Transparency as a way for brands to build trust and respect around consumer data. Find out the steps you can take to commit to data transparency and why this is a positive shift for brands in New Zealand.
Read more

Children and Young People and Age-restricted Advertising

10:39 AM, 12 October 2017

Age-restricted rules in the ASA Codes (alcohol, food, gaming etc) provide challenges to advertisers ensuring compliance with respective Codes, particularly in online media. The UK ASA has provided useful suggestions for age-restricted advertising online, which we believe are transferable to New Zealand.

New thinking on the best way to find the right communications agency

10:38 AM, 26 September 2017

ANZA and the Comms Council saw a clear need to help shape the thinking and approach to the agency selection process. They worked collaboratively, along with input from clients and agencies, to create a practice guide to help ease the process of agency selection.

Brand Safety - what can you do?

12:14 PM, 28 August 2017

Today there are more media channels offering greater exposure than ever before. However, with that choice comes greater risk - are you certain where you brand messages will appear? What do you need to do to protect your brand’s reputation?

Navigating the digital ecosystem

11:57 AM, 21 August 2017


The digital media ecosystem can look like a labyrinth at times. Navigating it is increasingly challenging, especially if you aren’t asking the right questions of your media agency. It’s time to take charge.

Add more clout to your out-of-home advertising

10:01 AM, 18 August 2017

How can you improve your out-of-home advertising?

The out-of-home (OOH) advertising sector is growing. But what are the best ways to get audiences to pause and engage with your ads? We share some top tips.

Transparency in programmatic advertising

10:54 AM, 14 August 2017

Seeking more clarity with your programmatic media buying?

A new report shows in stark detail the true financial breakdown of the programmatic market, and the waterfall of charges incurred through a complex series of transactions. While a US study, the lessons apply everywhere.

Brand safety: protect yourself online

2:30 PM, 26 July 2017

Are you putting your brand in harm’s way?

The immediacy of social media makes it far easier for people to spot and share “campaigns that have gone wrong,” resulting in brand safety now being brought to the attention of the masses.
What was once a problem discussed solely amongst the online advertising industry, now has become national front-page news.

With greater focus on extremist material, fake news stories and brand advertising appearing next to unsavoury content, brand safety has again been thrust fully into the limelight.

The danger in branding repositioning

10:02 AM, 24 July 2017

What makes your brand special?.

When business is tough do we look to brand repositioning too quickly? Professor Mark Ritson thinks so, arguing that more marketers should recognise that the inherent brand position is fine, but the current execution is not.

Challenges in advertising today

9:04 AM, 20 July 2017

How do we tackle challenges in advertising today?

While the Cannes Lions festival provides an opportune time to celebrate recent achievements, it also opens up discussion about today's advertising challenges.

Breaking stereotypes in advertising

3:09 PM, 19 July 2017

 Advertising and stereotypes - they go hand in hand. Let’s establish a positive relationship

One of the highlights from this year's Cannes Lions festival was the news of an alliance between leading advertisers and publishers together with UN Women, with the aim to eradicate outdated stereotypes in advertising. The World Federation of Advertisers is encouraging advertisers to join this commitment.

The 2017 Cannes Lions festival wrap up

2:20 PM, 3 July 2017

Who are these year’s big Cannes Lion winners?

Often referred to as the Oscars of the advertising world, a Cannes Lion Grand Prix award is highly sort after. Find out which campaigns won this year's top prizes.

The ASA annual report is out

12:49 PM, 3 July 2017

The ASA has published their annual report for 2016 which includes the nation’s most complained about ads. Causes for public upset ranged from primetime drug use to sexualised food.

Is digital marketing precision actually too precise?

1:57 PM, 29 June 2017

Is the digital world actually providing more effective communication with brand customers? Ivan Pollard, SVP Strategic Marketing for the Coca-Cola Company, shares his perspective.

The search for advertising transparency

2:23 PM, 26 June 2017

Get advertising transparency

Do you want more clarity about your digital media investment? Four questions you should be asking your agency.

New report shows Ad Industry contributes $6 billion to NZ economy

1:25 PM, 6 June 2017

Advertising and economic growth are truly intertwined

The Inaugural Deloitte ‘Advertising Pays’ report quantifies the economic, employment and business value of advertising in New Zealand for the first time.

Digital ad spend increases but questions remain

3:18 PM, 29 May 2017

How much should you spend on digital advertising?

Despite increasing questions about transparency, fraud and fuzzy metrics, a majority of advertisers still expect investment in digital advertising to grow in 2017. Is concern failing to translate into action?

Misleading price promotions: an open letter to New Zealand retailers

1:01 PM, 26 May 2017

Misleading pricing can lead to a misguided business future

The Commerce Commission have reminded retailers of the need to ensure that discount sales advertising and price promotions are not misleading consumers.

How can Advertisers stay afloat in today's market

1:55 PM, 12 May 2017

WFA President David Wheldon gives his State of the Union address in Toronto

WFA President David Wheldon gave his annual State of the Union address during Global Marketer Week in Toronto, commenting on current advertising challenges.

Grants available for women's leadership development

4:20 PM, 10 May 2017

Women in leadership

ANZA is pleased therefore to bring to your attention that Women & Leadership New Zealand (WLNZ) is administering a national initiative to support the development of female leaders across New Zealand’s advertising and communications sectors.

Bursting the programmatic bubble?

10:51 AM, 24 April 2017

The sophistication of online media buys has grown exponentially - but claims that as little as 20% of programmatic spend was reaching consumers has shocked advertisers.

Better advertising standards is a win-win

10:27 AM, 24 April 2017

Established to improve efforts in fighting off ad-blocking, the Coalition for Better Ads has recently released a new set of advertising standards to refine online consumerism.

The Lions are coming! Conditions apply

2:55 PM, 21 April 2017

New Zealand has specific laws to prevent advertising or marketing activation that may trade off the publicity of major events. The forthcoming Lions rugby tour is one such event. We share what you need to know.

Viewability - what ad metrics have you set?

1:21 PM, 20 April 2017

What online advertising metrics are you using? Are they the right ones?

In the debate about what standards should apply for viewability of online ads, we are at risk of losing sight of what is required for an ad to be seen. But also how viewability translates into impact

Digital ad ratings made simple

9:19 AM, 22 March 2017

Nielsen has made its Digital Ad Ratings service available to marketers in New Zealand. Start maximising your advertising reach across digital platforms with detailed, accurate data.

P&G says it's time to clean up digital advertising supply chain

11:17 AM, 21 March 2017

When the world's top advertiser says it's time for the digital advertising ecosystem to clean itself up, it's time to listen -- and act. Steps to stop consumers from ignoring your online ads.

ASA Advertising to Children codes have changed

10:16 AM, 21 March 2017

ASA updates advertising to children code

As advertisers, we need to take a responsible approach in creating and delivering ads aimed at young Kiwis. An updated ASA code has been released for Children and Young People; make sure you understand how it impacts you.

Protecting brands: are you safe from fraud?

4:19 PM, 13 March 2017
Programmatic media trading offers a promise of efficiently delivering ads to the right people at the right time and place at scale. But it has its downfalls, including advertisers inadvertently “funding” terrorism.

7 advertising predictions for 2017

10:36 AM, 9 February 2017

2017 advertising predictionsAt the ANZA office (with help from our colleagues at the World Federation of Advertisers), we’ve been giving this some thought and have come up with seven predictions for 2017

The ASA redefines advertising

12:40 PM, 12 December 2016
The new definition of advertisement -- brought to you by the ASA!

The changing nature of the media ecosystem, and the blurring of advertising and content has encouraged the Advertising Standards Authority to relook at "what is advertising" for the purposes of their Codes. So what do you need to know to comply?

In the market for a sense of humour

2:47 PM, 8 December 2016
Sometimes laughter is the perfect remedy during stressful times

Beyond the health benefits of lowering, laughter also provides people an opportunity to reflect on their work in a light, humorous manner.

Unwrapping the best Christmas ads

2:22 PM, 8 December 2016
What are the best TV Christmas adverts of all time?

We know ads can be very powerful emotionally: they make us laugh, they make us cry; and at Christmas, many have tried to tap into our emotions to help unlock our hard-earned cash. But which Christmas ads are the best? And why?

Advertising: a scapegoat for societal issues?

2:04 PM, 8 December 2016
 Is advertising to blame for all of society’s problems?

Advertising is often singled out as being the root cause of many of the problems that we face in society. And the introduction of restrictions to advertising is perceived to be the fix. But is this policy fair?

Have we hit fast forward on media choice too quickly?

4:52 PM, 24 November 2016
What are current media trends? What is the state of TV consumption?

Here in marketing land, we like to think we are savvy and on the pulse of what consumers up to -- what they buy, how they shop, how they consume media. When it comes to media trends, new research suggests we should not overlook traditional means.

A global approach to self advertising regulation

4:08 PM, 17 November 2016

A new council to promote better self advertising regulation

Responsible self-advertising regulation underpins consumer trust in brands. As an industry we are committed to the principle. Yet, one of the challenges for global brands has been inconsistent regulation between countries. A new global body hopes to address this.

Keep your eyes on the road? An ASA review

3:39 PM, 14 November 2016
Is there a bump on the road with this Spark tv advert? In a recent TV ad for Spark, a father and daugther connect while singing a song together in a car. A complaint to the ASA argued that the driver was not watching the road properly. So what is the advertiser's responsibility here?

Effective gold - the Effie winners

2:45 PM, 7 November 2016

Who won gold? Who were the big Effie winners?Recognised by advertisers and agencies as the most admired award in the advertising industry, an Effie win is a true triumph -- it's about meeting a challenge and delivering excellent results.

The ASA reviews children's advertising codes

11:50 AM, 20 October 2016
NZ’s children's advertising code to be strengthened

The recent ASA review of the children's advertising codes has found the existing rules for advertising to children to be generally satisfactory. But there is room for improvement. What have they recommended?

Advertising claims - can you back yours up?

1:04 PM, 12 October 2016

when you advertise you need to back your claims up

A strong advertising claim is at the heart of competitive marketing. But consumers need to have confidence the advertiser has a reasonable basis for making the claim. Therefore, claims should be supported by sound, relevant, clear and robust evidence. A recent case to the ASA serves as a reminder to us all.

Media effectiveness for marketers

12:58 PM, 5 October 2016

Participate in the CAANZ Media Lab - Media Effectiveness for Marketers programme

The need to work effectively with your media agency has never been greater. To help upskill your team, we encourage you to register for the CAANZ Media Lab - Media Effectiveness for Marketers programme.

In the pursuit of better advertising

11:26 AM, 5 October 2016

How can we improve the digital advertising space?The establishment of a 'coalition for better ads' by major global advertisers and publishers is a sign that scepticism about the effectiveness of the digital advertising ecosystem is in trouble.

New Video or TVC production? Safety on set is your responsibility

1:25 PM, 20 September 2016
Know your safety responsibilities when filming your ad
The revised NZ Health and Safety Act came into effect in April and applies to all New Zealand businesses and contractors, that includes advertisers commissioning new video content. Remember: you are liable - so safety first.

7 tips for effective Agency assessment

10:53 AM, 14 September 2016

how to maximise your client-agency relationshipAt the heart of any client-agency union is a commercial relationship which needs to be regularly reviewed. But how do you get the most from that review?

Open for business? An update on our Broadcasting Act

10:01 AM, 12 September 2016

Do we need to revise TV advertising restrictions?

It was hoped that media convergence would lead to changes to the Broadcasting Act which would result in greater consistency across media, particularly with regard to advertising on Sundays. But will we be disappointed?

Guidelines to avoid Ad Fraud

2:45 PM, 29 August 2016

The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) has issued its first guidelines to help marketers reduce their exposure to ad fraud. The advice is designed to assist marketers in taking practical steps to ensure that as little as possible of their advertising budget falls victim to ad fraud. Compiled in conjunction with the Advertising Fraud Council and, the document warns that the only losers from ad fraud are advertisers and internet users, whose computers can be infected with malware.

ANZA Members - read more to access the WFA's Compendium of Ad Fraud Knowledge for Media Investors.

ANZA Member discount offer for ad:tech

11:25 AM, 22 August 2016

Please find below your code which will provide a 10% discount

Ad:tech is back - get your Members Only discount!

9:37 AM, 22 August 2016
Ad:tech is back for its 3rd year! With an exciting line up featuring keynotes from Spotify, Adobe and Plexure, this event is not to be missed! So save the date -- November, Monday 14, at Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

Creative ways to capture advertising gold

9:15 AM, 19 August 2016
Creative advertising during the olympics

It's no secret that the Olympics, and more particularly the sponsorship partnerships surrounding the games, carry significant value. "Unofficial" advertisers are, however, finding creative ways to capture a share of this value.

How to respond when the ASA calls

11:14 AM, 17 August 2016
How do you respond to an ASA complaint? Should you be unfortunate enough to be at the receiving end of a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority, how you respond becomes a critical part of how the complaint will be considered by the ASA's Complaints Board. ANZA is here to help.

Stand the test of time - how to create a classic ad

9:37 AM, 5 August 2016
ANZA shares NZ’s top 10 TV ads

While the medium may have changed, the need for well-crafted connections with consumers has not. They may be delivered in different mediums and formats, but more than ever, effective advertising is about authentic and compelling stories that engage. A look back at the best ads of all time reminds us of this truth.

The right train of thought leads to bigger opportunity

9:15 AM, 27 July 2016

Right training As the saying goes, 'you're only as strong as your weakest link' -- it really does pay to have the right training in place within your organisation. But what if "paying" is an issue? This month ANZA has invited The Marketing Association's Vanessa MacRae to share some insight about getting the most out of your training budget.

The gritty and the glitzy - the 2016 Cannes Lions

4:38 PM, 25 July 2016
2016 Cannes Lions

The 2016 Cannes Lions festival has just wrapped up. Taking place over eight days, the major creative event is an absolute must for those in the advertising and tech industries. What were the insights discovered this year?

Effie Report 2016 - what makes an outstanding ad campaign

12:35 PM, 18 July 2016
Effie Report 2016For the first time, the entries of Effie winners and finalists have been analysed to reveal the common threads and insights from the country's most accomplished campaigns. What can we learn from the winners about achieving outstanding results?

Breaking stereotypes - an advertiser steps away from the "norm"

2:23 PM, 12 July 2016
Advertiser Unilever breaks away from stereotypes

The portrayal of women in advertising has generated regular media conversation. It raises issues of sexism in the ad industry. And at its heart is the question of whether advertising should reflect or lead society. This debate came into sharp relief at Cannes when global consumer goods company Unilever pledged to remove all sexist stereotyping from its advertising

Time to take the call - adblocking goes mobile

2:22 PM, 29 June 2016

Many of the world's leading brands have been quick to recognise and respond to the latest report from PageFair, "Adblocking Goes Mobile," which details the extent to which ad blocking technologies are spreading globally.

"Brands, whose money has driven the development of the online ad ecosystem, must take responsibility. We get the message loud and clear; we must listen to what people are saying and take action," said Stephan Loerke, CEO of the World Federation of Advertisers.

"Hilltop" hero: a tribute to Bill Backer

11:12 AM, 21 June 2016

The father of perhaps the most famous commercial of all time passed away last month. Bill Backer. The man who taught the world to sing (in perfect harmony) died recently, just short of his 90th birthday. A true global legend, he was the genius behind Coca-Cola's "Hilltop", which was reprised in the finale of Mad Men.

Are you blinded by digital?

1:30 PM, 16 June 2016

Mark Ritson, the Melbourne Business School professor of marketing and brand consultant, provoked a storm recently while speaking at the AANA's Marketing Deconstructed lecture. Ritson argued that digital, and social media in particular, remains unproven and misrepresented - and asked why marketers are blindly throwing marketing budgets at digital without evaluating or questioning the numbers?

Time to cover up? The top 10 complained about ads in New Zealand

11:41 AM, 14 June 2016

The Advertising Standards Authority has released its annual report, showing Kiwis complained about 707 ads in the past year. So what advertising was of greatest concern for the public?

Prevent setbacks: minimise risks on TV/film production sets

8:55 AM, 30 May 2016
risk on tv/film production sets

In a bid to minimise workplace injuries, the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 introduced new regulations for employers to adhere to -- including the safety for employees on film/tv production sets.

The regulations prescribed in the Work Act are specific and serious. Parties involved in the production of advertisements need to be aware of their own obligations.

CAANZ Seminar | When Social Media Goes Bad: Part 2

8:26 AM, 30 May 2016

Following on from the successful seminar ‘When Social Media goes Bad’ last year, Tracey Walker will run a practical session on how to make your social media legally sound in 2016. This session will also enable you to competently manage all your social media challenges.

The future of adblocking: can restriction create better results?

8:54 AM, 20 May 2016

Fear is growing about the risk to online advertising from adblocking, with accelerated user rates and all manner of predictions. But, as Tom Goodwin recently argued in the Guardian, adblocking may in fact be the best thing for the advertising industry. Is it, in fact, a chance to rise to the challenge to create more meaningful connections and serve people better? Can we convert pessimism to opportunity?

Time for an examination: the New Zealand Initiative Report

10:28 AM, 13 May 2016
NZ Initiative Report

The New Zealand Initiative recently launched their latest report, The Health of the State, on public health and lifestyle regulations, questioning the quality of research supporting such policies. In particular, the report takes a look at food taxes, e-cigarettes and alcohol marketing.

Is research funded by brands believable?

8:02 AM, 27 April 2016
Research funded by brands

In a world where news media churn out more content with little - if any - evaluation and increasingly without balance, published "research" can be tricky to decipher. One day, eating chocolate is good for relieving stress and helps you live longer; the next, it leads to mood swings and weight gain.

Research has become an important part of content generation, and business is using it as a tool, not just for scientific learning but also to shape opinion and, at times, to provide balance lacking in media coverage. So can the public trust research funded by brands?

Opportunity lost: ASA unable to release annual industry turnover data

1:55 PM, 21 April 2016
No dataANZA CEO Lindsay Mouat expressed disappointment that the ASA would not be able to release its annual advertising. This industry turnover data. This information has been consistently beneficial as a reputable measure of investment in advertising, and a reminder to external stakeholders of the economic importance of advertising. So, why isn't the data being released?

No sugar-coating: the UK attacks sweet drinks

3:25 PM, 14 April 2016

The UK chancellor's budget bombshell -- imposing a tax on sugar sweetened beverages -- took even health campaigners by surprise, particularly because the government has yet to produce a properly joined-up childhood obesity strategy. Ad industry leaders privately believe UK Chancellor George Osborne has gone for a headline-grabbing announcement, and unfairly picked on the soft-drinks sector, to draw attention away from other aspects of his budget.

Your value chain is no stronger than its weakest link

1:50 PM, 7 April 2016

Value chain

Marketers seeking to optimise their programmatic investment must take the time to understand the costs and benefits of each link in their value chain. David Billings of Accenture explains why.

