Media Research

Advertisers expect audience measurement systems that can help them make better media buying decisions. ANZA is always looking for ways for advertisers to be better informed about their advertising impact in terms of audience data, engagement and effectiveness.

ANZA continues to push for transparency in media measurement and believes that advertisers want metrics that are reliable, regularly updated and that show a depth of data that enables advertisers to place the correct value on their advertising investment.

Many advertising mediums are facing challenges around monitoring and measurement in a fragmenting media market, with increasing mobility and personal consumption options such as mobile and on-demand viewing. It is critical that ongoing dialogue is maintained between media owners and advertisers and their media agencies, ideally through joint industry working groups to ensure best practice is maintained.

ANZA maintains that robust, independent audience measurement is a basic requirement of any commercial media organisation and should be fully funded by that media as a normal cost of business.

Digital Media Measurement

The ability to measure audience view-ability and click-ability is now more important then it has ever been. New media is now a part of everyday life for the majority of New Zealanders, and the only way brands can effectively target their audience is through knowing what social platforms their desired audience uses.  Our partners Effective Measure offer brands, media and agencies invested in Oceania, Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East North Africa and South Africa, a clear insight into their online audience and the ever-growing Internet population.

Television Audience Measurement

ANZA believes that capturing audience levels during television ad breaks through minute v minute measurement is a necessity to provide advertisers with a more complete picture of audience viewing patterns.  It is also imperative in allowing them, in partnership with their agencies, to have more confidence in (and a better understanding of) the audience data used to assist in planning where and when to invest their television media budget.

The need for commercial break data (or an alternative way to represent ad break data) is compounded by the growth in Time Shifted Viewing (TSV) capability, allowing audiences to determine what and when they will view.

In addition, broadcasters need to consider the impact of multiple screen measurement and develop protocols for robust trials for all devices.

Print Media Measurement

ANZA welcomed the establishment of an enhanced print readership service in 2011, following an extensive joint industry review of methodology. The enhanced methodology provides a depth of data that enables advertisers to make sound investment choices.

Outdoor Media Measurement and Auditing

ANZA believes that further advancement is needed in outdoor audience measurement.  We are committed to work with the Outdoor Media Association (OMANZ) to establish enhanced outdoor measurement metrics in New Zealand, such as the Australian MOVE methodology.

Commercial Radio Media Measurement

AANA and MFA have called for the investigation into the replacement of the diary audience measurement collection system in favour of some form of electronic collection or a hybrid online version. The current diary system relies heavily on respondent’s recall, which is not sufficiently reliable enough for advertisers' purposes. ANZA acknowledges that new technologies, such as personal peoplemeters have their own challenges, but that is no reason to maintain the diary measurement system.

Frequency of ratings measurement is also of a concern, with infrequent sweeps modifying broadcast and audience behaviour, reducing confidence around the potential impact of campaigns at non-measured times.