The Value of Advertising

Advertising plays an important role in today's society.  ANZA works to ensure that policy discussions which may impact marketing communications fully take into account the value of advertising for the economy, society and consumers.

Advertising increases value for consumers

By helping companies to differentiate themselves advertising stimulates competition, decreasing prices and increasing quality. 

Advertising promotes consumer choice

Advertising enables companies to tell us about the various/distinct products they offer in response to consumers' diverse tastes and needs. As a result, they are able to provide a much broader range of options that consumers would otherwise be unaware of.  Above all else, advertising ensures consumers exercise their right to choose.

Advertising powers economic growth

In helping companies succeed, advertising plays a key role in a dynamic economy. There is a proven link between the rates of investment in advertising and GDP growth in major markets.

Advertising creates jobs

Through its positive effect on economic growth, advertising helps generate employment. Additionally the advertising industry itself is a significant employer.

Advertising is the lifeblood of the media

Advertising funds a diverse, pluralistic media landscape. Without advertising many of the nation’s media as we know them, including much of the content of the internet, would not exist. To replace their revenues from advertising, newspapers would have to double their cover price.

Advertising funds sports and culture

Advertising and sponsorship play an essential role in enabling sporting events such as the Rugby World Cup and supporting teams and individuals. Sponsors also subsidise and pay for art exhibitions and cultural events of every variety.

Advertising for a better society

Public service advertising has proven to be an effective way to address societal challenges. For example it has helped fight depression and domestic violence, raise awareness of skin and breast cancer and help reduce road deaths by encouraging improved driver responsibility. Companies too are using advertising to show how they can help make a difference.

Advertising can address societal challenges

Beyond selling brands and ideas, advertising plays a positive role in addressing critical societal challenges, from increasing disease awareness to promoting water-saving. ANZA leads advertiser efforts to demonstrate how marketing communications can be a valuable tool to help preserve the standards of living we have come to expect without sacrificing the needs of future generations.

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