State of the Union: a message from the WFA president

8:30 AM, 24 March 2016

Speaking at the WFA's Global Marketer Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, WFA president David Wheldon, who is also CMO at RBS, highlighted the seven key mistakes brands are making as they try to adapt to a new era.

Not only are we putting our brands at risk - we are putting Marketing at risk. Where are we going wrong and how can we fix this?

Online ads & attribution

11:29 AM, 17 March 2016
Online ads and attribution

As the shift to digital platforms continues marketers have been questioning its efficacy. For that we need a better understanding of attribution and for that to happen enhanced data and supporting data-management platforms.

The Big Kahuna - can we have our own Super Bowl?

4:12 PM, 10 March 2016
Super Bowl ads

Super Bowl in the US, Christmas in UK, Australia Day across the ditch. It seems many of our friends have an ad season to look forward to. Could that happen one day here - a time when we generate excitement and debate about advertising creativity?

In the meantime, here's a look at some of the best from Super Bowl 50.

Go native? Calling paid content what it is

3:52 PM, 4 March 2016
Native advertising

Native advertising is a form of advertising that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears. It is not necessarily restricted to only online, but native advertising typically exists on the internet.

By looking like the content around it, native advertising camouflages the marketing messages so that they look and sound like editorial content. But are consumers catching on?

Crossing the line - humour in advertising

1:48 PM, 23 February 2016
Crossing the line with humor

Cricket followers will be familiar with sledging, the use of verbal intimidation of opposing players. The practice is at times hotly debated, and players talk of a line that should not be crossed -- when sledging goes beyond the pale and becomes offensive. The problem is that it is very difficult to nail down the line. One person's banter is another person's offence. In many ways advertising is similar.

Advertising to children - ASA announces code review

12:52 PM, 23 February 2016
Advertising to children
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has released details of its review, including public consultation, on two important codes - the Code for Advertising to Children and the Children's Code for Advertising Food.

Submissions to the review close on 13 April 2016 and ANZA will be communicating with Members regularly over that time regarding key issues raised by the review.

Your new Health & Safety responsibilities when commissioning advertising

11:10 AM, 11 February 2016
Health and Safety legislation

Most businesses will be familiar with the fact that the new Health and Safety at Work Act comes into effect in April 2016. You will likely have considered the implications of the new legislation on your day-to-day operations in terms of staff and executive responsibilities. But have you considered your responsibilities as a client when it comes to filming new material for an advertisement or other content?

Why responsible self-regulation demands that we be proactive

3:12 PM, 4 February 2016

The need to show responsibility in order to gain freedom is something we learn as children. The same concept can be applied to self-regulation of advertising - an investment in responsibility is a precursor to freedom.

Industry critics view self-regulation as a defensive manoeuvre. To change this perception, advertisers need to view self-regulation as a responsibility to the consumer, a long-term commitment for the industry as a means of investment in the prevention of advertising issues, rather than a fix after the fact.

Advertisers Agree - We Need Independent Verification of Online Viewability Standards

2:48 PM, 19 January 2016

As digital advertising continues to evolve, understanding the true value of digital advertising activity presents a challenging; who is actually viewing the ads? Humans or bots? And how can we verify this?

Getting Your Food Health Claims Right - It's Time!

1:28 PM, 19 January 2016
ANZA reminds food brand advertisers that the transition period for the new Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) nutrition and health claims standards ended on January 18. All businesses must then comply with the new standard. What does this mean?

What the New Health & Safety Act Means for YOU!

11:38 AM, 12 January 2016
Health and Safety Act changes

Do you commission advertising productions in New Zealand?

As a client - starting from April 1 2016 - you will become responsible for safety on location(s) for the ads you commission.

Read more about your obligations and an important briefing for the advertising sector here.

Warc's Predictions for 2016

11:03 AM, 12 January 2016
ANZA's predictions for 2016

We are in the season for predictions. Advertising is no different. Warc and Deloitte recently examined six marketing trends for the year ahead. Amongst key trends the report predicts a digital 'backlash', the explosion of video formats, and the need to fuse data analysis with creativity as amongst the key challenges facing marketers in 2016.

What Are You Listening to Over Summer?

11:38 AM, 10 December 2015


When you've had enough of Spotify or Pandora this break, our friends at Trinity P3 have put together a series of podcasts called Managing Marketing. Each podcast is a conversation with a thought-leader, professional or practitioner of marketing and communications on the issues, insights and opportunities in the marketing management category.

Ad Blocking - Put Consumers First Says WF

10:46 AM, 10 December 2015
Ad Blocking

The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) has called for an industry-wide response, led by advertisers in response to the growing threat of ad blocking. It has issued a three-point plan to lead the fight against ad blocking, urging its members to create an online environment that puts consumers first.

All I Want for Christmas: ANZA's Wish List

9:51 AM, 10 December 2015
Christmas Wishlist

As we celebrate the end of the year and look towards Christmas, what is ANZA hoping for under the Christmas tree?

The Battle for Christmas: The Best of 2015 Christmas TV Advertisements

1:20 PM, 4 December 2015

In the UK the battle for the best Christmas TVC has become a big deal - and big business. The 2015 competition has really heated up as some big names have popped up: Sainsbury's, Duracell, and Sky Movies to name a few. But who has the best Christmas ad?

A Bot in the Machine: What is Online Delivering?

4:08 PM, 23 November 2015
Fraud bot

Just what is digital advertising delivering? Because while we are sinking an increasing proportion of ad spending into a variety of ad channels, there are some disconcerting issues to be addressed.

As Tim Burrows, a respected Australian media commentator, said recently, as an Aussie would, "the newer the medium, the worse the media bullshit".

Gender Bias in Media?

2:51 PM, 23 November 2015

"We are unwittingly training generation after generation to see men and women as unequal", said actress Geena Davis at a symposium on gender in media in London recently.

"The more hours of TV a girl watches, the fewer options she thinks she has; the more hours a boy watches, the more sexist he becomes", Davis added.

Through her organisation, the Institute on Gender in Media, the Thelma & Louise star is on a mission to change the way that women and girls are portrayed in the media. The non-profit found that the ratio of male to female characters in film is 3:1, the exact same as it was back in 1946.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

2:45 PM, 13 November 2015

In a classic "it's the advertising's fault", Labour MP Chris Hipkins was reported in as calling for gun advertising to be regulated in similar ways to tobacco after "a spate of shootings" in New Zealand.

WFA - Data Moving to the Centre of Global Marketing Strategies

9:44 AM, 9 November 2015

New research from the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) demonstrates just how important data has become for brands seeking to understand consumers and deliver personalised marketing.

It reveals that as data consumption and processing increases, marketers are becoming increasingly respectful of consumer privacy, and how they handle personal data.

Count down to ad:tech NZ 2015. Have you registered?

11:17 AM, 29 October 2015

Count down to ad:tech NZ 2015. Have you registered? Full agenda now available.

Advertising for Medicines: A Bitter Pill?

11:13 AM, 29 October 2015

An article in a recent issue of the New Zealand Medical Journal suggested that a number of advertisements for medicines appearing in trade journals carried claims that were not properly substantiated. As the administrator of the Therapeutic Advertising Pre-vetting Service (TAPS), ANZA rejects this suggestion.

Congratulations to Effie Winners

3:47 PM, 22 October 2015

The 2015 edition of the CAANZ Effie Awards saw ANZA member, New Zealand Transport Authority, together with their agency Clemenger BBDO, take out the Grand Effie for the long-term success of the 'Legend' campaign. Congratulations also go to ANZA members ASB, who took out the "Most Effective Client of the Year" award and Fonterra for their Gold win in the FMCG category for the "Must be Milk" campaign.

Digesting Food Marketing for Children

1:15 PM, 14 October 2015

Sensationalism and dogma can be obstacles towards any progress on the thorny issue of food marketing to kids.

Stephan Loerke, Managing Director of the World Federation of Advertisers, provides a useful overview on achieving both balance and progress, which is presented here in full as background for Council.

Broadcasting Review - Implications for Advertisers

11:23 AM, 25 September 2015

Broadcasting Minister Amy Adams has announced a review of media policy and regulatory framework which has implications for advertisers.

The consultation paper "Content Regulation in a Converged World" focuses on the merging of previously distinct media channels, providing clarity around advertising restrictions and the classification of content regulation.

Adams said she wanted to make the rules governing traditional and new media more consistent, a principle ANZA endorses.

What policies are being reviewed?

ASCB Decision - People in Advertising

5:09 PM, 11 September 2015

Advertisers use a variety of techniques to grab attention and stand out from the crowd. Done well, the use of humour is an effective technique to create engagement and make a campaign memorable. But it can carry risks. What is humorous to some may not be to others and in some instances can create offence to some in the community.

In this month's ASA Complaints Board Decisions update, we review a recent complaint highlighting just this risk. The complainants labelled the ad in question as discriminating and racist but the Complaints Board didn't uphold the complaint.

What can we learn about people in advertising from this decision?

A Stumbling Block for Online Effectiveness: Ad Blocking

3:32 PM, 11 September 2015

With the use ad blocking on the rise (with estimates anywhere between 10% to 25% of traffic blocked), the future of advertising online is increasingly a concern for advertisers. The industry can be overly intrusive in the way it uses online channels.

As ISBA's Bob Wootton says, "Advertisers, publishers and agencies have a responsibility to ensure that mobile ads don't ruin the user experience and become an annoyance, encouraging users to block all ads, not just the intrusive ones."

ad:tech NZ 2015 kicks off with TechGenius session featuring Steve Wozniak

6:19 PM, 24 August 2015

ad:tech New Zealand is a 2 day marketing innovation conference & exhibition bringing together brand marketers, agencies, publishers and digital technology professionals. Run by marketing professionals for marketing professionals, ad:tech has a reputation for delivering content that educates and promotes the digital sector.

Read more about ad tech here

Recent ASA Decisions - Competitor Complaints

2:01 PM, 21 August 2015

ANZA will be using the monthly newsletter to comment on relevant learnings from the Advertising Standards Complaints Board. This month we look at competitive advertising, in regard to a campaign which was recently subject to a competitor complaint.

Media Auditing Poll

1:40 PM, 21 August 2015

Recently we polled Members on the state of media auditing in New Zealand. Your feedback raised a number of issues as to why advertisers weren't making greater use of media auditing services.

The need for expert advice and oversight of media planning and buying is recognised, to ensure advertisers receive fair value for their spend.

However there is less confidence that this can be achieved in digital media, and in traditional media the fragmentation of pools across competitor auditors has diminished the value in the eyes of some advertisers.

Advertiser Responsibilities for Juvenile Talent in TVC Production

1:26 PM, 21 August 2015

The TVC shoot can be a high-pressure environment to ensure content is created on time and within budget. Recently we have become aware of instances where the use of juvenile performers (those under 16 years) while on shoots, may have been in breach of the general terms of the NZ Standard TVC Contract.

While responsibility for the shoot lies with the agency / production company, any breach of the contract, particularly with regard to young people, has the potential to reflect poorly on the commissioning advertiser.

ANZA advises Members using juvenile performers in content production to ensure that appropriate duty of care is taken - by ensuring that your agency / production company meets these obligations.

You can read more about the standard terms, which are attached to this briefing.

The Non-Pitch Pitch - Improving Your Incumbent Agency's Performance

12:07 PM, 21 August 2015

Pitching can be a resource intensive process which distracts clients from business as usual. So how might you gain the advantages of pitch review without a full competitive pitch?

A major automotive brand recently sought to engineer greater value from their relationship with the incumbent media agency, without going to a full pitch situation. What did they learn from this approach?

Upcoming Events - RANZ Conference

1:28 PM, 22 July 2015
Event bookings are filling up fast for Research Association New Zealand's 2015 Conference on 8 September - book now if you intend to attend.
Headlined by Business NZ's Phil O'Reilly, a group of over 15 prolific speakers will bring their expertise and knowledge to RANZ as they discuss the evolution of the business environment and how you can keep up with it.

Updated speaker information and registration here

Is Ad Fraud Devaluing Your Online Spend?

12:52 PM, 22 July 2015

Advertisers expect that all online content is delivered to human audiences. However a growing portion of digital advertising is being diverted by entities that exploit the ecosystem to deliver fraudulent traffic.

As Unilever's Keith Weed argued recently, "There are more bots on the internet than humans ... so are you paying for the eyes of a bot or human eyes?"

Learn more about advertising fraud here

Restricting Advertising in Food and Beverage Breaks the Consumer Connection

12:38 PM, 22 July 2015
ANZA's Food & Beverage Members are aware of the growing cacophony from academia calling for increasing restrictions on advertising.

This white noise is often based on research designed for headlines and supported by out-of-date data; and it is a growing threat to the ability of food and non-alcoholic brand owners to connect with consumers, not just children. It is part of a global trend that places food advertising under threat.

Read more about how restrictions are hurting the industry here

Maintaining Trust from Online Testimonials

12:16 PM, 22 July 2015

The current wave of social media marketing has seen a rise in the use of bloggers, Instagrammers or other influencers to build brand credibility through online testimonials and reviews.

While this provides significant opportunity for brands, it also raises important questions around brand trust, as well as the risks involved if a consistent ethical benchmark is not applied in the creation of consumer content.

Read more about the process of building brand trust here

Kings of the Jungle: The Winners from Cannes

11:53 AM, 22 July 2015

Each year the Cannes Lions provides the platform to recognise the best of creativity in brand communication. Here is a round up of each Grand Prix winning case study for 2015, including the multi-award winning 'split' video from Volvo.

Watch the Grand Prix Winner Videos here

Cannes Lions 2015 - The Top Trends and Big Ideas

10:57 AM, 22 July 2015

The Cannes Lions is not just a platform to showcase creativity in advertising from around the globe, it's also an opportunity for thought leaders to discuss and examine the freshest trends in marketing communications.

Check out some of this year's newest ideas here

Information for ASA Members on the Responsible Lending Code

4:12 PM, 6 July 2015

Earlier this year, the Government released the Responsible Lending Code. This Code includes a section on advertising. While the Code is not legally binding, it provides guidance for advertisers, agencies and the media about how lenders can meet the Lender Responsibility Principles.

Research Without Boundaries Conference 2015

5:28 PM, 19 June 2015
Research Without Boundaries, the Research Society’s annual conference is themed around the breaking down of political, geographical and cultural barriers, and the evolution of research. September’s conference, in association with the APRC, will be hosted in Auckland this year. It is an opportunity to rub shoulders with professionals from all over the Asia Pacific region, and listen to keynote speakers of the highest calibre.

Early bird pricing is available until 17th July - full event details, including pricing, can be found here.

Why are there No Cost Reductions in TVC Production Since Going Digital?

5:09 PM, 19 June 2015

Production is one of the largest costs to cover, after buying media. Yet the transition from film to digital has seen no production cost reductions- despite the need for less equipment (think film stock, filters, magazines), and less crew on set, to name a few reasons. So whose responsibility is it to consider the possible monetary effects of this transition?

Calling on advertisers to take more responsibility for the production of their media,Clive Duncan outlines the reasons there should have been cost reductions since going digital.

Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity - Interim Report

5:06 PM, 19 June 2015
The Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity has recently released its Interim Report. ANZA sees mixed results. It was hoped that new, pragmatic solutions would be identified, instead the report is a rehash of old ideas of bans and restrictions which have proven ineffective. On a positive note, the importance of Industry’s participation in developing solutions has finally been recognised.

Project Reconnect. Potential Solutions to the Backlash Against Marketing

4:41 PM, 19 June 2015

Here at ANZA we are advocates for the contribution of advertising to society. After all, advertising is both useful at an individual level as well as being a critical driver of economic growth and enabler of competition. But that doesn’t mean we think all advertising is great. Sometimes, it can be annoying, even intrusive. Worse still, some people blame advertising for society’s problems.

Last month we published research on “The Seven Deadly Sins of Marketing”. Building on this theme, at the recent World Federation of Advertisers Global Marketing Week, Project Reconnect panellists addressed the question of potential solutions to the backlash against marketing. These marketing leaders all seem to share a common sentiment - that what’s important is the person behind the consumer.

Hear the solutions proposed by these marketing leaders in this video

Do We Still Need Brands? - The Latest HBR Study

4:22 PM, 19 June 2015
Harvard Business Review recently published findings that show, according to M&A valuations, that over the past decade the value of brands is falling but the value attached to customer relationships is on the rise.

In this opinion piece, Mark Lowe from comms agency Third City, contends that it’s more complicated than this and ‘most experts still agree that the relationship between brands and customer relationships is symbiotic rather than parasitic’.

Read Mark’s response to the question “do we still need brands?”

The Future of Brands: As Technology Proliferates, Humanity Prevails

3:55 PM, 19 June 2015

The recent Google Brand Reimagined Conference saw many speakers articulate a growing demand for marketers to replace a ‘consumer insight’ perspective with that of ‘human insight’. They appealed that brands that humanise will have a vantage point, going forward, as technology becomes ever more complex.

In this article Tracey Follows reviews the main points raised at the Conference, with the argument that “the more complex and technological everyday life becomes, the more human your brand needs to be”.

Content Streaming - What Does it Mean for Advertisers?

9:28 PM, 17 May 2015

In a world where seemingly everything changes, at times nothing changes! It is somewhat disconcerting to think how many times in the past 20 years a presenter has referred to “the death of television.” And here we are again in 2015 having the same conversation.

So are we now at the point where those predictions come true? ANZA doesn’t believe so. Paul Brooks (National Head of Investment & Partnerships at Carat Australia) recently discussed this in a Mumbrella blog for an Australian context, and we’ve considered his thinking in a New Zealand context.

Video: What are the Key Challenges for the Marketing Industry Today?

9:18 PM, 17 May 2015

The WFA’s Global Marketer Week 2015 brought together marketers from some of the world's biggest brands, as well as national advertiser representatives from many countries.

What did these global leaders say are the key challenges for the marketing industry today?

Hear the thoughts of these opinion leaders

Media Auditing - Member Poll

9:00 PM, 17 May 2015

For many advertisers, media spend is one of its highest outgoings. It is for this reason that most companies want to ensure that maximum efficiency and effectiveness is being achieved. One way to do this is to employ an independent media auditor or media consultant to evaluate how media budgets are being deployed, the level of value being delivered by the client’s media buying and planning agency, and how efficiently the media planning and buying process is being run.

ANZA would like to better understand what advertisers think of media auditing (including media consultancy) and how media auditing might develop to better meet their future needs.

Thank you in advance for filling out the survey, your feedback is invaluable.

Fill out the media auditing poll here

Self-Regulation - If Brand Owners Don't Take Action, Others Will

8:42 PM, 17 May 2015

At the Public Affairs Briefing at this year’s World Federation of Advertisers’ Conference panelists from Proctor & Gamble, L’Oreal, and Mars discussed the need for consistent and effective self-regulation of advertising. Pressure on advertisers is increasing, as negative news travels faster and transparency is more difficult to manage globally.

