Advertising Standards

Responsibility in marketing communications is a pre-condition for building and maintaining trust. ANZA is at the forefront of efforts to set and enforce industry-wide standards for responsibility, based on clear, regulator-endorsed criteria. Self-regulatory systems continually evolve in line with societal expectations. In turn, public authorities recognise effective self-regulation as a valuable complement to law.
The Advertising Codes of Practice, formulated by of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to which ANZA is a signatory, ensure all the media, advertisers and communications agencies are dedicated to ensuring advertising complies with the law, is truthful, not misleading and is socially responsible. Members of the public may complain at no cost about any advertisement, in any media, that they believe breaches a code.
ANZA is closely involved in Advertising Codes review procedures and Code formulation.
To read the various codes and decisions by the Advertising Standards Complaints Board hearings, click here to go to the ASA website.

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