When it comes to self-regulation, industry has not been fast enough or decisive enough on many issues. According to the panel, if the industry takes the role of the victim then regulator pressure will increase. A reactive industry is seen as self-serving and not compassionate, changing the debate on some issues instead of tackling them head on.

7 Ways that Brand Marketing Most Annoys Consumers

8:12 PM, 17 May 2015
New research conducted for the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA), has identified the seven key ways that brand marketing is most likely to annoy consumers.

Social media agency, We Are Social, carried out a detailed analysis of English language Twitter comments about ads, over the course of six months. The analysis was made in the context of Project Reconnect, the WFA's flagship initiative to better align brand and marketing strategy with people's changing expectations in the digital age. The goal was to help marketers recognise acceptable versus unacceptable behaviours, in order for them to identify potential recommendations and solutions.

ANZA is delighted to share the results of the WFA’s research with you. Here they are - The 7 Most Annoying Brand Marketing Habits

New WFA President Elected

8:56 AM, 14 April 2015


ANZA welcomes the election of David Wheldon, Managing Director, Brand, Reputation Citizenship and Marketing at Barclays Bank, as the new World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) President. He replaces Martin Riley, the former CMO of Pernod Ricard, who has held the post since 2013.

His appointment was welcomed by Stephan Loerke, Managing Director of the WFA. “We're delighted to have David as our new President. He is one of the global industry's most respected figures with enormous experience of working with some of the world’s biggest brands as well as agencies, something that is hugely beneficial as we start a deeper dialogue with advertising holding companies,” he said.

Read more about new WFA President David Wheldon here

Online Food and Beverage Marketing to Children - What does the research tell us?

5:30 PM, 13 April 2015

Marketing to Children

As campaigners continue to push their stance on the negative effects on children of food and beverage marketing in online media, a recent independent literature review, conducted by the UK's Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) shows that evidence in support of such concerns remains limited.

See what the CAP research had to say here.

Digital Hot Topics: What you may not know (but probably should!)

4:19 PM, 13 April 2015

Digital Hot Topics

Recent developments in the way that online media is planned and bought have created a number of pitfalls for advertisers. If avoided, online media can be more cost efficient than ever. But without the right information advertisers may be wasting their precious media dollars.

On May 13, Ben Millar - Digital Director, Ebiquity is holding a breakfast briefing for marketing and senior level executives on the following issues:

  • What is ad fraud and how is programmatic and trading potentially fuelling this problem?
  • What is advertising visibility and how can I measure it?
  • How can I drive online ad cost efficiencies AND improve quality?
  • What metrics are the right metrics to evaluate online media?

Full event details are here

Cross-Platform Audience Measurement

3:36 PM, 13 April 2015

Cross-Platform Audience Measurement

As media channels evolve so we need to move from media specific ratings to systems that can measure audiences across platforms. If you deliver content, you want to be able to total that audience up regardless of content platform. ANZA Members want to be able to take traditional television viewership and combine the results with video on-demand, PVR, and mobile viewership, so you can truly have one number that tracks the audience to that content wherever it goes.

Clearly this issue is not unique to New Zealand. For that reason ANZA was encouraged to see Nielsen launch a campaign in the US titled “Total It Up” – an initiative which seeks to modernise how Nielsen tallies audience viewership by incorporating online content with linear television audiences. Nielsen puts it simply: “Let's count the binge-watchers; the cord-cutters; the on-the-go multi-taskers,” the video says. “Let's evolve the ratings to include every view on every screen.”

Read more of Nielsen’s innovation here.

Media Transparency

3:18 PM, 13 April 2015

Media Transparency

If you have been following, as ANZA has, the revelation in early December of "irregularities" in the accounts of some MediaCom Australia clients, the recent release of the EY report into what happened makes for startling reading. What can be characterised as the deliberate misreporting of campaign reports for three multi-million dollar clients over at least two years and fresh admissions about the use of so-called 'value banks', brings the issues of transparency and trust into sharp relief.

While the details may be specific to one agency in Australia, and one team in one agency, the broader issues are global and go to the heart of the client-agency partnership. Jon Mandel, the former CEO of Mediacom in the US, also launched into a blistering critique of the media agency - media owner relationship at an ANA Media Leadership Conference in the US. Mandel asked: "Have you ever wondered why fees to agencies have gone down and yet the declared profits of these agencies are up?" It' a question increasingly seeking resolution in the minds of advertisers, globally.

Video - Advertising's new BFF

10:32 AM, 12 March 2015

The internet was meant to kill off advertising. Why choose to sit through commercials when you can get uninterrupted entertainment online? But as the Telegraph reports, YouTube's 10 most viewed videos in 2014 included four adverts. For a perspective on how that has happened, here is Remi Babinet, co-founder of the Paris-based BETC ad agency and the man behind the famed Evian advertising campaign.

Research Bias at Odds with Scientific Integrity

10:09 AM, 12 March 2015

In recent times ANZA has observed a growing tendency to attack the integrity of research funded by industry to be a means of public health advocates trying to to control the message.

A recent example was the British Medical Journal (BMJ) in expressing its zealous disapproval of “the sugar industry and related companies responsible for many of the products blamed for the obesity crisis” by attacking the scientific integrity of academic nutrition researchers. The BMJ featured no less than four articles — all by the same journalist — that depict “a web of influence” and claim that an “evil” industry is “biasing the science”.

Diana Garnham, Chief Executive of the UK Science Council, published a blunt response to refute these claims, although regrettably the response did not gain the same level of media coverage as did the BMJ’s original claims. Read Dr. Garnham’s response here.

Radio Audience Measurement

9:55 AM, 12 March 2015

ANZA was disappointed by the announcement from the radio industry that the Q1 sweep of metropolitan markets was to be cancelled ahead of a tender for new radio audience surveys.

While ANZA always welcomes steps to improve audience research methodology in any media, this announcement left advertisers and their media agencies in a compromised position making media planning decisions based on out-of-date data. For that reason we welcome NZME. Radio's announcement that they would directly fund an independent audience survey to fill the gap.

More on the cancellation and new independent survey in this article.

Online Viewability - Just who does see your online content?

9:37 AM, 12 March 2015

If there’s a dominant theme in interactive advertising globally at the moment, it's viewability.The issue of whether an ad is deemed ‘in-view’ to customers (and what is meant by in-view) has become almost endemic in the advertising market, and brands are increasingly scrutinising the viewability of their ads as their digital spend continues to rise.

So what are the issues about viewability?

New ANZA Chairman - Grant Hartley

12:15 PM, 9 February 2015
Grant HartleyANZA is delighted to welcome Grant Hartley (Kimberly-Clark) as the new Chairman of the ANZA Council.

Media Agency Transparency - When Trust is Compromised

9:06 AM, 28 January 2015

Transparency of commercial relationships is a growing industry concern. This was brought into sharp relief in December with news concerning an Australian media agency, following the finding of irregularities in reporting of how TV campaigns were reported to clients and use of bonus airtime provided to the agency.

So much of the client-agency relationship is based on trust that this event had clients ask: was this just a one-off, or a consequence of a complex set of pressures and demands?

Darren Woolley of TrinityP3 discussed this issue in a recent blog.

Video of the Month: Budweiser - Friends are Waiting

4:37 PM, 27 January 2015

Video of the monthExpectations and demand for increased social responsibility from the alcohol sector have changed worldwide over the past decades. As pressure from public health authorities has increased, the alcohol industries have adapted.

Now responsible and moderate consumption must be at the core of advertisers' messages and, for this reason, it could be argued that advertising is the one medium where responsible drinking is modelled.

In light of the recent recommendations on alcohol advertising and sponsorship (as discussed in the below article), ANZA wishes to highlight the merits of responsible advertising.

In New Zealand, we see examples of responsible advertising from our alcohol brands, that deliver a powerful and convincing message. Here we see an example from Budweiser- effective storytelling from the brand perspective.

ANZA Rejects Alcohol Advertising & Sponsorship Recommendations

4:17 PM, 27 January 2015

Alcohol AdvertisingGlobal evidence suggests that the Ministerial Forum on Alcohol Advertising and Sponsorship's recent recommendations, to ban sponsorship by alcohol brands and further restrict alcohol advertising, are lacking in merit or proven evidence. Rather, the strongest influences on behaviour have proven to be social and familial.

ANZA stands to defend the right to sponsor and advertise responsibly, and believes the recommendations made in December are "poorly thought through and fail to recognise significant global evidence". Here, ANZA Chief Executive, Lindsay Mouat, shares his response.

Align TV with Mobile Video for Greater Reach and Impact

3:05 PM, 3 December 2014
Media Watch

Television has long been the primary advertising vehicle for New Zealand's largest brand marketers. As the mobile space has matured and consumers have devoted more time to watching short and long-form mobile video content, the marketing community has seen new opportunities to influence behaviours.

However, this shift in consumer media viewing habits has made it even more difficult for marketers and agencies to connect, engage, and convert these harder-to-reach audiences.

Recently in the US, Nielsen examined how brand marketers could put their media spend to work more effectively through a combination of TV and mobile video advertising. Because of mobile video's strong growth in markets such as New Zealand, the results are of interest to all.

Video of the Month: Sainsbury's Official 2014 Christmas Ad

2:45 PM, 3 December 2014

Sainsbury ChristmasHats off to those advertisers who can create seasonal messages that engage, rather than simply push, the must haves for Christmas stockings or seasonal cheer. Locally, New World has achieved that with its Noel campaign. In the UK, Sainsbury's have taken what some might consider a high-risk approach.

Made in partnership with The Royal British Legion, their Christmas campaign invokes memories of WW1 and the extraordinary events of Christmas Day, 1914, when the guns fell silent and two armies met in no-man's land.

It is a great example of the power that advertising has to connect with consumers on a deep level that goes beyond face value. As a result, ads can evoke feelings of admiration or controversy - or, in this case, both! The UK ASA was swamped with complaints: "is there anything that can't be exploited by ad agencies?". Engagement or exploitation? You be the judge.

Watch the video here.

Avoiding the Traditional to Digital Marketing Transition Trap

2:23 PM, 3 December 2014

Trinity P3How common is this scenario for marketers today? One foot in the traditional marketing camp they have lived in for most of their careers, and one foot in the digital camp which is not living up to the expectation or the promise.

Surrounding them are the vendors, agencies, suppliers, and media, encouraging them to “Go forward” or to “Pull back” depending on their vested interest. Meanwhile the marketers feel like they are trapped in a precarious position, feeling that if they stand still too long they will be left behind and if they go back they could be seen to fail. Darren Woolley, founder of Trinity P3, shares his thoughts on the topic in his latest blog.

Media Transparency. This Year's Elephant in the Room?

1:10 PM, 3 December 2014

Elephant in the roomDigital media and marketing thrive in a state of continual transformation. An unprecedented changing environment that challenges us to push beyond our comfort zones, as well as challenging the constructs that have served us well in the past. It also provides an unprecedented range of new advertising, content, and transformational product and service solutions.

It is however a double-edged sword; while digital channels are providing efficiency, effectiveness and engagement, marketers, agencies, and media sellers need a trusted environment in which to build successful and enduring partnerships. But, lately, there has been increasing concern expressed about media agency transparency, i.e., sellers and agencies providing honesty and clarity to marketers on costs, placements, and data.

While less obvious here in New Zealand, there is a growing unease about the risks to transparency associated automation. Recently Bill Duggan, from ANZA’s US partner the ANA, made the case in the Economist Group’s marketing blog.

The Media & Marketing Landscape - Key Issues for 2015

12:22 PM, 3 December 2014

What is Advertising?With multi-channel, multi-device marketing as the new norm; measuring and predicting behaviour is a constant challenge for marketers. Our always-on consumer is increasingly in control, and advertisers are perhaps becoming fast followers rather than pioneers as they respond to behavioural changes.

Given this, what are the key issues dominating the landscape for advertisers?

iSite Launches Comparative Research Programme

9:24 AM, 27 November 2014

Outdoor company iSite Media has launched its new Reach & Frequency programme for bus advertising.  This means marketers and media agencies will now be able to compare a key outdoor format against other media.  

Reach and Frequency will enable customers to...

Global Media Giant GroupM Coming To NZ

9:23 AM, 24 November 2014

Leading global media investment & management operation GroupM will launch in New Zealand during Q1 2015. 

The arrival of the group will see MediaCom, Mindshare, MEC and maxus come under the operational and...

Heineken Named Creative Marketer Of The Year

8:58 AM, 24 November 2014

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity will honour Heineken as its Creative Marketer of the Year at the festival in June.

The honour recognizes Heineken's past success at the festival. In the past three years, six of its brands have collectively won 41 Lions, including...

Foxtel Programmatic Deal Helps Boost TubeMogul Revenue

9:35 AM, 18 November 2014

Digital programmatic video advertising company TubeMogul, which recently teamed up with Foxtel, has reported a Q3 revenue increase of 112%.

The global company has reported Q3 revenue of US $27.4 million, an increase of 112% compared...

Marketers are Overlooking Consumer Privacy Concerns

8:44 AM, 17 November 2014

Marketers are underestimating the level of consumer concern regarding the (mis)use of their contact details and the unauthorised distribution of such information to third parties, new London research has found.

Based on the responses of two panels – 1,180 consumers and 310 marketers –fast.Map found that executives...

Twitter Launches Self-Serve Ad Platform in NZ

9:36 AM, 11 November 2014

Twitter has announced the Kiwi launch of Twitter Ads - a self-serve ad platform that aims to provide advertising options for small and medium-sized businesses.

As of last Friday, anyone that has a Twitter account can go to and start advertising to boost their brand awareness and also get more traction for their content. 

The Rise of Data-Driven Marketing

9:13 AM, 10 November 2014

More than 80 percent of a worldwide research panel (including over 3,000 advertisers, marketers, service providers and technology developers) said that data plays an important role in supporting their respective efforts. And 92 percent said they expect data to... 

Multi Screen Viewing

1:09 PM, 6 November 2014

According to Google, 90% of all media interactions today are on some kind of screen. And, as advertisers, this means it’s now more difficult than ever to know where your audience is.

New research from Colmar Brunton (TVOne) has revealed critical information about New Zealanders’ multi-screen viewing habits.

Cross Platform Audience Measurement

12:13 PM, 6 November 2014

The growing popularity of digital media is calling into question the value of existing audience measurement currencies that have been the foundation of commercial advertising for many years. Different measures across media are nothing new. What has changed is the alternative choices consumers have to access content (and advertising) across platforms.

This has created a very real need for cross-platform audience measurement, to accurately track audiences and engagement. Getting to that point will be challenging in terms of methodology and possible cost, but we are starting to see positive, collaborative steps toward cross-platform measurement in other markets, work that provides encouragement for New Zealand.

Global Marketing to Children Commitments Enhanced

1:04 PM, 5 November 2014

ISBADue to the ease in accessibility of digital media, children are exposed to a great number of communications on a global scale. Learning to decipher and critically interpret these communications, including marketing communications, is an intrinsic part of childhood development.

However, in recognition of children’s inexperience and vulnerability, advertisers are especially diligent in protecting young consumers from harmful, and/or potentially offensive information.

We are therefore pleased to acknowledge that members of the International Food & Beverage Alliance (IFBA) have last month announced enhanced regulations concerning food and non-alcoholic beverage marketing to children. Here we detail the most recent policy updates that have been revisited and improved.

What to ask your Agency about Programmatic Buying

12:30 PM, 5 November 2014

ISBAOver the past year, one of the key topics raised by Members has been programmatic buying of digital advertising. Given its importance, and the rising concerns of advertisers about the lack of transparency within the Programmatic Trading ecosystem, we are pleased to share guidance from our UK partners ISBA in regard to the best strategies in approach approaching agency partners.

Australia "leading the world in programmatic growth"

8:58 AM, 28 October 2014

TubeMogul’s global head of mobile product, Antoine Barbier, has reported that Australia is “leading the world in programmatic mobile video growth”.  This was seen in TubeMogul figures from its demand side video ad buying platform, which has access to most mobile programmatic inventory in the Australian market. Figures showed an increase of 248% in programmatic mobile video auctions. 

Barbier stressed that it has never been more important to understand the growing programmatic mobile area of the market, which is ahead of the UK and only slightly behind...


How do Twitter and Facebook Compare?

9:26 AM, 20 October 2014

Forbes and Statista have released statistics that compare Twitter and Facebook's user information, as well as their total revenue.  Results revealed:

Nielsen Retains Digital Measurement Contract

10:00 AM, 14 October 2014

It was yesterday announced that Nielsen will retain the IAB digital measurement contract. Starting on January 1st 2015, the contract will see further development of the existing digital audience measurement system, and a move toward cross-platform measurement capabilities.

This will see the IAB and Nielsen introduce smartphone and tablet ratings in Q1 2015; cross-digital ratings for desktops, smartphones and tablets in July 2015, and daily ratings for digital content in early 2016.

This cross-platform measurement service is predicted to help TV networks minimise the impact 

TV Remains Number One Despite Second Screen Viewing

9:21 AM, 13 October 2014

New research from OzTAM, Nielsen, and Regional TAM has re-inforced the fact that the main TV set is still the number one viewing platform, despite the proliferation of different screens.

The report found that second screen viewing has meant that people are spending more time looking at screens, as opposed...

Facebook Helps Others Show Mobile Apps

8:58 AM, 10 October 2014

Facebook has formally launched its “audience network” – an ad network that lets existing advertisers on Facebook also have their ads placed in a large number of apps outside of Facebook... 

Ad: tech - New Public Speakers & Partners Announced- Plus the Full Agenda

12:54 PM, 7 October 2014

A reminder about the ad : tech event for marketers, coming up in November. This event is pitted to showcase ideas at the forefront of marketing in our technology driven age. Here we have provided the latest update and preview supplied by Ad : tech for this event.

Media Watch: Add to your DM Appeal with Adcard

12:07 PM, 7 October 2014

As we are overwhelmed with digital media in today’s marketing world, it’s easy to forget that there are other effective, and unique ways for brands to connect with their audience. Here New Zealand Post introduces one creative way that goes beyond just an emotional level.

Video of the Month: John Oliver on Native Advertising

11:44 AM, 7 October 2014

We can be guilty of taking ourselves a bit too seriously at times, especially after the election cycle. After all it is advertising not world peace we are in charge of. So in that vein, here’s HBO’s politically incorrect John Oliver on native advertising and the blurring of news and commercial content. Enjoy!

Is Brand Purpose Even an Option?

10:04 AM, 7 October 2014

Brand purpose is arguably becoming increasingly defined by consumer expectations and authenticity. Moreover, digital media is advancing the necessity to be absolutely accountable by providing an open forum for criticism.

Here we turn to some recent studies on the essential ingredients to building effective brand purpose, from the WFA, Edelman, and Advertising Age, for both speculation and answers.

Client-Agency Relationships - The Importance of Trust

9:35 AM, 7 October 2014

The foundation of collaborative and healthy relationship is, undeniably, one of trust. When trust is an established stronghold between client and agency, both parties are destined to perform and excel.

So what is the biggest cause of destruction to advertiser and agency trust? Trinity P3 Founder and Managing Director, Darren Woolley, pulls together his experience in the field to make his case here in this well-formulated blog post.

IAB Release Global Insights Report

9:30 AM, 6 October 2014

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) last week released a second report in the ‘What Works & Why Series.  The report provides a selection of campaign case studies that have won IAB, MIXX Awards and other honors in 14 countries all over the world.  It also includes insider perspectives from...

Mondelez signs $200m upfront deal with Youtube

9:09 AM, 3 October 2014

Over the past few years, Google has been working to monetize its video platform, by building out its agency teams and promoting YouTube’s potential to brands.

Most recently Mondelez has signed a $200m upfront deal with YouTube in a major statement intent from the...

APN NZ, TRN and GrabOne re-brand as NZME.

2:25 PM, 29 September 2014

As of today, APN NZ, TRN and GrabOne have merged their print, radio, digital and e-commerce brands into one brand, named NZME (‘N-Zed Me’ - stands for New Zealand Media and Entertainment).  

Digital ad spend predicted to be 40% at end of year

9:16 AM, 29 September 2014

The IAB is predicting more boom times ahead for digital advertising, after new figures were released by the Commercial Economic Advisory Service of Australia earlier this week.

The CEASA report suggested digital advertising's share of the total Australian ad market for the first six months of 2014 was about 37% of the total $6.2 billion.

Brands Enhance Responsible Marketing to Children

9:27 AM, 23 September 2014

Eleven of the world's top food and beverage brands have outlined a package of measures to enhance responsible marketing to children, the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) has announced.

As members of the International Food & Beverage Alliance (IFBA), the CEOs have sent a letter to Dr Margaret Chan...

Targetted Advertising Offered in Wellington

8:57 AM, 22 September 2014

CityLink Wi-Fi is providing location based advertising services, the first of its kind in New Zealand.

The free Wi-Fi Service known as ‘cbdfree’, from CityLink or other private Wi-Fi channels is used by locals and visitors to access the internet.  Using this

Coke & Unilever Take Top Global Brand Ranking

8:46 AM, 15 September 2014

Warc has named Coca-Cola and Unilever as the smartest brand and advertiser of the year, according to new rankings based on the Warc 100 database.

Unilever scored 550.7 points on the advertiser rankings, with...

P&G Claims Shorter Ads Have Better Recall

8:38 AM, 9 September 2014

Shorter ads are more effective than longer ones, according to Procter & Gamble, who is about to begin a wholesale cost-cutting programme. 

They are investing in more 15-second ads than 30-second spots...

Cannes - 7 Things That Inspired Us

8:12 AM, 9 September 2014

With 17 award categories and more than 250 speakers from the worlds of entertainment, business, culture and advertising, the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity was an opportunity...

10 Golden Rules for Advertisers on Making Sports Sponsorship Work:

8:44 AM, 8 September 2014

Sports sponsorship has never been more powerful or more effective. It offers a unique opportunity for brands to make a lasting impression, and gives brands the opportunity to engage with a connected consumer with new and exciting content solutions. This year's World Cup produced...

A Full House Revival has Advertisers Excited

10:58 AM, 2 September 2014

Advertisers are just as excited as fans for the iconic 90's sitcom "Full House" to possibly be revived.  

Last week reports surfaced that the series...

BP Oil Wins Supreme Award at TVNZ NZ Marketing Awards

8:59 AM, 1 September 2014

Last Thursday night, the TVNZ NZ Marketing Awards took place, attracting a record 780 people to the Langham in Auckland.

BP Oil won both the Supreme Award and the Retail category for tackling the business challenge of needing to reduce cents-off rewards in a complex and highly competitive market environment. BP created its...

Media Watch: Top 100 Tweeters to Follow this Election:

5:41 PM, 25 August 2014

We @ANZAsays are posting relevant insight into election policies as they are released, be sure to follow us to keep up to date.

We thought you might also be interested in following a range of political commentators from all sides of the political spectrum. And as the NZ Herald puts it - if you follow these people, you will be hearing from some of the best political insiders, pundits and satirists adjudicating on what is turning out to be one of the controversial elections New Zealand has ever seen.

APEC Throws Support Behind Advertising Self-Regulation

5:35 PM, 25 August 2014

For advertisers striving for message consistency and advertising effectiveness either globally or regionally, inconsistent advertising rules and codes become a barrier to trade. ANZA believes working to establish consistent primary self-regulatory rules across nations is important for the growth and development of the marketing industry. 

This has been recognised by the World Federation of Advertisers who have encouraged greater consistency in advertising regulation in, for example Europe and Latin America.

Now the same initiative is being pursued in Asia-Pacific. Here we take a look at the outcomes of the recent APEC Advertising Self-Regulation workshop.

Broadcasting Policy

5:22 PM, 25 August 2014

Broadcasting PolicyAlthough little attention has been placed on broadcasting, ANZA remains convinced that while the provision of public service broadcasting is rightly a role of Government, ownership of commercial broadcasting is best left to the private sector as occurs in other countries.

Therapeutics Advertising

4:57 PM, 25 August 2014

Therapeutics AdvertisingThe ASA Codes require that advertising of therapeutic products and services be conducted in a manner that demonstrates a high standard of social responsibility and does not mislead or deceive the consumer - as a result the ASA see few complaints. 

Despite this, some parties such as the Green Party are still advocating against self-regulation.

Alcohol Advertising & Sponsorship

3:47 PM, 25 August 2014

Despite the fact that we have recent legislation covering alcohol sale and supply, and a ministerial forum on alcohol advertising and sponsorship currently reviewing alcohol marketing, this has not prevented political parties again addressing alcohol policy in their election policy.

Labour, New Zealand First, Greens, and the Maori and Mana Parties, are all advocating for further regulation of alcohol marketing.

Food Advertising

3:13 PM, 25 August 2014
Food Advertising

We begin this review of political party policy by looking at policies related to marketing of food, and particularly to young people. This year has seen a significant upswing in calls for greater regulation, especially around sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs).

So what are our politicians proposing for the food sector?

Ice Bucket Challenge: What Marketers Can Learn

9:41 AM, 25 August 2014

Marketers are normally trying to sell a product or a service – and that means getting people to engage with, and participate in, what your brand is doing.  And from that participatory side, An Ad Age article has highlighted what can be learnt from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that's been sweeping the country.

Snapchat has Advertisers in its Sights

12:33 PM, 22 August 2014

Snapchat, the mobile app that allows users to send photos and messages that disappear after up to ten seconds, is planning to bring in brand advertising.

Around 400 million snaps are now sent via the app each day, which gives brands access to a largely teenage audience.

UK App Market Reaches Saturation Level

8:49 AM, 22 August 2014

The UK app market has reached saturation level, with a new report finding that average monthly downloads have fallen significantly this year.

Deloitte, the business consultancy firm, said that among those consumers who downloaded apps, the average monthly number of downloads had decreased from 2.32 in 2013 to 1.82 this year.

Interactive Advertising Experiences Biggest Quarter in Q2, 2014

12:48 PM, 19 August 2014

IABNZ report that total interactive advertising spend in New Zealand in Q2 2014 was $142m, a 24% year-on-year. Mobile advertising grew the quickest year-on-year at 198% followed by Search & Directories at 38% and Video, 32%.

Marketers: Make Sure You Get The Audience You're Buying

9:13 AM, 18 August 2014

Earlier this year, Winterberry Group released the results of its programmatic survey, which revealed that data-driven marketing will increase 17.1% this year, reaching $20.6 billion in revenue. 

Moreover, 91% of marketers expect to deploy audience segmentation over the next two years. 

There's no doubt that audience data drives campaign performance. But is all data created equally?  How can marketers ensure that the audiences they buy through programmatic channels really represent their target segments? 

Adage discusses the six questions that every marketer should ask their data providers:

More Than Half Of Digital Screen Time Spent On Mobile

3:15 PM, 15 August 2014

According to the second round of data in the IAB / Nielsen Mobile Audience Panel Pilot study, Australians spend 52% of digital screen time on their mobile.

People spend 38 hours a month on laptops and desktops, 29 hours on smartphones and 24 hours on tablets.

86% of time spent on mobile is used on apps. News accounts for 14% of time spent on mobile devices – more than the 11% spent in the US.

Interactive digital billboards launched in Auckland

11:19 AM, 14 August 2014

Vodafone has launched a series of interactive LED billboards that members of the public can engage with via their mobile phones (in collaboration with Image Centre-owned* digital media agency Ngage and APN Outdoor).

The billboards are updated in real time with a hashtag linked to the campaign, allowing users to distribute their narcissistic social media tendencies into the real world.  

Twitter Adds Optimised Objective-Based Campaigns

8:52 AM, 12 August 2014

Twitter is now introducing objective based campaigns for brand advertising on the social platform.

The network is also making it easier for advertisers to optimise activity and to measure and report on the campaigns that run across Twitter.

Pricing will also be altered so that advertisers only pay for the actions that are aligned with their marketing objectives.  

Objective-based campaigns and pricing is being rolled out globally to SMB and API partners as well as clients – by invitation – over the next few months. 

Media Lab 2014

3:13 PM, 4 August 2014

Media Lab 2014, brought to you by CAANZ and AUT University, will focus on approaches to strategic media planning, marketing effectiveness, and ROI. 

The event is taking place on October 2nd and 3rd, and is a must for mid and senior level marketers.

ANZA Partners with Effective Measure - Exclusive Offer for ANZA Members

3:05 PM, 4 August 2014

ANZA would like to announce a new partnership with international digital measurement specialist, Effective Measure.  Effective Measure is a leading provider of digital audience, brand and advertising effectiveness measurement and targeting solutions, bringing best practice online measurement data to premium publishers, agencies, networks, advertisers and researchers.
As a result of this exciting new partnership, ANZA is offering our Members a free Silver Effective Measure Subscription deal.

Video of the Month - Cannes Lions 2014: The Big Winners

2:34 PM, 4 August 2014

AdAge Magazine has pieced together a recap of the big winners from the 2014 Cannes Lions 2014. 

Honorees include campaigns for Honda, British Airways, Nivea, and Lucozade, among others.

Now is the Time for a New Approach to Talent Fees

2:06 PM, 4 August 2014

Recently ANZA CEO, Lindsay Mouat, made the case that as an industry we have been unsuccesful in adapting the way we remunerate talent to reflect how content is used both in time and media. As an industry we remain mired into a system that pays the talent appearing in advertising in the same way we have for more than 20 years. 

The means by which talent is valued and remunerated has not kept pace with the changing advertising landscape, making the process complex, time consuming, and difficult for all involved.

Trends in Agency Remuneration

1:27 PM, 4 August 2014

Negotiating with agencies on appropriate agency remuneration models can be a difficult process, particularly given industry norms are evolving. This is a topic ANZA will be focusing on over the coming months. 

To set the scene, through ANZA’s with the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA), we can bring you the results of a recent global research on trends in agency remuneration.

Building Marketing Capability

12:51 PM, 4 August 2014

A recent survey by WFA and MLA Consulting has recently raised questions regarding the implementation of effective marketing strategies, definitions of the the term “marketing capabilities”, and common areas those surveyed have found their marketing to fall short.

Here, we look at how we can utilise these results to optimise marketing in the future, and we provide examples of effective marketing capabilities from the likes of Nestlé and Google.

ad:tech NZ Media & Marketing Conference 2014

9:39 AM, 29 July 2014

The worlds leading digital media and marketing conference is coming to New Zealand in 2014, but not as you know it! ad:tech is launching in Auckland on November 19th, completely shaped from the ground up to better serve the needs and interests of New Zealand’s media and marketing industry.

ANZA is an official partner and members receive a great discount off tickets:

Changes to Billboard Audience Measurement

11:42 AM, 28 July 2014

OMANZ, the association representing the NZ OOH industry, have announced important changes in the way billboard audiences are measured, with the introduction of a single currency for viewing opportunity  -  Daily Traffic Visuals (DTV). From 1st August all member billboard operators (APN Outdoor/iSite/Media5) will adopt DTV.

Facebook Reports Mobile-Ad Surge

9:43 AM, 28 July 2014

Facebook has recently reported overwhelming success in regards to mobile advertising - profit more than doubled and revenue topped estimates for the ninth straight quarter.  About 62% of Facebook's ad revenue now comes from advertising on mobile devices, which this year is expected to eclipse newspapers, magazines and radio in the US for the first time. 

Facebook also added another 40 million users in the second quarter, with one-fifth of the world's population now logging on at least once a month.

Instagram Pop-Up Asks Users About Its Advertisers

9:06 AM, 28 July 2014

Since last fall, Instagram has been quizzing its users about the ads run on their app such as Showtime, Airbnb and Hollister.

These surveys, that range from 5 to 10 questions,  are one way Instagram and its advertisers are gauging whether the service's ads are effective.

Instagram records the survey responses to help tell big brand marketers whether users like the ads and whether the ads are making people more aware of the advertiser's brand.

ANZA Partners with Effective Measure- Exclusive Offer for ANZA Members

10:50 AM, 21 July 2014

ANZA is delighted to announce a new partnership with international digital measurement specialist, Effective Measure, which will provide ANZA members with new data and digital insights.  

Effective Measure is a leading provider of digital audience, brand and advertising effectiveness measurement and targeting solutions, bringing best practice online measurement data to premium publishers, agencies, networks, advertisers and researchers.

Effective Measure's Audience platform offers market insights into digital consumers, that allows brands to collate actionable data into the audiences they engage with, compare profiles against competitors and to tailor marketing strategies to attract higher conversion rates and increased sales.

All ANZA members can now access a complementary Silver subscription to Effective Measure, which includes deep demographic profiles of your web audience (for up to 3 websites) plus audited traffic size and audience composition figures. Also included is the opportunity to run custom surveys on your website to find specific attitudinal and behavioural information of your audience.

The Effective Measure solutions offer brands, media and agencies a clear insight into their online audience and the ever-growing Internet population.

Take advantage of this ANZA membership exclusive deal here, or for more information visit their website. 

Confusing Technology- How to Embrace it?

2:33 PM, 16 July 2014

Founder of TrinityP3, Darren Woolly, recently discussed one of the biggest challenges for marketers­ - how to embrace technology.  As CMOs are seen to be bigger spenders on technology than their equivalent CIOs or CTOs, many marketers are struggling with the best approach to transforming their digital marketing to marketing in a digital age.

It is easy to forget that companies like Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest did not exist a decade ago or that Facebook was only launched in 2004. New technologies and innovations are announced on a weekly basis with hundreds of start-ups seemingly springing up each week, all offering new opportunities.

For time-poor marketers, just dealing with the options they have now, being able to invest any time at all in keeping even a little abreast of these changes, let alone the implications for their marketing plan and their category, is next to impossible.

IAB Shortlists Four in New Measurement Tender

12:11 PM, 16 July 2014

The Interactive Advertising Bureau has shortlisted four agencies for its digital audience measurement panel contract- Nielson, Comscore, GfK and Roy Morgan Research.

The IAB is working to capture desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet use under a single measurement system. This includes all video and audio content.

Tender manager Ian Muir has culled the shortlist from 23 original submissions after the tender was called in April.

Traditional Media still Prevails: NZ Research

11:36 AM, 11 July 2014

New research commissioned by NZ On Air confirms the majority of New Zealanders are still consuming traditional broadcast media - television and radio - every day. 

In the first independent, publicly available New Zealand research across media types, Colmar Brunton surveyed 1,400 New Zealanders aged 15-plus in April this year about what media they consumed “yesterday.”

APEC Promotes Advertising Self-Regulation

2:11 PM, 10 July 2014

For the first time in its twenty-five year history, Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) looks to promote coherent advertising standards across the 21 Pacific Rim member economies in order to promote trade.

APEC has recognised that there are currently shortcomings in many APEC markets, particularly in East and South East Asia.  APEC accounts for approximately 54% of the world’s gross domestic product and about 44% of world trade, and six of the top ten contributors to global ad spend growth (USA, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea and Russia) between 2013 and 2016 will be APEC economies.  

Warc Unveils World's Smartest Campaigns

11:45 AM, 10 July 2014

Warc is today launching its annual ranking of the world's best marketing campaigns, based on performance in effectiveness and strategy competitions.  

The first spot went to an Egyptian campaign for Vodafone called 'Fakka' by JWT Cairo. Second and third places were taken by 'Small Business Saturday', for American Express by Digitas and Crispin Porter & Bogusky, and 'It's more fun in the Phillipines' by BBDO Guerrero for the Philippines Department of Tourism.  

Events - TAPS Training in Australia

1:10 PM, 3 July 2014

A reminder for therapeutic advertisers, based in Australia but with responsibility for advertising and marketing of products and services in New Zealand, of two important training events to be held in Sydney in August:

Video of the Month - Media and Creative Agency Crossover

10:46 AM, 3 July 2014

From the recent Media Sales Summit 2014, a panel of speakers discuss the relationship of media and creative agencies as the challenge of content creation continues to grow.

What do agencies have to say for themselves?

Media Watch - Examples of Great Content Marketing

10:37 AM, 3 July 2014

Like any emerging channel, advertising practitioners are asking what makes great content.

In this short video a panel including Ed Pank, Todd Wheatland, Luana Zugman and Skye Murray discuss examples of great content marketing.

Auditing the Media Auditors: WFA Survey

10:29 AM, 3 July 2014

Marketers rely heavily on audience research in order to implement effective marketing plans, but with media technology developing at a startling pace, media auditors are struggling to keep up.

A recent global survey by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) sought to reveal how marketers currently perceive media auditing companies and to establish what auditing services are needed in order to maximise success.

Does the Need for Content Mean the End for Agency Collaboration?

10:09 AM, 3 July 2014

Ever expanding advertising space across multiple media platforms and integrated marketing campaigns means it is quickly becoming less feasible to pay individual retail for content.

As the need for more content continues to rise, agencies may need to fight, scramble, and scrap for their share of the content creation of future marketing campaigns.

How to Be an Effective Content Marketer

9:22 AM, 3 July 2014

Advertisers understand that effective content marketing allows brands to target and engage audiences in a conversation, develop brand affinity, and boost SEO and social footprints. But in order to benefit, marketers must first overcome the challenge of successful execution.

Much has been discussed regarding the need to think like a publisher when, in fact, a more fundamental approach is required for the development and implementation of a successful content marketing strategy.

Unusual Ads Take Top Cannes Awards

10:01 PM, 25 June 2014

Ads themed on self-discipline and selfishness took home the awards at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity on Saturday June 21.

The jury for the high-profile film awards announced a tie for the Grand Prix in their category, doling out equal honours for an ad that promoted Volvo trucks and an ad that touted an unusual gift line at U.K. retailer Harvey Nichols.

Programmatic a Growing Trend in Europe

9:24 AM, 20 June 2014

A new RTB Trend Report Europe has found that programmatic ad spending in Europe rose 15% during the first quarter of the year and by 291% in the 12 months to the end of March.

Adform also reported a surge in the number of mobile impressions, up 433% from Q1 2013 to Q1 2014, with tablet impressions outweighing phone impressions for the first time.

Programmatic spending also increased by more than 120% in every country from Q1 2013 to Q1 2014.

Martin Stockfleth Larsen, chief marketing officer at Adform says,

"The sustained growth in programmatic is a clear indication that both marketers and publishers view it as a vital component to digital advertising.We anticipate programmatic ad spending to grow throughout 2014, with a heavy emphasis on rich-media and mobile campaigns."

Read the full article from here

Congratulations to DB Breweries!

8:34 AM, 20 June 2014

Congratulations to ANZA member, DB for winning Cannes Gold for the Tui “Catch a Million” campaign in PR and a Bronze for “Beer Plumber” in Promo and Activation at the Cannes Lions Festival. 

Tui marketing manager William Papesch said: "“To have both ‘Plumber’ and ‘Catch a Million’ recognised on the biggest global stage is incredible. We also really need to thank New Zealand cricket fans, as the ‘Catch a Million’ campaign literally wouldn’t have existed without them.”

Social Media Followers: Sometimes Less is More

9:52 AM, 17 June 2014

The number of brand followers you have on social media sites is not always relevant, rather the contribution that each makes, according to a Mumbai industry figure.  

Bedraj Tripathy, senior general manager/integrated marketing at Godrej Interio, a leading Indian furniture brand researched social media brand interactions and found up to 90% of followers were "complete wastes" who never came back to a brand page.

The Social Syndrome- Media Sales Summit

2:13 PM, 13 June 2014

There is no way of measuring the most trusted source- word of mouth. So how do marketers know who is influencing who?

In this AdNews clip, Sharyn Smith, director of The Influence Group and CEO & founder of The Social Group, as well as Howard Parry-Husbands, director of The Influence Group and managing director & founder of Pollinate unravel the currency of media trading on stage at the Media Sales Summit. 

Facebook to Gather More User Info, But Also Offer More User Control

8:49 AM, 13 June 2014

Facebook will start to offer targeted advertising- through gaining more user information, but allowing an opt-out tool and more control over the ads users see.

In a recent blog post, Facebook said the new features will have targeted ads on the site, and also elsewhere, such as in apps and other websites.  

Facebook is also introducing tools to allow its users to find out why they are shown a certain ad, and to request more or fewer related ads.

World Cup Fans Turn to Mobile

8:57 AM, 11 June 2014

Smartphones are expected to play a major part in the upcoming FIFA World Cup. The device will be used extensively only second to TV as a media channel, a global survey of 11 markets has revealed.

The survey  ("2014 World Cup: A Global Mobile Perspective"), of 5,500 smartphone-owning fans by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), found nearly half (48%) of respondents plan to use mobile to follow the event.

Creating a strong opportunity for marketers to reach football fans, the research shows that 37 percent are already positively interacting with mobile ads on a daily basis.

Mobile Data Boosts Outdoor Ads

8:51 AM, 11 June 2014

A two-week trial has concluded that out-of-home advertising is 200% more effective when mobile data is used to plan campaigns.

Communications agency Posterscope teamed up with telecoms network EE to track consumers' mobile digital behaviour and measure how responsive they were to out-of-home media sites.

The trial covered online searches across 120,000 usage hotspots and 19,000 poster locations.

Mike Hosking: Alcohol's Sponsorship of Sport

11:31 AM, 6 June 2014

It's always a relief to see someone speak reason in regards to the calls for  further bans on advertising. You will find Mike's fantastic editorial below:

The NZ Medical Association is calling for a ban on all liquor industry sponsorship of sports and youth events. You know why? They believe that if we watch the tennis, we’ll want to drink more.

I don’t. I don’t think that and I don’t drink more. Nor do I drink more watching any sport. Nor do I do anything more depending on who the sponsor of any given event is. I don’t eat more, drive more, take out more insurance, bank more, buy more shoes, change brands - I just watch the sport. That by and large is not what the sponsorship is designed to do.

NZ Effie Awards- Entries Now Open!

8:45 AM, 6 June 2014

If you’ve created a campaign with results that truly speak for themselves, you’ll be pleased to know that the Effie’s call for entries is now open. The eligibility period for entries is 1st January 2013 to 20th June 2014. Entries close at 4pm on Tuesday 5th August (48hr penalty deadline closes on 7th August).

Programmatic Buying-Still Unfamiliar Territory

9:37 AM, 5 June 2014

Latest findings from a survey conducted by the Association of National Advertisers and Forrester shows that marketers still have a relatively poor understanding of programmatic marketing and its function.  

Results found that 29% of surveyed marketers had heard of programmatic marketing but didn't have a clear understanding of it. 26% said they understand the concept but need to learn more about how to apply it to campaigns, and 12% were completely unaware of programmatic buying. 

Media Auditors Struggle with Digital

9:25 AM, 5 June 2014

ANZA’s partner, the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) recently carried out research among its membership, investigating what advertisers think of the media auditing companies responsible for policing media value and interrogating media agencies. The research was conducted on 29 companies across 15 different industry sectors, whose total global media spend totalled around $35bn.

Video of the Month: Adidas China

2:15 PM, 4 June 2014

The scale of marketing in China continues to astound. For example, Adidas opened 1000 stores in China in 2012, 700 in 2013 and will open another 700 this year. That investment demands clever use of data. Hear what China boss Colin Currie has to say, from the WFA Global Marketer Conference.

Media Watch: Closed Captioning

1:39 PM, 4 June 2014

Adding captions to advertisements is often forgotten, meaning over 700,000 deaf and hearing- impaired New Zealanders who view TV ONE, TV2 and TV3 miss out on your advertisements.

Yet, for minimal cost (around $200 per commercial) captioning is an easy way to increase consumer engagement. ANZA believe advertisers should consider captioning their video content. This month captioning experts, Able, have provided information on how easy and inexpensive the process is.

Gamification: One of the Most Engaging Mediums Possible

1:17 PM, 4 June 2014

Getting people engaged with a product or service is one of our most common challenges, and marketers are constantly looking for new, innovative ways to do this. Gamification is one method that is exciting advertisers as a means to effectively engage consumers.

So how do we harness their power? Do we really know the intricacies involved in making, using within brand campaigns?

Moderating Social Media - Best Practice

12:21 PM, 4 June 2014

As social media has become a larger part of the communications mix, how well do you know what is and what isnt your responsibility when it comes to user comments posted on your brands social channels? To assist advertisers The ASA has provided specific guidelines to help companies ensure their social media presence is compliant with the ASAs Codes.

The ASA guidance provides a useful standard, but from a reputational perspective is that sufficient. IAB Australia have recently published recommendations on the steps advertisers need to take to protect their brands. We have both resources available within this article. ANZA encourages all members to familiarise themselves with the IABs recommendations and, if they havent done so already, ensure they have clear policies in place to ensure their social media platforms are appropriately moderated.

Children’s Access to Social Media: Who is Responsible?

12:01 PM, 4 June 2014

The rapid evolution of online media, particularly social media has seen increasing focus on the use of these channels by brand owners in the debate around advertising to children. In order to self-regulate responsibly advertisers need to be aware of when and where children may be exposed to their ads.

But measuring that in the online environment can be more problematic than for traditional media, due in part to deliberate attempts by users to circumvent age-gating to access popular social media sites, such as Facebook. Recent studies have investigated the behaviour of children and young people in terms of online registration, with important implications for advertisers.

Edge TV to Launch 27 June

9:18 AM, 4 June 2014

The Edge has announced that it's TV channel will be launched at 4pm, on Friday June 27, on Freeview channel 11 and SKY channel 114.

The Edge Programme Director, Leon Wratt says that the Edge TV will play the hottest local and international music videos, screen specialist music and pop culture shows, and broadcast original video content filmed with the Edge radio hosts.

Facebook Introduces 3 New Advertising Features

9:19 AM, 30 May 2014

Facebook has introduced three new noteworthy changes; new audience insights, new video metrics, and a new right-hand column ad format. The new tools are designed to help marketers learn more about their target audiences. It includes further information about geography, demographics, and purchase behaviour-all insights that can enhance product promotion and marketing efforts.

Millennials’ desire to record their lives is what marketers must tap into: Acer CMO

11:19 AM, 22 May 2014

Acer CMO Michael Birkin spoke at theWorld Federation of Advertisers (WFA) Global Marketer Conference in Sydney, emphasising the importance of word of mouth.

He said that marketers must "tap into the connected generation's natural inclination to record their lives." He advocated that the prominence of social media in millennials lives means they are more tuned into what their peers are doing. An Acer survey found that 98 per cent said they are more likely to engage with a friends recommendation than a sponsored brand post on the Internet.

Read the full breakdown of his speech on the CMO website, here.

Publicis and Omnicom call off $35 billion proposed mega-merger

3:47 PM, 9 May 2014

The $35 billion proposed mega-merger between Omnicom and Publicis has been called off. The deal, announced in July last year, would have created the world's largest advertising holding company, eclipsing WPP.

Omnicom Group's statement:

Publicis Groupe S.A. (Euronext Paris: PUB) and Omnicom Group Inc. (NYSE: OMC) today jointly announced that they have terminated their proposed merger of equals by mutual agreement, in view of difficulties in completing the transaction within a reasonable timeframe. The parties have released each other from all obligations with respect to the proposedtransaction, and no termination fees will be payable by either party.

Responsible Data Use will be Key to Brand Trust : The Economist

10:14 AM, 9 May 2014

The future of successful brands is bonding with customers over data safety, according to a new article from the Economist group.

A recent survey found that 78 percent of customers in the UK are distrustful of the ways companies use their personal data and 82 percent feel they have little control over how it is used. Despite this, the article predicts that the future will likely see consumers coming to accept that their data will be used and therefore the decision over which brands they choose to do business with will be of primary importance.

Programmatic Buying - for dummies

10:29 AM, 7 May 2014

Programmatic ad buying is changing the face of online advertising, but there is still confusion around what it actually is. If you are looking to learn more, we have a primer for our members on the subject from AdWeek.

Global Advocacy - where to from here?

10:20 AM, 7 May 2014

Today, we live within a new world order of global issues and global advocacy. With 24/7 media and always on social connection, industry has discovered it is fighting common battles on many fronts.

If you need an example, just consider how sugar has been positioned as a pariah across many countries by media and advocates almost overnight. Political and legislative decisions made in one country no longer just affect that country, they can influence thinking far beyond the borders.

We must be thinking not only of national outcomes but also international implications. Are you?

‘Marketing is letting us down’ - Sir John Hegarty

10:10 AM, 7 May 2014

Sir John Hegarty, the founding partner of Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH), was one of the keynote speakers at the recent WFA Global Marketer Conference in Sydney.

As challenging as ever, Hegarty asked what is wrong with today's marketing methods, and what needs to be done to revolutionise them.

How Adidas uses Fast Data from its 7,600 Stores in China: AdNews TV

9:08 AM, 2 May 2014

Adidas Greater China boss Colin Currie speaks at the WFA Global Marketer Conference in Sydney in March. Currie says his real rivals are H&M, Zara and Gap, not Nike. He explains why traditional research is too slow, and how data analytics from its huge retail footprint feeds product development and marketing in real-time.

Watch his speech from AdNews below:

"Banning Ads Doesn't Make People Thin!" Ian Twinn

11:48 AM, 1 May 2014

Following concerted calls from obesity health campaigners for further restrictions on food advertising, ANZA, alike to ISBA (the voice of British advertisers) maintain that banning ads will not help reduce issues of obesity. Driven by multiple factors, ANZA thoroughly believes that obesity can only be tackled by a collective effort of the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

We strongly agree with Ian Twinn, Director of Public Affairs for ISBA, who recently spoke on ITV1's Daybreak in defense of this. He criticised the rationale behind the latest calls for ad prohibitions saying that "Banning ads is an excuse and doesn't make people thin". He reasoned that health practitioners and NGOs would achieve far more if they focused on the real and proven causes of obesity, which includes education on how to eat more healthily and the benefits of exercise.

AdNews: Why Brands Need to Focus on the Millennials Market Now

8:38 AM, 30 April 2014

Former Omnicom heavy and current global CMO at Acer, Michael Birkin,gives a brief view on the coming powerhouse Millennials demographic.With a long career in adland and now on the brand owner side, Birkin also offers some tips to agencies on how they need to operate. Birkin was a keynote at the AANA-WFA Global Marketer Conference in Sydney in March.

90% of Decisions based on Subconscious Cues

9:22 AM, 24 April 2014

As marketers we are always fascinated in what it is driving behaviours. We know decision-making is a mix of conscious and unconscious thought but where we may have assumed that much of our behaviour is done on a conscious level, according to US academic Adam Alter, as much as 90% of our decision making is based on subconscious cues.

Media Watch: US Advertisers call for new standard for cross-platform measurement

9:28 AM, 23 April 2014

Once thought to be the most accountable media, digital has turned out to be the opposite. That's the view of Bob Liodice, CEO of ANZAs US partner, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA). While recognising that marketers demand for digital media, Liodice argues that the return on investment has been disappointing.

Interactive Ad Spend Overtakes TV in the US for the First Time

2:12 PM, 11 April 2014

U.S. interactive advertising revenues for 2013 hit an all-time high of $42.8 billion, exceeding broadcast televisionadvertising revenues ($40.1 billion), for the first time ever.

The UK set the precedant when online become the biggest advertising sector in 2009. This has now been followed by Australia and the US.

With all things holding steady, it's estimated interactive ad spend will too take over NZ TV in 2018.

The Edge will Launch a Television Channel

8:40 AM, 10 April 2014

MediaWorks has announced that, in a market first, The Edge radio station will launch its own television channel this year.The Edge TV will broadcast on the Freeview and SKY platforms, and will be streamed LIVE at and on mobile.

MediaWorks Radio Group Programme Director, Andrew Szusterman, says the launch of The Edge TV will make The Edge New Zealands biggest cross-platform entertainment brand, with the potential to reach a million people every week across its radio, television and digital platforms.

Media Watch: ASA Annual Media Expenditure Data

1:40 PM, 9 April 2014

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have reported that advertising revenue across all main media was $2.28bn for the 12 months ended 31 December 2013. ANZA has the full report.

We think much less than we think we think

1:28 PM, 9 April 2014

One of the most impressive speakers at the WFA Global Marketer Conference was Brainjuicer founder John Kearon. In this video he argues that the success of a brand weighs less on the marketer knowing what were thinking, and more in how were thinking.

ANZA asks, have you been over-thinking how much thinking your consumers are doing?

A world beyond “digital”

1:23 PM, 9 April 2014

"Digital is dying." A bold statement by Marc Mathieu, global SVP of marketing at Unilever at the WFAs Global Marketer Conference. Of course, what he meant by that is that everything is digital.

"We need to stop thinking about digital marketing and start thinking about marketing in a digital world," Mathieu told the conference. "Think about connection first and build content around that."

ANZA takes a further look at what this means and how we can change our way of thinking.

Brand Building - what’s the purpose of purpose?

1:12 PM, 9 April 2014

Marketers need to ask themselves, does their brand have a point of view that can be shared with society? New research by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) shows that 88% of marketers think brand purpose is important, but nearly 50% still struggle to measure the impact purpose has on sales.

The WFA Global Brand Survey was based on the responses of 828 brand marketers from 33 countries. It identified that many respondents said their brands had a sense of purpose, though a smaller number said that brands they had worked for had been successful in communicating it.

ANZA explores what this reveals about the differences in how purpose is viewed by marketers and the public.

Has there been a better time to be in marketing?

1:00 PM, 9 April 2014

There's never been a better time to be in marketing but its never been tougher to be a good marketer. That was the message from World Federation of Advertisers President, Martin Riley in opening the recent Global Marketer Week Conference in Sydney.

Our ability to communicate and engage has never been so great, while the standards we are held to, both by the public and our colleagues, have never been so tough. We need to be data experts, while being accountable to the public and the CFO and remaining aware of everything that is done in the name of our brand. We must also be entertaining and engaging at the same time.

Riley addressed the paradox of our times in his conference opening which we share with you in full.

Two thirds of CMOs unprepared for Social Media: What are the Digital-Savvy Doing Differently?

11:41 AM, 4 April 2014

ANZA has recently discussed the importance of Big Data and social media-use in todays marketing environment. But a new global study has revealed that two-thirds of CMOs say that they're not ready to cope with social media, and 82% say they feel unprepared to deal with Big Data. Of those who are digital- savvy, 43% are outperforming their peers financially, so what is their secret?

Digital Game Changers: How Social Media Will Help Usher in the Era of Mobile and Multi-Platform Effectiveness Measurement.

11:17 AM, 4 April 2014

While digital ad effectiveness measurement has traditionally focused on desktop display advertising, industry is on the cusp of a significant shift that will lead to a more integrated view of media platforms. Because so much digital consumer behaviour has shifted to mobile, there is an increasing need to prove the value of this medium so that ad dollars can be more efficiently allocated. This is especially true within the social media sector.

Why Some Clients Give Away the Store in Compensation? Steve Blamer

10:17 AM, 4 April 2014

More clients are using performance-based incentives to compensate agencies, but most of them are still letting their agency partners off the hook. According to a recent survey, 61% of clients use some kind of performance incentive with their agency partners. 36% of clients use a risk-reward incentive structure, in which the agency is paid more if it meets its goals, but risks losing compensation if the goals are not met.

This article discusses four reasons why the majority (64%) of marketers are still not holding their agency partners accountable:

  1. They're scared of the relationship
  2. Don't Have the Metrics
  3. Don't Want to Give the Agency Too Big a Voice
  4. Not a Top Priority

Don’t Settle for Being an “-er Brand”: Denise Lee Yohn

10:03 AM, 4 April 2014

Brand pitches that explain how a new offering is just like another but is small-er, bigg-er, thinn-er, light-er, fast-er etc. is something to be avoided, according to brand-building expert Denise Yohn. Hearing "We're just like X brand but we're..." sets off warning signals about breakthrough ability and long-term viability.

The brands that capture the imagination of customers and investors alike are those that have no reference point other than themselves.There are several ways to position a brand as breakthrough including; Why (purpose and values), Who (target audience) and How (personality).

Google and Facebook dominate mobile advertising

1:30 PM, 21 March 2014

In just two years, Google and Facebook have come to control 75% of all mobile advertising. See full article here

Agencies expected to bring search and social under one roof - says Michel Van Woudenberg

12:29 PM, 21 March 2014

According to Kenshoo Apac MD Michel Van Woudenberg, marketers and their agencies are moving at a faster rate than ever before- doing more, with less. As a result, agencies and in-house marketing teams are integrating search and social technologies in an attempt to bridge the gap between paid and organic media.

Read full article here

NZ Post are increasing rates from 1 July 2014

11:46 AM, 20 March 2014

NZ post are increasing their rates from 1 July, 2014. See details here

Freeview to launch its first broadband-delivered channel

11:27 AM, 20 March 2014

Did you know that more than 60% of all New Zealand households, with at least one TV, are now using one or more Freeview devices (Nielsen C I < Q4, 2013) up 8% from the beginning of 2013.

With New Zealands digital roll-out now complete, Freeview is now in expansionary mode announcing it is planning to launch WorldNet, a broadband-delivered channel. The channel, available with any Freeview HD device, will be connected to a household internet connection.

Advertising Revenue up 5% in 2013

8:55 AM, 20 March 2014

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have reported that advertising revenue across all main media was $2.276 for the 12 months ended 31 December 2013. This was an increase of 5% over 2012 and the highest reported turnover since 2008.

The turnover includes data from television, newspapers, interactive media, radio, magazines, outdoor, addressed mail, unaddressed mail, and cinema.

The advertising industry annual turnover statistics are made available through the Advertising Standards Authority.

Facebook will debut video ads in newsfeed

11:14 AM, 19 March 2014

Facebook, the world's biggest online social network with about 1.2 billion members globally, has announced plans to run 15-second video ads in users' news feeds from late April or early May 2014.

New Zealand Business Number – Public Consultation

8:47 AM, 14 March 2014

The New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) is a key part of the Governments Better Public Services programme, which is working towards making it easier for businesses to work with the government. The NZBN is an initiative to assign a single identifying number to all businesses, government agencies and commercial entities in New Zealand.

ANZA welcomes International Chamber of Commerce statement on ad misplacement

9:48 AM, 12 March 2014

As the online ecosystem has grown as a main medium for advertisers, so has the risk of your ads appearing on sites that are inappropriate or even illegal. For that reason ANZA welcomes theInternational Chamber of Commerce (ICC)recentstatement on ad misplacement. The statement, entitled Safeguarding against misplacement of digital advertising , encourages the entire online advertising eco-system towork togetherto develop a self-regulatory frameworkto address the misplacement of advertisements.

Mobile Ad Revenue in NZ to Double in 2014

3:21 PM, 7 March 2014

Mobile ad spend in New Zealand almost doubled from $2.83 million in 2012 to $5.60 million in 2013 and industry experts say it's going to do the same again in 2014.

Mark Copplestone, Chair of the IABNZ Mobile Advertising Council (MAC) says, Growth is being driven by the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets. In New Zealand, 80% of all mobile phones being sold are smartphones.

Ian Twinn blasts critics of advertising food to kids

2:23 PM, 7 March 2014

"Obesity is a complicated socio-economic issue, and advertising is a peripheral factor." says Ian Twinn, Director of Public Affairs for ANZAs UK equivalent, the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA). Arguing why restricting advertising to children is by no means the answer to obesity issues. His comments were in response to those made by Malcolm Clark, co-ordinator of the Childrens Food Campaign, who criticised the UKs Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for not targeting enough irresponsible food and drink marketing to kids.

BLAZED wins Axis glory

1:10 PM, 7 March 2014

Congratulations to our members Clemenger BBDO for winning the highly coveted Grand Axis award last night at the CAANZ Axis Awards. Read the article and results here

Use of 'ANZAC' in Advertising

8:56 AM, 6 March 2014

Please see the attached memo for advice to advertisers on restrictions on the use of Anzac and ANZAC in advertising. It includes a link to Ministry for Culture and Heritage guidelines.

Media Watch: The dynamic nature of the video market

1:41 PM, 3 March 2014

The announcement that Telecom, (soon-to-be Spark) plans to make a substantial play in the New Zealand internet television market through ShowMeTV is yet another signal of the dynamic nature of the video market as it devolves from broadcast.

Telecom says it "will revolutionise the way New Zealanders watch TV." But what will it mean for advertisers?

Video of the month: Imagine having your competitor advertise for you - is it the holy grail?

1:38 PM, 3 March 2014
We all know the power of word-of-mouth, but what if your competitors do the advertising for you, effectively promoting your brand? This months video Trojan Mailing shows how well known international packaging and delivery company DHL managed to pull it off. Click here to watch this video.

New global campaign reinforces the ‘Case for Advertising"

12:20 PM, 3 March 2014

Advertising is often under attack from those who would prefer to control a consumer's right to information. For that reason ANZA is delighted that the International Advertising Association (IAA) has launched a global public service communications initiative, with the aim of reinforcing to consumers and governments, the vital role that advertising plays in all economies.

Managing Agency Rosters for collaboration

11:13 AM, 3 March 2014

Many marketers are now challenged with the task of managing an increasingly growing roster. A logistic that should promote a collaborative environment, and does. Most of the time.

Darren Woolley, founder of TrinityP3 defines some fundamentals that seem to fall by the wayside within multiple agency roster management and reinforces the necessity to create a level playing field when it comes to criteria to be assessed against.

Big Data - the four ingredients for success

10:56 AM, 3 March 2014

Big data may be the biggest (and some argue the most unhelpful) buzzword in marketing now, but - as everyone will acknowledge - getting it right is tricky.

A recent survey by the World Federation of Advertisers finds that those brands that have been successful in turning big data into smart data have four common ingredients.

Can Advertisers choose where their Ads appear? The Roast Busters fall-out

9:45 AM, 3 March 2014
In the fall-out from media coverage of the so-called Roast Busters story, there has been criticism of advertisers by broadcaster John Tamihere. He said he took "great umbrage" at companies "using their cheque books to determine the moral compass of this country."

ANZA is also aware that lawyers acting on behalf of Tamihere have contacted advertisers who suspended advertising in the Willie & JT show on RadioLive. This suggested the broadcasters reputation had been damaged by advertisers withdrawing from the show.

They have also sought from those advertisers, their company policies and guidelines which led to the decision to suspend advertising. So what rights do advertisers have when it comes to where and when their advertisements appears?

Advertising toys to children is fair play-says Ian Twinn

12:44 PM, 28 February 2014

Advertising to children is an issue that gains regular media coverage. Here ISBAs public affairs director, Ian Twinn, explains why toy advertisers should not feel bad about doing a good marketing job, in response to a recent BBC article that criticised a toy manufacturer for building brand loyalty.He advocates that children too, should have freedom of choice. Of course no one is arguing for unfettered advertising to children, but ANZA strongly believes that the ASA Codes of Practice allow for responsible advertising to children.

Health Minister Tony Ryall announces his retirement

10:15 AM, 28 February 2014

Richard Hill on Behavioural Economics

10:04 AM, 28 February 2014

We've commented before on Behavioural Economics (BE). The idea behind BE is that changing the situation people are buying a product in, or the way information is presented, can have a big impact on behaviour.But how practical is it? Richard Hill of Atomic London recently made some useful suggestionsin UKs Marketing magazine.

Sorrell responds to ad-bashing comments

9:26 AM, 28 February 2014

Responding to those who denigrate advertising is, of course, nothing new for us at ANZA; nor are we alone. Recently WPPs Sir Martin Sorrell was the latest to argue the case for advertising in response to ad-bashing comments made by UK MP Helen Goodman at Londons Advertising Association Summit .

Sorrell highlights the sweeping generalisations used to criticise advertising, generalisations that ANZA regularly defend here in New Zealand.

2013 Interactive advertising grows 33%

9:01 AM, 28 February 2014

This past year has seen continued growth of digital advertising in New Zealand. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) end of year report shows that total interactive advertising spend in New Zealand was $471 million growing 29%compared to 2012. As expected, Mobile, Video and Search & Directories topped the fastest growing channels.

Lego Movie labeled “Genius”

8:35 AM, 28 February 2014

Product placement in movies is nothing new, but when the product placed isthe movie, thats something else again. No surprise then that industry observers are applauding the creation of what looks to be an advertisers dream- a 100 minute long advertisement that people are paying to watch.

Commentators have described the Lego movie as "an exceptional piece of content marketing" and have recognised that treating children and adults the same, with "a catch-all policy" is what caused its massive success.

Televison still provides the best vehicle for viewing programmes

9:18 AM, 27 February 2014

Stories of the likely demise of television overlook a key element. While viewers may be changing their habits with video on demand and time-shifted viewing, the television screen continues to provide the best viewing experience. A new British study can reassure ANZA members that television sets still remain the preferred device to watch programmes.

According to data compiled by the Broadcasters' Audience Research Board (BARB), and recently released by Thinkbox, the vast majority (98.5%) of British TV viewers said that they continue to prefer watching programmes on a television set as opposed to other mediums.

New global campaign will reinforce the importance of advertising

1:12 PM, 18 February 2014

Advertising is often under attack from those who would prefer to control a consumer's right to information, for that reason ANZA is delighted that the International Advertising Association (IAA) has launched a global public service communications initiative, with the aim of reinforcing to consumers and governments, the vital role that advertising plays in all economies.

The new campaign, known as The Case for Advertising focuses on many of the core benefits that are deeply rooted in marketing communications - that advertising promotes choice; educates; informs; supports the arts, entertainment and sports; and often contributes to the costs of providing news and information. The campaign, which comes at a time when the ad industry is under even greater scrutiny by governments and policy makers, builds around the statement " Advertising. Your Right To Choose".

Upcoming Event: Media 2014 - March 20/21

12:13 PM, 5 February 2014

As the media scene continues to change rapidly, advertisers recognise that it is challenging for senior level marketers to stay abreast of an increasingly complex media world.

For that reason ANZA is please to endorse CAANZ/AUTs Media 2014- Improve your organisations marketing effectiveness in a rapidly changing media world. Limited to just 20 participants, this 2-day intensive drew acclaim last year from participants. Dont miss out.

Video of the Month: Brands with purpose - the future of branding?

12:07 PM, 5 February 2014

These are exciting times to be in marketing! Naturally, everyone is talking about digital and how that impacts the brand marketing strategy, but flip the coin and see how it is changing people and the world. Connectivity allows movements to prosper, for all kinds of issues that consumers care about. In that context, the public are increasingly calling for brands to have a social conscience and stand for more than just functional delivery of a product or service.

See what the EUs Director General for Communications Networks - Content and Technology, Robert Madelin, has to say about this focus towards brand-purpose integration in this interview with the World Federation of Advertisers.

Media Watch - Magazine landscape changes

11:34 AM, 5 February 2014

The magazine landscape is set to change with Bauer Media Group (NZ), which publishes Metro and North and South magazines, cleared by the Commerce Commission to buy a number of APN News & Medias magazine titles, including The Listener and New Zealand Woman's Weekly, the Simply You mastheads and Creme.

The Commerce Commission cleared the acquisition, saying in a statement that they were satisfied the deal wouldn't substantially lessen competition in the supply of current affairs, weekly women's and women's interest magazines, nor magazine advertising. So what does this mean for advertisers?

The shame of AdShame

11:30 AM, 5 February 2014

Until recently, the alcohol health advocacy groups have largely acted independently from the food health advocates. In part, this has been due to the diverse interventions each group seeks. The one policy they have in common is the promotion of advertising bans and associated with that, Government regulation of advertising and sponsorship.

In a new initiative however, alcohol and food health lobby organisations in Australia have formed an organisation called AdShame, launching a concerted attack on advertising self-regulation.

What advertising could or should look like in 2020...

11:21 AM, 5 February 2014

Since its inception in 2008, the Wharton Future of Advertising programme has become something of a lightning rod to spark conversations and collaborations about change and what the future could be. Recently, Martin Riley, the Chairman of the World Federation of Advertisers and Chief Marketing Officer of Pernod-Ricard, gave his view on What Could or Should Advertising Look Like in 2020?

Social Media - does it stack up?

11:13 AM, 5 February 2014

Today's 'always-on' consumer is very much in control, with multi-channel, multi-device marketing established as the new norm. In this dynamic environment, the need to measure and predict behaviour is both increasingly challenging and important.

Marketing and media in real-time are here to stay, and the more immediate and predictive media analytics can be the better. But this is challenging, as the range of social media expands and as we see consumer preference for platforms grow and decline at sometimes spectacular rates.

How confident can we be about how well social media delivers on ROI for advertisers? Certainly that is a regular question raised with ANZA.

International News-Bites

10:54 AM, 22 January 2014

Issues concerning food marketing are, of course, not unique to New Zealand and in our interconnected world international developments can quickly become centre-stage here. Through our membership of the World Federation of Advertisers and affiliates, ANZA closely monitors food marketing issues from around the world.

What does The Economist have to say ?

10:46 AM, 22 January 2014

A useful article published recently in The Economist magazine on food marketing to children highlights industry self-regulatory efforts globally. Asking the question of whether children are fair game for sophisticated marketing techniques, the authors come down in favour of proportionality through responsible self-regulation and industry imposed Codes, as we have here in New Zealand.

FIZZing about the wrong stuff

10:43 AM, 22 January 2014

2014 kicks off with renewed calls for advertising of sugar sweetened beverages (SSBs) to be banned in New Zealand, as part of a suite of proposals by advocates to have such products removed from store shelves entirely as a means of reducing obesity levels in the population.

\All advertisers should be concerned at the creep of interventionist thinking; that the state knows best, especially when the arguments used are not evidence-based.

Already this year we have calls in the UK for taxes on fruit juice to reduce consumption, so we should expect it to be just a matter of time before the same calls are made here. Today soft drink, tomorrow fruit juice, next week..?

Food Labelling - a surprising turn from academia

9:45 AM, 22 January 2014

Two soon to be published studies of food labelling have results that are somewhat surprising. Not surprising in that they are in keeping with many other studies that show the benefits from energy labelling or traffic light labelling to be inconsequential. The significance is not the actual conclusions themselves, rather who made them.

Sugar the new Tobacco? Health lobbyist’s increasingly alarmist claims

9:30 AM, 22 January 2014

In January the UKs Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) morphed into Action on Sugar. Its a timely reminder of the increasing focus on sugar (and perhaps recognition that the panic over salt had little basis in science).

Action on Sugar began with a media blitz claiming that sugar is the new tobacco urging the food industry to cut 30 percent of sugar from processed food in Britons cupboards. As the Guardians Mark Wallace commented. Like all those with a need to nanny other adults, it intends to save us from the threat, whether we like it or not.

In ANZAs view, there is little doubt that sugar is now the prime target of the food activists lobbying plans.

The Beacon Awards — CAANZ new shining light

1:12 PM, 8 January 2014

For many years the CAANZ Media Awards have been the annual event that celebrates the very best of the media industry, rewarding great strategic insight, planning and execution in a rapidly evolving industry. In 2014 they have a fresh look reflecting the changing nature of the media environment - the Beacon Awards.

Media Watch - Why advertisers should consider On Demand!

1:04 PM, 8 January 2014

As Kevin Spacey said recently, "The audience wants control. They want freedom." Consumers are increasingly wanting to enjoy content when it fits with their busy lives. So is Television OnDemand on your schedule? TVNZ certainly thinks it should be.

Scope of work vs. schedule of work - why the difference should matter to you

12:56 PM, 8 January 2014

About 18 months ago our colleague Darren Woolley at TrinityP3 blogged on the worlds worst advertising agency scope of work defined by a marketer in which he highlighted the lack of specificity in the scope of work provided. However, recently he was challenged to rethink this by a procurement person that the blog had confused the Scope of Work with the Schedule of Work. A matter of semantics? No! There are key differences between scope of work and schedule of work. We look at why the difference matters...

Advertising Standards Authority - 40 years of successful industry self-regulation

12:45 PM, 8 January 2014

The advertising industry recently marked 40 years of responsible industry self-regulation with a function in Wellington hosted by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and attended by members of Parliament, media industry representatives, advertisers, agencies and other stakeholders. Industry should be proud of the sustained success of self-regulation.

700,000 extra viewers for next to no cost? Yes please!

12:32 PM, 8 January 2014

If you could more effectively reach up to 700,000 viewers for just $200, you would. For a fraction of your investment in the cost of a television ad campaign, you can easily access deaf and hearing-impaired viewers - as well as viewers in noisy environments - simply by having your television commercials captioned. Its simple to do, and at a cost of just $200 per TVC, ANZA believes this investment is well worth it. ANZA encourages all advertisers to make captioning of TVC's standard practice.

Is Soft Drink Advertising at risk of FIZZing out?

12:18 PM, 8 January 2014

New Yorkers balked when mayor Bloomberg attempted last year to ban soft drink servings larger than 16oz, maintaining that the mayor has no right to tell them what to put in their bodies. While that law was overturned by the citys Supreme Court, that hasnt slowed the calls for interventionism.

Here in New Zealand 2014 kicks off with renewed calls for advertising of sugar sweetened beverages to be banned, as part of a suite of proposals by advocates to have such products removed from store shelves entirely as a means of reducing obesity levels in the population.

All advertisers should be concerned at the creep up of interventionist thinking; that the state knows best, especially when the arguments used are not evidence-based. Today Soft Drink, tomorrow..?

ANZA continues to advocate, on behalf of all advertisers, to protect the right to advertise responsibly.

Event: WFA Conference 2014

2:40 PM, 4 December 2013

ANZA is proud to be a supporting partner of the AANA & WFA Global Marketer Conference, Wednesday 26 March in Sydney. 400 of the world's marketing community will descend on Sydney to inspire, share and debate challenges, issues and opportunities facing marketers the world over. Be sure to be one of them!

Media Watch: When does Christmas start?

11:17 AM, 4 December 2013

No one underestimates the power of seasonal offerings, but a recent campaign should cause advertisers to consider whether you can begin Christmas advertising too far in advance of the actual season? Public reaction to a Kmart campaign in the US helps answer that question.

Video of the Month: Christmas with Lego

10:30 AM, 4 December 2013

I just love this Lego TVC from Amsterdam agency We Are Pi

2014 - The year ahead

10:04 AM, 4 December 2013

Dear Santa,

As advertisers, we believe we have again been very responsible in 2013. You can see that in the continuing decline in the number of complaints to the Advertising Standards Complaints Board. So what are we are hoping to see under the Christmas tree this year?

2013 - The year that was

9:59 AM, 4 December 2013

Many readers will be familiar with the Doomsday Clock. A symbolic clock face, maintained by the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists at the University of Chicago. The closer the Clock is to midnight, the closer the Science and Security Board believes the world to be to global disaster. ANZA may be accused of drawing a long bow using this as a metaphor for the risk of greater advertising regulations, but it is not difficult to see the similarities and the past year was one where the likelihood of regulatory intervention got closer.

LAPS Approvals

9:41 AM, 20 November 2013

See our important reminder from Rob Bree regarding Christmas LAPS Adjudicator dates.

Videos of the Month

9:28 AM, 20 November 2013

We have a number of recent responsible drinking messages out this month, we chose to highlight Steinlager and Heineken's new campaigns.

Global Watch

9:21 AM, 20 November 2013

In our regular wrap of international news, there have been a number of significant international updates recently, particularly from the Irish and South African Governments and the EU, together with renewed focus on alcohol branded sponsorship of sport in Australia. In an ever more global advocacy environment these reports provide a useful framework for understanding local threats.

EU Responsible Marketing Pact

9:16 AM, 20 November 2013

ANZAs parent organisation, the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) are working globally with industry to minimise the exposure that underage social media users have to alcohol brands online campaigns.

This is reflected in the EU Responsible Marketing Pact, with leading producers from the beer, wine and spirits sectors committing to a comprehensive initiative to strengthen independent advertising self-regulatory schemes for alcohol beverage marketing by establishing a set of common, rigorous standards for their marketing communications throughout the European Union.

Age-gating for brand sites and social media

9:07 AM, 20 November 2013

We know that social networks have provided brands with unparalleled levels opportunities for interaction with consumers. As consumers have changed their media habits, so it makes sense for industry to leverage platforms like Facebook and Twitter. However, social media brings its own challenges, especially for sectors which demand a high level of social responsibility in their campaigns.

Industry has a particular responsibility toward the exposure that underage social media users have to alcohol brands online campaigns. Advertisers are reminded of the need to appropriately age-gate their brand websites with best practice methodology, ensuring that access by under-age social media users is minimised.

ASA Consultation:

8:58 AM, 20 November 2013

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is currently consulting with industry regarding enforcement provisions associated with breaches of the Code for Advertising and Promotion of Alcohol in relation to naming, labelling, packaging of alcohol products. Make sure your views are heard.

Media Watch

11:50 AM, 6 November 2013

Just in time for Christmas, New Zealand Post is trialing an advertising mail special, with a special offer for ANZA members.


11:43 AM, 6 November 2013

On Wednesday March 26 2014 400 of the world's marketing community will descend on Sydney to inspire, share and debate challenges, issues and opportunities facing marketers the world over. Make certain you join them.

Video of the Month

11:18 AM, 6 November 2013

Adobe recently ran Adobe Baby Click, a commercial run during Advertising Week to promote Adobe Marketing Cloud, a product educating digital marketers about understanding the metrics of their online campaigns. So who is clicking through your campaign?

Reducing Television Production Costs

10:56 AM, 6 November 2013

A common concern for ANZA members we hear regularly is the challenge of balancing the marcomms spend between creative and media costs. This is particularly evident in New Zealand where production costs cannot be amortised across a large population.

ANZA appreciates the value of great creative and outstanding production values, but this must be balanced by delivering value for money solutions to the advertiser. In a world of major technology advances, Clive Duncan from Trinity P3 believes we are on the cusp of significant change and saving with the passing of the location shoots or studio sets and their associated costs.

Do consumers really need further protection from marketing?

9:59 AM, 6 November 2013

With frequent and more strident calls to place bans or greater restrictions on the advertising of a number of product categories, ANZA believes that society needs to ask ourselves the question; are we too eager to blame societys problems on marketing?

Media Transparency & the Return of Media Income to Advertisers

9:25 AM, 6 November 2013

Transparency in relation to media agencies has been in the headlines of the global advertising media a great deal recently. Why is this? And what are advertisers doing to ensure full transparency? We have recent advice from the World Federation of Advertisers on how they can deal with this within their contracts.

TAPS Adjudicators

11:46 AM, 23 October 2013

ANZAs team of TAPS Adjudicators who approve therapeutic advertisements review more than 2,500 advertisements a year across all mediums, from television to online. We are fortunate to have such a high calibre team, whose understanding of the legal and self-regulatory framework in which advertisers must operate, together with their breadth of experience across media and therapeutic products and services, provide an excellent service to TAPS users.

ANZA members rarely get to meet the Adjudicators, but we will profile one of them each issue of the ANZA Therapeutics newsletter. This month, meet Peter Pratt.


11:34 AM, 23 October 2013

Advertising in the therapeutics sector is complex and requires a high standard of social responsibility. It is important you stay up-to-date with regulations, approvals and complaints. Read more for registration and further information.

Thursday 21st November 2013

9:00am 12:00pm - Auckland

Social Media - are you in the know?

11:27 AM, 23 October 2013

As we know, brand-owned social media pages are considered advertisements under the Advertising Standards Authority Codes.

All advertisers need to be aware of their responsibilities in managing their sites and ensure those responsible for managing social media content are aware of the ASAs Social Media Guidelines. Make sure you are too.

Claims Substantiation - how do I deal with a complaint?

11:12 AM, 23 October 2013

The ASAs complaints process operates on the basis that advertisers must be able to provide substantiation/ evidence to support the claims made in their advertising. New guidelines have been developed to help advertisers respond to complaints that an ad is misleading...

A new direction for pharmaceutical marketing?

9:31 AM, 23 October 2013

As one of two countries allowing direct to consumer advertising of pharmaceuticals, we closely watch trends in DTCA in the USA. With the so-called Obama Care plan underway, significant changes are underway in pharmaceutical marketing. Make sure youre up to date.

Video of the month - Rory Sutherland on Behavioural Economics

3:56 PM, 7 October 2013

Earlier this year at the World Federation of Advertiser’s Global Marketer Week, I was fortunate enough to hear Rory Sutherland, Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy Group. Rory is a vocal advocate for the use of behavioural economics in social policy, marketing, advertising and market research.

Media Watch - Interactive Advertising Bureau

3:49 PM, 7 October 2013

ANZA has recently collaborated with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IABNZ) to run a series of practical training sessions to provide marketers with a comprehensive understanding of digital metrics and analytics, as well as how to optimise when using digital in the marketing mix.

There are no exceptions to responsible advertising self-regulation.

1:44 PM, 7 October 2013

 Advertising self-regulation is not a pick and mix: it must cover all marketing. That includes social media. It is becoming urgent for marketers to decide how to make this work in practice, says Stephan Loerke, Managing Director of the World Federation of Advertisers, Stephan Loerke.

Regulations and Taxes for Food and Beverage Advertising

4:39 PM, 2 October 2013

Politicians and lobbyists who promote new regulations and taxes typically claim to have science on their side. Scientific evidence shows that the actions they wish to discourage are harmful and that government intervention would reduce this harm.

Yet much ‘evidence-based policy’ is grounded on poor scientific reasoning or worse, weak economic argument. Recent examples of flawed evidence-based policy include proposals to introduce a minimum alcohol price, ban advertising food in public spaces, and place taxes on sugar or fats. There is even a UK based attempt to increase gross national happiness.

For this reason, ANZA supports the argument made by Sir Peter Gluckman, the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Adviser, who recently highlighted that some Government policy-makers are using gut instincts instead of hard evidence to make decisions that influence New Zealanders' lives.

His report, released in September, criticised most government policy teams for failing to properly consider research to see how proposed law changes stacked up scientifically. At worst, some policy advisers simply rubber-stamped their minister's instructions. "If you don't use evidence properly in policy formation, you're less like to make the best choice," Gluckman said.

Managing Multiple Agencies

4:32 PM, 2 October 2013

Frustrated by the time and resources taken in managing agency relationships, senior marketers are looking more and more at how they might reframe the agency models. Pitch doctor and marketing management consultant, Darren Woolley of TrinityP3 recently told B&T that he has met with “a lot of CMOs” who are frustrated at becoming the go-betweens for their agencies.

This was an issue further highlighted by Nestle Director of Corporate Communications and Marketing Services, David Morgan. He stated; “(marketers) have become bogged down in ‘process management,’ coordinating an ever-increasing number of agency relationships.”

When it comes to tackling big strategic issues, rather than having a lead agency, trying to manage all agencies or a team of representatives from each of their agencies, Woolley proposes a model he calls the ‘City Model’, where marketers can directly access the individuals they want to work with.

UK Agencies rebel against Govt. procurement

1:45 PM, 23 September 2013

The UK Ad Agency industry body, the IPA, has passed a vote of no confidence in the UK Government Procurement Service

Advertising to Children

1:16 PM, 18 September 2013

Control, if not bans on the advertising of food, especially to children, is a cornerstone policy of many health advocates. Sadly their argument is dominated by rhetoric rather than fact. A good example of this is the all too common complaint that television is filled with food and beverage advertisements targeting children with products high in fat, salt and sugar. This is simply untrue.

The reality is that New Zealand's self-regulatory model for advertising works extremely well. The ASA’s ‘Children’s Code for Advertising Food’ coupled with the television broadcasters policy ‘Getting it Right for Children’ work together to ensure that the needs of both children and parents are well served.

There is no advertising allowed during pre-school television programming, and just 6% of television advertising in school-age children’s time zones is of food or beverage products. A great example of responsible industry self-regulation of advertising in action.

However this argument is not going away, with the Agencies for Nutrition Action hosting a webinar on September 26th "Marketing to NZ children: A snapshot of recent evidence and options for action" hosted by members of the Health Promotion and Policy Research Unit, University of Otago.

What do consumers think?

12:51 PM, 18 September 2013

With advertisers often labelled as the primary scapegoats when it comes to health issues associated with food and beverages, it is worth considering what consumers, particularly parents think of advertising. A recent study by ANZA’s sister body, the Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) identified that parents are not ignorant or ill-informed when it comes to making healthy food choices.

This is in direct contrast to what some health sector lobbyists would have us believe. For the vast majority of parents, advertising only helps determine choice of brand but it doesn’t determine choice of food type to any meaningful extent.

What is industry doing?

11:59 AM, 18 September 2013

It is not uncommon for companies marketing packaged food and beverage products to undergo uninformed scrutiny from the media, as well as health advocates. Despite continued innovation by industry providing greater food choices and ‘better for you’ options, those who seek greater regulatory control of food supply seek to pigeonhole the industry as being unresponsive to the community’s health needs.

To provide a more balanced perspective, it is encouraging to see industry determinedly becoming part of the conversation and highlighting what changes they are making, or how they are supporting social good. Globally regulators and advocates wish to exclude industry from discussion on health issues. The more industry can demonstrate its commitment to ongoing change, the more we can justify continued inclusion in discussions to collectively address obesity. 

Media Watch

10:06 AM, 12 September 2013

Each month we bring you news from a media channel. This month we focus our attentions on the Experiential Association of NZ (EMANZ), who promote the experiential marketing industry and best practice within that medium.

EMANZ have recently undertaken a number of initiatives to drive effectiveness and measurability for the industry as a whole to demonstrate meaningful ROI. They are also building relationships with key stakeholders, especially Councils, to enable experiential marketing to operate effectively in public spaces.

ASA's Social Media Guidelines

12:38 PM, 9 September 2013

With more brands than ever having a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a YouTube channel, and/or Pinterest, these social media channels provide a flourishing environment for both content and user generated comments (USG).

This provides challenges for advertisers, particularly around moderation of USG on brand pages. As these pages are considered advertisements under the Advertising Standards Authority Codes, all advertisers should be aware of their responsibilities in managing their sites and ensure those responsible for social media in your organisation are aware of the ASA’s Social Media Guidelines.

Plain Packaging

12:33 PM, 9 September 2013

When the argument for plain packaging to reduce tobacco consumption was mooted, ANZA expressed strong reservation that this policy would lead to demands for similar packaging to be applied to foods and beverage products that public health advocates seek to restrict.

Our concerns were well placed, and it did not take long, given the argument for plain packaging was presented as one of a series of “tobacco-like” measures at the recent “NZ Waistline – What will it take to fix?” forum in Wellington. Whatever your industry, the creep of public health advocacy, without sound evidence, should be considered alarming.

Talent Contracts

12:29 PM, 9 September 2013

It is a well known fact that the standard advertising talent contracts (and the pre-casting brief that establishes many of the terms of the talent contract) are outdated and not fit for purpose in today’s advertising environment.

What were our primary mediums of communication; television, print and radio advertising, have now been supplemented by a highly fragmented and rapidly evolving digital media market. At the same time many campaigns are now short run and advertisers are often uncertain of the longevity of a campaign or the breadth of media to be used.

Brand and corporate websites may call for hosting of historically interesting material. Future contracts for our campaigns need to reflect these and other trends. ANZA is very keen to understand your recent experiences and concerns regarding talent contracts.

Effie entries open

3:24 PM, 10 July 2013

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1:07 PM, 9 July 2013

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11:24 AM, 6 December 2012

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Straight talk for DVR- happy viewers

10:20 AM, 11 October 2012

Advertising is Dead

9:12 AM, 11 October 2012

Acceptance of mobile advertising jumps

1:47 PM, 2 October 2012

Tablet Ownership doubles in Australia

1:04 PM, 2 October 2012

Global Adspend rises 2.4%

12:58 PM, 2 October 2012

Important Changes to Television Commercial Specifications

1:32 PM, 21 September 2012

Adoption of new audio loudness specification  from January 2013

Australian advertising falls 14% in August

10:13 AM, 20 September 2012

How do you measure advertising engagement?

11:42 AM, 13 September 2012

Denmark to drop fat tax and shelve sugar tax plans

11:41 AM, 13 September 2012

Australian Adspend forecast down

11:39 AM, 13 September 2012

Brand advertising can positively change the way we drink

9:48 AM, 9 August 2012

Media Releases from Association of New Zealand Advertisers

9:19 AM, 9 August 2012

CAANZ launches its Code of Ethics, Practices, and Obligations

12:08 PM, 2 August 2012

Changes at New Zealand Herald

10:27 AM, 26 July 2012

ANZA 2011 Annual Report

9:42 AM, 26 July 2012

Euro crisis impacts adspend growth

10:08 AM, 21 June 2012

Axe wins Creative Effectiveness prize

10:05 AM, 21 June 2012

Coke champions Facebook

9:54 AM, 21 June 2012

Chinese brands can crack US

9:52 AM, 21 June 2012

Google, IBM among "planet brands"

9:49 AM, 21 June 2012

Multi-Screening on the rise (US)

8:58 AM, 14 June 2012

European FMCG brands turn to promotional spend

8:51 AM, 14 June 2012

IABNZ & 3DI release survey providing insights into how New Zealanders use Smartphones

10:25 AM, 7 June 2012

UK: Sexualised advertising continues to reach children

10:19 AM, 7 June 2012

Is Facebook advertising hitting the mark?

10:11 AM, 7 June 2012

New age-verification on Twitter for restricted brands

10:05 AM, 7 June 2012

Disney; first media company to adopt food ad restrictions

9:58 AM, 7 June 2012

Updated Olympics advice

9:55 AM, 7 June 2012

WHO recommendations

1:43 PM, 31 May 2012

Surge in Digital Advertising Complaints in UK

9:35 AM, 31 May 2012

Our Mobile Planet- New Zealand

1:10 PM, 24 May 2012

Foreign brands lead in Australia

10:07 AM, 24 May 2012

Apple tops global brand value charts

10:03 AM, 24 May 2012

Internet advertising restrictions are on the wish list for a Commons report.

9:54 AM, 24 May 2012

New research shows advertising drives economic growth

9:40 AM, 24 May 2012

TV Ad skipping, the next threat

9:14 AM, 24 May 2012

Melbourne Council calls for hike on quick service restaurants

10:16 AM, 17 May 2012

Media Commissions: Fairfax Media

10:08 AM, 17 May 2012

New "Shopping Channel"

10:07 AM, 17 May 2012

TVNZ to drop new obligation

10:05 AM, 17 May 2012

Axis Awards

10:04 AM, 17 May 2012

Global advertising market growth

10:02 AM, 17 May 2012

History of NZ advertising book contribution opportunity

9:59 AM, 17 May 2012

Food Industry Group welcomes Australian Government Attitude to food packaging labelling

4:30 PM, 8 December 2011

New government advertising agency selection guidelines announced

3:07 PM, 8 December 2011

Blog: Advertising in itself is not evil.

2:19 PM, 21 November 2011

McCann CEO predicts death of agency model

1:14 PM, 28 October 2011

The traditional agency model was dead and there was no future for it, said McCann Erickson Australia CEO Ben Lilley. “There is no future for traditional agencies in this market, or anywhere else in the world. The traditional agency model – and the layers of management, cost and operating inefficiencies that are part of it – is dead”   Read More at B&T

Are Marketers lagging in tech and social media expertise?

4:47 PM, 20 October 2011

A new global study of Chief Marketing Officers by IBM has revealed that Australian and New Zealand marketers are lagging behind their international counterparts when it comes to technology savviness and social media expertise.


4:46 PM, 14 October 2011

Another study has found that the level of child overweight/obesity has plateaued. A pre-publication online release by the International Journal of Public Health of a study entitled "Plateau in Obesity and Overweight in a Cross Sectional Study of Low, Middle and High Socioeconomic Status Schoolchildren between 2004 and 2009" by Jennifer O'Dea et al surveyed 1239 children aged 9-12 in NSW, Australia.

Content is king for brands

4:44 PM, 14 October 2011

Brand owners such as Kraft, General Electric and Coca-Cola are placing an emphasis on strong creative ideas and original content to engage customers across media channels. Kraft, the US food group, has based its recent approach to marketing on an understanding that the way consumers treat information is changing rapidly as a result of new technologies and digital services.

Domain name freedom carries massive risks for advertisers

4:34 PM, 14 October 2011

ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) in June of this year approved a plan allowing for unlimited new, so called generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs), as here and here

Marketers struggle with data load

4:32 PM, 13 September 2011

Marketing chiefs feel overwhelmed by the growing volume of customer data on websites like Facebook and Twitter, and while they realize its potential value they consider themselves ill-equipped to harness it, an IBM study found....

Australian Advertising Outlook Softens

3:58 PM, 29 August 2011

Optimism among Australian advertisers in late 2010 about their advertising budgets for 2011 has been replaced by a considerably more cautious outlook, with overall advertising expenditure growth projections for this year more than halved revised down, according to the Starcom MediaVest Group Media Futures Mid-Year Update

TV Ad revenue grows 5% in first-half

3:54 PM, 25 August 2011

Television advertising revenue for year ended June 30 was $613 million, compared to $583 million for the previous 12 months, an annual growth of 5.1% reports ThinkTV who see the result as “a strong indicator of the confidence advertisers place on the medium as the economic recovery begins to take hold”.

The Dangers of Blind Network Buys By Laura Maxwell-Hansen, General Manager Yahoo! New Zealand

3:52 PM, 19 August 2011

As the online media space evolves and new technology and media buying methods surface, many clients find themselves debating the question: How do we go about securing the best direct response results in an online campaign? In order to answer that question, they first need to consider the pros and cons of blind versus transparent ad networks.

Online metrics

2:04 PM, 15 August 2011

15 August 2011

 Online metrics is a hot topic. For many years, the NZ online advertising industry has supported a single model, but now faces a number of options. IAB Australia recently awarded The ... Click for more

AANA to battle Greens threat to ban food advertisements on TV

3:57 PM, 22 July 2011

22 July 2011

ANZA’s sister organisation in Australia, the AANA is very concerned that the Greens have renewed their calls to ban television advertising of certain foods to children. The Green’s announcement follows the release of research by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) which claims that self regulation is not working.

Global advertisers and what they think about advertising to children

3:55 PM, 22 July 2011

22 July 2011

Advertisers, agency and media representatives from around the world met recently in the US, as a part of the Responsible Advertising and Children (RAC) Programme, to share key developments, challenges and good practices in relation to marketing and children. There were four main takeaways:

New Zealand Post Lifestyle Survey 2011

3:55 PM, 13 July 2011

13 July 2011

New Zealand’s most comprehensive survey asking Kiwis their preferences on everything from takeaways to travel destinations landed in 800,000 letterboxes and 125,000 email inboxes in recent weeks.

CAANZ EFFIE® Award 2011 Call for Entries is Open – in association with TVNZ & ANZA

3:54 PM, 1 July 2011

01 July 2011


3:51 PM, 1 July 2011

01 July 2011

The Association of New Zealand Advertisers (ANZA) has announced that Lindsay Mouat has been appointed as CEO from 1 July 2011.

Lindsay succeeds retiring CEO Jeremy Irwin who leaves ANZA at the end of June.


3:49 PM, 5 June 2011

05 June 2011

Press Release @ 5 May 2011:


The Association of New Zealand Advertisers (ANZA) has announced that CEO Jeremy Irwin has advised his wish to retire as at 30 June 2011.

ANZA and the MA: Members benefit as associations work more closely together

3:48 PM, 1 June 2011

01 June 2011

Media Release: 01 June 2011

ANZA and the MA: Members benefit as associations work more closely together

IAB Press Release

3:47 PM, 27 May 2011

27 May 2011

IAB Australia appoints The Nielsen Company sole and exclusive preferred supplier of online audience measurement in Australia

Greening the UK market

3:45 PM, 14 April 2011

14 April 2011

Consumer perceptions in UK markets are becoming more discerning, reports BusinessNZ’s

Phil O’Reilly.

Just back from working sessions with UK business groups, Phil says British customers are developing a more sophisticated appreciation of sustainability.

Time-Shifted Viewing - The New Currency

3:43 PM, 13 April 2011

13 April 2011

2012 will see release of new television viewership data with the expansion of the Nielsen panel to incorporate households with personal video recorders.

Print Media Accreditation

3:41 PM, 1 April 2011

01 April 2011

The PMAA oversees the accreditation of advertising agencies for booking and billing advertiser space in newspapers and magazines. The accreditation system is a robust way of ensuring a level of expertise is maintained around the booking and management of space bookings. In return for accreditation commission is paid to agencies which is shown on invoices to advertisers.

Effective Advertising in Mags

3:38 PM, 18 March 2011

18 March 2011

The Magazine Publishers Association have announced a new award to recognise effective use of magazine advertising called (not surprisingly) the- "Most Effective Use of Magazines by an Advertiser"

Industry to Benefit from Rapid Genius Expansion

3:35 PM, 18 March 2011

18 March 2011

Less than a year after its launch, New Zealand Post is already adding innovative enhancements to its Genius marketing data tool.

~ Leonie Thorburn ~

3:33 PM, 1 March 2011

01 March 2011

To ANZA Members and Industry Friends

Re ~ Leonie Thorburn ~

 I am sure that you will be sad to learn that ANZAs long serving Executive Assistant Leonie Thorburn died yesterday after a long fight with cancer.

ANZA Welcomes Print Research Initiative

4:06 PM, 14 January 2011

01 October 2010.

The announcement of an enhanced print readership service is welcomed by advertisers. Nielsen have been appointed by the Print Media Industry Research Review Group to a five year contract beginning January 2011 which will provide:

- Completely redesigned survey including new questions covering consumer and media, lifestyle, life stage, activity and attitudes

- Managed transition to computer assisted and ultimately fully online surveying

- New media and consumer insight, including annual dynamic cross-media and publishing brand engagement study

- Fusion of Household Expenditure Monitor data to the print readership database and a new panel based on an online audience measurement tool also fused to core readership

Chairman of the PMIRRG, Derek Lindsay highlighted that the new service would provide a future-proofed solution for our industry for the next five years.

How to use Mobile Messaging in Retail - IAB 2010 Edition

2:09 PM, 25 November 2010

Buying Media Better

2:41 PM, 9 November 2010

Procurement is becoming an increasingly important albeit much criticised part of the process of buying media agency services. Nick Manning identifies 10 ways to improve purchasing practice...

Brand owners seek to better share their values with Consumers

2:06 PM, 9 November 2010

09 November 2010

Major brand owners like P&G, Coca-Cola and Dell are increasingly basing their marketing on a unifying idea, in a bid to engage consumers with consistent messages.

Where Did My Ad Run? New Efforts to Find Out

2:04 PM, 9 November 2010

09 November 2010

A group of global media companies and advertisers wants to find a way to identify content whenever and wherever it runs. The group, Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement, was formed earlier this year to develop a system for measuring audiences across TV, the web, mobile phones and whatever other platforms might pop up in coming years.

Global advertising spend continues to recover

2:02 PM, 9 November 2010

09 November 2010

Advertising expenditure will increase by over 4% worldwide in each of the next two years, with TV, social media and mobile all enjoying strengthening demand.

ZenithOptimedia, a unit of Publicis Groupe, estimated revenues would rise 4.8% to $449.5bn (€323.7bn; £282.7bn) this year, compared with the 3.5% uptick outlined in its last report, published three months ago.

Defending the Marketing Budget

1:51 PM, 10 September 2010

10 September 2010

Tim Broadbent, Global Effectiveness Director for Ogilvy & Mather recently addressed local advertisers on the theme of defending the advertising budget through effectiveness and ROI.

Click on the attachment to view Tim’s presentation.

Positive Magazine Readership Results

1:49 PM, 18 August 2010

18 August 2010

“More and more people are reading magazines according to the latest round of readership and circulation audits. 85% of all magazines have increased or maintained their readership period on period. Particularly strong growth is coming from magazines giving practical value to readers about topics such as gardening, cooking, decorating and lifestyle” says MPA Chairperson, Lynley Belton.

OnDemand v TV Viewers

1:44 PM, 18 August 2010

18 August 2010

Ever wondered how an Ondemand Viewer is different to a TV viewer?

Inaugural New Zealand email marketing metrics report

1:44 PM, 9 August 2010

09 August 2010

New Zealand’s first email marketing metrics report crunched close to 100 million permission-based commercial emails to show how email drives massive readership and clicks

Television Broadcasters Council report a resurgence in TV advertising

1:43 PM, 16 July 2010

16 July 2010

Television Broadcasters Council report a resurgence in TV advertising with 7.7% revenue growth for the second quarter of 2010 and 5.4% YTD.

Advertising Standards Authority Annual Report

1:40 PM, 30 June 2010

30 June 2010

The Advertising Standards Authority has published its 2009 Annual Report.

Marketers get to crunch the numbers with new DM web tool

1:38 PM, 9 June 2010

09 June 2010

ANZA partner New Zealand Post Targeted Communications has launched a new website that offers marketers unique, free insights into their target audiences.

Budget 2010 - Building the Recovery

1:36 PM, 20 May 2010

20 May 2010

Business NZ have provided a summary of Key Issues and Outcomes from the 2010 budget.

Advertisers Welcome Release of New Codes

1:35 PM, 19 May 2010

19 May 2010

The Association of New Zealand Advertisers fully supports the eagerly awaited Advertising Standards Authority’s revised Codes for Advertising of Food as well as the new Code, Advertising of Food to Children.

These Codes provide clear guidance to advertisers and their Ad Agencies in preparing campaigns with a high level of social responsibility.

Nurturing the Green Shoots

1:32 PM, 6 May 2010


06 May 2010

The annual ANZA / CAANZ Economic Forum on 28 April gave advertisers, agencies and the media and an encouraging outlook on business prospects over the next year.

Television advertising strengthening

12:19 PM, 29 April 2010

29 April 2010

Latest data from the Television Broadcasters Council shows television revenue for the first quarter of 2010 was $122 million, an increase of $3 million or 2.9% on same quarter last year, showing renewed confidence in the New Zealand advertising market.

Liquor Advertising controls rejected

12:18 PM, 28 April 2010

28 April 2010

The Association of New Zealand Advertisers (ANZA) is surprised and disappointed that the Law Commission Recommendations on the Sale and Supply of Liquor proposes severe limitations on the advertising, promotions and sponsorship of alcohol says ANZA Chief Executive Jeremy Irwin.

Mobile Marketing views

12:17 PM, 15 April 2010

15 April 2010

Major brand owners in Europe and Asia Pacific plan to heighten their investment in mobile in 2010, but concerns about accountability remain, the World Federation of Advertisers has found

Most ad agencies still not "results driven"

12:15 PM, 15 April 2010

15 April 2010

A new international survey from the Fournaise Marketing Group reports that a majority of marketers around the world do not believe that their agencies are sufficiently "results driven". Only one-third of agencies were described as “results drivers”, sufficiently focused on client’s revenues.

Bryan Crawford delivers Annual General Meeting keynote speech

12:13 PM, 15 April 2010

15 April 2010

 At our recent AGM function, ANZA was delighted to have Bryan Crawford, President of CAANZ and recently awarded Agency CEO of the Year, deliver the keynote address where he challenged business leaders to address their agency relationships in the same manner they do other professional partnerships.

ANZA is critical of the Actor's union action

12:13 PM, 29 March 2010

29 March 2010

ANZA is disappointed by recent action taken by New Zealand Actor’s Equity requesting that Immigration New Zealand decline a visa for an actor appearing in a New Zealand produced television commercial.

Rugby World Cup 2011

12:08 PM, 9 March 2010

09 March 2010

The announcement that New Zealanders will be able to watch live free-to-air broadcasts of key Rugby World Cup matches across Maori TV, TVNZ and TV3, in addition to coverage on Sky, will pose some significant challenges for advertisers.

While full details of coverage remain to be announced questions are already being asked on how channels will differentiate their offering, and with parallel broadcasting of the same event, how viewership will play out? And what will it mean for viewership of non-rugby programmes in September and October next year.

Anti-business lobby should eat their words

12:07 PM, 9 March 2010

Media Release - 4 March 2010

The Food Industry Group (FIG) is shocked at the hypocrisy of FOE (Fight the Obesity Epidemic), a group claiming to be concerned about New Zealanders’ obesity levels.

According to FIG Chairman, Jeremy Irwin, FOE’s ill-informed criticism of the McDonald’s and Weight Watchers announcement is proof that the group is simply anti-business, and is not in touch with real New Zealanders who want healthier choices when they’re eating out.

New Standard TVC Format for NZ Networks

12:06 PM, 17 February 2010

Advertisers should be aware that agreement has been reached on a new standard format for TVCs to account for the mix of new and older screens in homes. This may require a relatively simple reformatting of some existing commercials, so do discuss with your creative agency.

Glen Wiggs recognised in New Year Honours List

11:52 AM, 14 January 2010

14 January 2010

ANZA was delighted to see Glen Wiggs recognised in the New Year honours list as Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for his work in establishing the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). As a cornerstone of advertising industry self-regulation, the ASA, supported by the Advertising Codes of Practice and the Advertising Standards Complaints Board provide both the public and industry with a highly effective means of maintaining advertising standards in this country. Glen established the ASA in 1990 and was its director for 14 years.

Print Media Industry announces readership measurement shortlist

11:50 AM, 17 December 2009

ANZA would like to recognise the huge effort by the Print Media Industry Research Review Group (PMIRRG) over the past year. Their current tender process seeks to future proof readership measurement in New Zealand, providing relevant audience data in a more complex and dynamic media landscape, an initiative that will greatly benefit advertisers. The PMIRRG have today announced that their RFP for readership data has been finalised and has been issued to a short-list of four research agencies.

WHO Recommendations on the Marketing of Foods and Non-Alcoholic Beverages to Children

11:46 AM, 2 December 2009

02 December 2009

Members will be aware that ANZA, together with other members of the Food Industry Group (FIG), met with the Minister of Health Tony Ryall recently to discuss our opinions on the World Health Organisation's recommendations for food marketing communications for member states.

The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) are closely involved with the WHO on this issue. NZ's Minister of Health has a regional role in lobbying for New Zealand's position at a meeting on January 10th 2010 in Geneva.


11:45 AM, 2 December 2009

02 December 2009

Advertisers have welcomed the launch of TVNZ's new B to B marketing and sales website An extension of TVNZ's long-running weekly html newsletter, the site features regularly-updated information about television and online, designed to help advertisers as well as media and creative agencies, source information to help them plan their campaigns at the touch of a button. All the graphs and files on the site are ‘nickable', making this a really useful resource to prepare for meetings and presentations.

Global Effie Awards

10:58 AM, 27 November 2009

You know the Effies awards well. Did you know there are also Global Effie Awards, honoring effective work that has run across two or more continents and four or more countries is open for entries?

Last year's winners were:
• Sri Lanka Apparel and Grey-Global Colombo for "Garments without Guilt."
• IBM and Ogilvy & Mather for "Stop Talking, Start Doing

You can see the winning work here:

TVNZs 2010 new season launch

10:49 AM, 26 November 2009

Advertisers who were unable to attend TVNZ's 2010 new season launch can find details at


Advertising bans not the solution to binge drinking

10:47 AM, 19 November 2009

A recent opinion piece (attached) by Glen Wiggs, Director of the Foundation for Advertising Research provides a strong case that advertising bans do not provide a solution for any problems of excess alcohol consumption.

Ad "retouching" gets reviewed in UK and France

10:46 AM, 27 October 2009

Hoping to improve self-esteem problems experienced by girls and women that feel pressure to live up to images of digitally altered counterparts, some British and French politicians are pushing for laws that force advertisers to disclose when retouching is used on models.

"When teenagers and women look at these pictures in magazines, they end up feeling unhappy with themselves," said British Parliament member Jo Swinson of the Liberal Democratic Party.

Value-based remuneration has global appeal

10:45 AM, 27 October 2009

Advertisers around the world are increasingly looking to value-based remuneration structures when it comes to paying their media agency partners, according to figures from the World Federation of Advertisers.

The WFA has conducted three separate surveys among its peer-to-peer groups of regional marketers in order to assess current trends across the industry.

Its findings are based on the responses of 21 companies in Asia-Pacific collected in July 2009, 28 firms in Europe in September 2008, and 13 Latin American organisations in the period from August to September this year.

Media industry leaders to launch Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM)

10:44 AM, 27 October 2009

Focus on the next evolution of media research is not confined to New Zealand. In an effort to promote innovation and explore new means to measure audiences across traditional and new media, a group of leading US advertisers, media agencies and content providers are joining together to create the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM). ANZA expects this move to be highly influential on media research internationally.

Problems reaching the Ethnic markets?

10:39 AM, 27 October 2009

27 October 2009

Surveys show that many advertisers shy away from ethnic marketing plans, as they find it to difficult to get the information they need and to be able to identify who are the most effective media options into each of these communities.

ANZA has recently discovered a research tool that helps advertisers build marketing campaigns, which are effective at reaching specific ethnic communities. These communities have grown and developed over the last 10 years to be a vital part of our economy and in many areas they are driving growth and bringing strong investment from outside NZ.

Liquor Advertising

10:38 AM, 22 October 2009

The Association of New Zealand Advertisers (ANZA) is concerned about a number of academics and others who have endeavoured to discredit Liquor Advertising and Promotion alleging that the effects of consumer exposure to such advertising is a major contributor to the problems of alcoholism and binge drinking.

Advertising and promotion of alcohol in New Zealand is covered by the Advertising Standards Authority's (ASA) Code for Advertising Liquor and the recently introduced Liquor Promotions Code

Print Media Industry Research Group calls for expressions of interest in tendering for readership measurement

10:37 AM, 21 October 2009

ANZA believes that the continued development of advertising measurement tools is a critical enabler for advertisers to make informed media investment decisions.

In that context, ANZA welcomes today's announcement by the Print Media Industry Research Review Group Incorporated (PMIRRG) that it is seeking expressions of interest to participate in the tendering process for the New Zealand Readership measurement (including consumer insights and media engagement) for a minimum five year period.

Liquor Promotion Prevetting System (LPPS)

10:36 AM, 1 October 2009

The Advertising Standards Authority's (ASA) new Code for Naming, Packaging and Labelling of Liquor becomes effective on 1st October 2009. This code will complement the existing ASA Code for Advertising Liquor.

The Association of New Zealand Advertisers (ANZA) has the responsibility for prevetting liquor advertisements to ensure compliance with ASA Codes before media will accept the advertisement. The prevetting system has been operated and administered by ANZA since 1993 providing approximately 250 ad approvals each year.

Television New Zealands Announced Changes to Media Commission

10:32 AM, 25 September 2009

25 September 2009

ANZA has consistently maintained that any change from the current practice of commission payments cannot be a cost increase to advertisers by another name. We welcome the assurances provided by Television New Zealand of an equivalent reduction in advertising pricing so that this change will be cost-neutral for advertisers.

Agency Commission Review

10:26 AM, 3 September 2009

Briefing to ANZA Members 31 August 2009

With media speculation on possible changes to agency commission structures by TVNZ, ANZA has met recently with both TVNZ and CAANZ to discuss their current review and potential implications for advertisers.

Advertisers Association swells its ranks

10:15 AM, 7 August 2009

07 August 2009

Auckland, 31 July 2008 - The Association of New Zealand Advertisers Inc (ANZA) has created a new senior management role in response to business growth and increased demands for its services.

Lindsay Mouat has been appointed to the position of General Manager, Commercial. Lindsay has held a variety of business management positions, including that of New Zealand Director for Unilever and marketing roles with Glaxo and Fletcher Challenge, and has an in-depth knowledge of the New Zealand advertising landscape.

Changes to ANZA Governance

10:14 AM, 13 July 2009

The ANZA Council has recognised the need to build additional resource to achieve the Annual and Strategic Business Plans. 

We have been successful to date in maintaining a high level of effectiveness, however, several new initiatives we are committed to plus gearing up for a return to more positive economic conditions provides an ideal time to increase ANZA's management structure.

New Position - General Manager-Commercial (GM-C)

Food Industry Group Restructuring

10:13 AM, 13 July 2009

When FIG was developed by ANZA, CAANZ, NZFGC and NZTBC/Media it was in recognition of the Food Industry Accord's principles and objectives.

Kiwis revealed to be a nation of advertising fans

10:10 AM, 4 July 2008

Auckland, 4 July 2008 - It's official - contrary to what some might have you believe, Kiwis aren't a bunch of advertising haters. In fact, the results of a new study show that the vast majority of us don't mind it at all - and 18% of the population consider themselves to be lovers of all forms of advertising.

The ground-breaking research was commissioned by the Advertisers Association in association with Nick Jones & Associates and Nielsen Media Research Panorama, and shows for the first time what New Zealanders really think about advertising.

Advertising on Television Getting it Right for Children - Guidelines

5:23 PM, 22 May 2008

22 May 2008

A new system which restricts the advertising of certain foods in children's programming times is to be phased in from 1 July 2008.

The Children's Food (CF) Classification System has been developed by the New Zealand Television Broadcasters' Council (NZTBC), representing Television New Zealand, TV Works and Maori Television. It applies to children's (5-13 years) programming hours. The initiative aims to assist the Government's Healthy Eating Healthy Action plan and consolidates an agreement that was made between broadcasters and Government Ministers in 2007.